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  1. I think it's a little more simple than that. If you hate what you do. It'll be more difficult to do than if you enjoyed the same task. Getting up in the morning is hard enough if you don't wanna go somewhere, I think the same applies here If you're gonna do something for the rest of your life, why not enjoy it. If you don't that's fine too, plenty of people don't. If you do enjoy, that's awesome.
  2. Its more like you need to have some drive that's a little deeper than just a job to make it through the training, especially when it's time for residency. You want to at least be sure that you can handle a career in healthcare. I know people who hate what they do, but at the same time they're too deep into it to even think about quitting. Of course there's tons of people who really gain a love for medicine as time passes. You have to ask yourself if it's something you could do for the rest of your life.
  3. 2022 - red 2023 - green If 2024s are yellow we'll make a traffic light!
  4. Please forgive my ignorance, but is this a written exam, are you unable to just study for it as you would any other exam?
  5. No, it didn't happen. many people above cutoffs didn't receive invites , they didn't bend the rules for these people. cut offs are firm.
  6. only a 3.995?!?!?!?! better pack your sunscreen my friend like others said, that won't make a bit of difference with a GPA that high. you good.
  7. My CARS section would agree
  8. Saskatchewan hands down, pretty much guarantees med.
  9. I hate to break it to you, but you may have missed the train. All the people who I know landed competitive residencies started pumping out publications in kindergarten.
  10. Seconded. It's Worthless unless you plan to use it for their scholarships or whatever. If you think about it, it's like honor roll. Most medschool applicants have it. It kinda comes with the high GPA package.
  11. I'd say these forums are a huge part of the reason I got in. The rest of these services or premed help websites are so out dated in terms of their information or admission criteria. Some Haven't even changed their MCAT score requirements to the 2015 MCAT scoring system. They'll charge you money to look over essays and to offer advice. Both of which I was given by this website by great individuals for free. They can screw right off.
  12. Caribbean route was a very viable option when it was a new method. As with all methods, once it catches on, they put things in place to regulate it. As of now, going to Sask for IP and then doing med has literally zero draw backs and is a near perfect plan.
  13. Saskatchewan 100 percent no questions asked. the fact that Saskatchewan for med using IP status through undergrad is almost becoming the new carribean should say something about the effectiveness of that route
  14. The minimums are set based on what the applicant pool looks like. So it's variant
  15. At the same time, if your CARS is high enough for western as a non-SWOMEN, you probably have a decent shot at McMasters. So if you're gonna apply to a school anyway, you might as well take your shot at Western. I banked getting into western on a MCAT score drop and I made it in somehow. If money isn't an issue, take your shot.
  16. Free food won't cut it, the drug reps already sent me on a Mickey mouse cruise, you're gonna have to step your game up
  17. "Is it worth getting?" LMAO, A 4.0 Is kinda difficult to get, it's not a matter of is it worth getting, it's a matter of if you can. It's not like you accidentally study an extra hour one day and end up with a 4.0. on the grand scheme of things you should aim as high as possible and work with what you end up with. A someone who has studied the OMSAS scale extensively I have come to the conclusion that it rewards consistency over high one shot grades. So to answer your question. Yes it's worth it. A few bad scores converted into an OMSAS average can really mess you up even if it looks like you have a really high average in percentage
  18. I just find it strange that such a fool proof plan has no regulations, risks or limitations. Most people I know personally who do it leave the second they get a chance for residency. Correct me if I'm wrong but that draining of physicians from the Province can't be a good thing, I wonder if a ROS style method should be put into effect, or something similar to westerns SWOMEN bonus which requires all of highschool in the area.
  19. Hey everyone, a trend I noticed with many undergrad students I've chatted with is the new trend of moving to Saskatchewan for undergraduate, doing it there and getting IP and applying to medschool. I've been hearing about it and even know people who personally left to do undergraduate there, it's enough to put a question on my mind. how viable of an option is this and what are the draw backs or limitations people don't realize about this strategy? From the way it's been described to me, it almost seems like a fool proof way of securing medical school in Canada.( For the record I'm from Ontario and know next to nothing about med in Saskatchewan or its admission process)
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