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    Pakoon reacted to JW-UGA in Are surgeons allowed to have facial hair?   
    April 1, 2020: Covid-19 pandemic. Global shortage of N95 masks, physicians around the world are now clean shaven. 
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    Pakoon reacted to rogerroger in prestige vs fit when ranking   
    Good Fit = being happy and performing well. Probably better future prospects. 
    Prestige = briefly happy ego and your mommy and daddy being able to brag to their pals at their next book club night. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Redpill in prestige vs fit when ranking   
    I think that location is probably more important than either
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    Pakoon reacted to ZBL in How much do family doctors actually make?   
    Come back when you’re a 4th year med student 300K in the hole and panicking about government funding cuts to doctors and how there’s no jobs, and how you’re about to blow 10K+ on a trans Canada interview tour for a residency position where you will work 90hrs per week for 5 years at the equivalent of minimum wage yet you’re now 30+ with a wife and kid to support in a city away from your family and friends who all have careers and are progressing in their life and meanwhile you’re wondering why the hell you did this to yourself as you eat an expired package of kraft dinner at 4am in a hospital basement while your pager is going nuts because “FYI” Mr. Jones’ K+ is 5.1. At that point, regardless of how much you love being a doctor and helping people, let’s see if you’d still prefer pennies.  
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    Pakoon got a reaction from brattatat in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2019   
    We are getting close, but you forgot to factor in the lunar cycles 
    2014 (Jan 24) was the last quarter visible at 47%
    2015 (Jan 21) was a new moon visible at 2%
    2016 (Jan 13) was a waxing crescent visible at 18%
    2017 (Jan 18) was the last quarter  visible at 64%
    2018 (Jan 10) was a new moon visible at 2%
    Hmm, I'm starting to see a correlation here 
    It's going to be in the next waxing crescent moon, so the 10th or 11th lol
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    Pakoon reacted to Aetherus in What kind of applicant DOESN'T match?   
    I understand the point of view that you are trying to portray. However, there are several factors you have omitted in your assessment that, in my opinion, point to luck playing a larger role than you are inferring.
    When applying to an ultra competitive specialty (re Ophtho, Plastics, Derm), getting your desired elective at a specific site is challenging. Often times, people will be unable to secure electives at certain schools despite applying several times (sending in an application right as the portal opens for that select week for every 2 week elective slot they have). This is completely random and not in your control. Furthermore, schools will infer interest in the program based on your elective set (which you may have limited ability to decide). Now in ultracompetitive schools, they will only interview you if you have done an elective at the school. 
    Now let’s talk about preceptors. You can be a super star medical student but if you don’t work with the right people, this won’t mean a thing. What do you do if during your elective the PD took a 2 week vacation? What if none of your preceptors are part of the ADCOM? These are all things that influence your ability to match that you have no control over. 
    Now you have submitted your application. Maybe the person reviewing your application doesn’t value your hobbies, research etc. Maybe they are in a bad mood when they read your application...etc
    The system we currently have has no objective measurements to compare students. We rely on subjective measurements that are easily influenceable by luck. We create an artificial rat race to try and select the ideal candidate, however I would argue that the criteria we use, often time have little to do with your ability to perform your job.
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    Pakoon reacted to Bambi in Specialty Choices   
    Indeed, I applied to English and French programs restricting myself to a tight geographic area and did not apply outside the province..However, I applied only to 2 universities and absolutely recognized that I could not match due to the self imposed restrictions, and was prepared to accept such fate if it were to happen. In other words, I made an informed decision.
    You could not have said it better that  making very narrow and high risk applications do put one at significant risk of not matching! As for things have changed since we both matched 5 years ago, I admit I have been out of the game a long time now and have no reason to follow or even be aware of such changes. Your last bit of advice is excellent « tread carefully »!
    I am now in the new game where the stakes are high once again. Finding a job! My approach here is again high risk in the belief that I will have a soft landing. A story for another day perhaps.  
