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  1. Honestly inspirational, I'm rooting for you, go out there and make us all proud!
  2. I tried to find it for a solid half hour, no luck. To summarize it was an elderly man saying the doc fixed his eyes so he could watch his granddaughter play hockey, and he was glad she went through 15 years of schooling to be competent enough to give him the care he needs.
  3. So that ad was about that LMAO, I thought it was kinda randomly targeted (like why would the OMA use ophtho as a poster specialty). well, that explains a lot more now, thanks!
  4. Pakoon

    MCAT Cut-off for C/P

    Do they look at all 4 years for a cut-off or last 2 years?
  5. Yup, It wouldn't let me link it for some reason lol
  6. somebody on Redd it posted their regrets
  7. Pakoon

    MCAT Cut-off for C/P

    Any idea what that roughly may be?
  8. Pakoon

    Help with Applications

    Classic Brian.
  9. Pakoon

    MCAT Cut-off for C/P

    Would a 126 In anything screen someone out?
  10. Pakoon

    This Is Insane

    Who hurt you?
  11. Pakoon

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    if you meet the course load, you should get an interview at Western!
  12. Pakoon

    Interview Invites

    Each school is different in the states, some schools email back saying you didn't get an interview, others don't. In terms of interviews, some friends of mines have already gotten some interviews already!
  13. Pakoon

    This Is Insane

    GPA > MCAT > ECs ( not a law, just a general rule of thumb IMO). If you're killing the game enough to land an interview, it won't matter how much publications they have. If you interview well you should be fine!