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  1. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows if references/verifiers are contacted pre or post interview! Thanks.
  2. Pakoon

    Bad interview

    Does anyone know if SWOMENs get a post interview advantage as well, or if its only the MCAT flexibility they get pre interview?
  3. Maybe it's a bonus towards getting an interview, the second picture says it doesn't help with admission chances.
  4. A physician, A medical student, and a community member make up the panel and score you. That score is taken by the admissions committee and compiled into a ranking list I believe.
  5. Pakoon

    Abs verification

    Anyone else have a verifier contacted?
  6. Pakoon

    MCAT Cutoffs 2018/2019

    Often times the cut-offs are posted a week or 2 after interviews come out, using the invite forums or the emails, we find out what it is before western updated their website.
  7. So it was on the next waxing crescent moon aka the 10th, case closed boys.
  8. We are getting close, but you forgot to factor in the lunar cycles 2014 (Jan 24) was the last quarter visible at 47% 2015 (Jan 21) was a new moon visible at 2% 2016 (Jan 13) was a waxing crescent visible at 18% 2017 (Jan 18) was the last quarter visible at 64% 2018 (Jan 10) was a new moon visible at 2% Hmm, I'm starting to see a correlation here It's going to be in the next waxing crescent moon, so the 10th or 11th lol
  9. Pakoon


    GAME CHANGER, you have really good odds of getting an interview if those two years are 3.7
  10. Pakoon


    Congrats on the dope MCAT score, and welcome to the waiting game. If this was pre-ABS western, we could make a better guess at your chances, last year's CARs cut-off was 129 for non SWOMEN, and each of the 2 years must be 3.7, not the collective average. At this point we don't know how they decide who gets an invite, and I guess all we can do is wait.
  11. Honestly inspirational, I'm rooting for you, go out there and make us all proud!
  12. I tried to find it for a solid half hour, no luck. To summarize it was an elderly man saying the doc fixed his eyes so he could watch his granddaughter play hockey, and he was glad she went through 15 years of schooling to be competent enough to give him the care he needs.
  13. So that ad was about that LMAO, I thought it was kinda randomly targeted (like why would the OMA use ophtho as a poster specialty). well, that explains a lot more now, thanks!
  14. Pakoon

    MCAT Cut-off for C/P

    Do they look at all 4 years for a cut-off or last 2 years?
  15. Yup, It wouldn't let me link it for some reason lol