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    Pakoon reacted to greywolf4 in Program Transfer   
    Not matching in Quebec means defaulting into the 4 year GIM program. It is impossible to practice in Quebec with this, so if that had happened I would have become a GIM that worked somewhere else in Canada. All around that seemed pretty bad to me hence why I decided to back-up with something that I don't particularly want to do, but preferred when compared to the alternative outcome.
    Thanks for the info everyone and the support. It has been a very difficult few days so I appreciate it. Luckily my current IM PD seems to be quite knowledgeable about alternate routes I might be able to take to end up where I want to be one day. Whether it be attempting a transfer within Canada or applying to the US, I have a few options and I will do everything I can to pursue them.
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    Pakoon reacted to The Ace of Spades in Surgical specialties with good job prospects?   
    It's a crappy job, but somebody has to do it
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    Pakoon reacted to Bambi in Does University Ranking matter?   
    Especially in Canada, NO.
    The best professional school is the one that accepts you.
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    Pakoon reacted to 1D7 in Surgical specialties with good job prospects?   
    To expand on this...
    Usually an element of naivety/ignorance exists. Attendings rarely let med students know the full reality of what it's like. Plus attendings have an incentive to draw you in (an unmatched surgical program = ton more work for everyone = higher attrition rates = more headaches/work for attendings). Yeah the job market is probably going to improve in 10 years hahaha Lots of overly optimistic med students. This potentiates with the big egos found in medicine in general. Unmatched? No way, I work harder than the rest. Not matching to top 3? No way, I am more likeable than the rest. Not finding a job in Toronto? No way, I am more talented than the rest. Etc. Competitiveness in and of itself draws students. Surgery or at least the idea of it is genuinely cool. For some that is enough to make them truly happy. For others it is just enough to trick them into thinking they'll be happy.  Many medical students invest in identities very early on. If you identify with being a surgeon, it will be difficult for you to pick any other specialty as you progress. And yeah, everything NLengr said.
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    Pakoon reacted to LiconC in Rumours about cut-offs   
    I think that it is a bit of a stretch of the imagination to assume that having a parent who makes 100k a year (or even 300k a year) is buying their children luxurious cars and sending them to private school. Maybe in the US, but this is Canada. So, I don't think you can make a broad stroke in that regard as you try to support your argument that people from a higher SES have a lower capacity for empathy. I like to think that in Canada, we do a fairly good job at interacting with people unlike ourselves, compared to other nations, anyways. And I agree, you cannot teach empathy, but you can learn it through experiences. And no, having lived the same experience as a patient is not the only way to have empathy for them... thats the entire point of empathy--feeling compassion for someone different from yourself. That being said, appreciating the struggles of the Other becomes easier when you see yourself reflected in them. But again, not the only way. 
    Also, the way you are framing this complaint seems almost like you are assuming that adcomms have a favourability bias towards rich applicants. Although this is true in the sense that interviewers will be more likely to have positive feelings about an applicant more similar to them (assuming the interviewers are, themselves, of a high SES), I think that it is more so a problem with academia. Some of the big reasons academia is elitist are: applicants with financial support have less stress and are able to do better; higher SES status is attached to post-secondary education, which creates a system of parents with university education sending their children to university and also giving them the tools to succeed. And, although medicine becomes a clinical practice, medicine is ultimately a highly academic system. I just think that people sometimes attack the instances of high SES in matriculated applicants as if it is some sort of conspiracy, and I think doing so misses the point that it is more so a systemic issue. Like, it's not a bunch of good old boy doctors liking applicants who come into the interview room wearing a rolex. Rather, I think it is more akin to the idea that if your parents own a drywalling company, you are going to have a much easier time succeeding as a dry-waller. Moving into different careers may entail moving into different SES realms, none of which is easy because they all involve their own implicit skills and educations. 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Ontariomedschools in Rumours about cut-offs   
    No, it didn't happen. many people above cutoffs didn't receive invites , they didn't bend the rules for these people. cut offs are firm.
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    Pakoon got a reaction from ChemPetE in .   
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Rabeprazole in GPA?   
    only a 3.995?!?!?!?! better pack your sunscreen my friend 

    like others said, that won't make a bit of difference with a GPA that high. you good.
  16. Haha
    Pakoon got a reaction from IsabellaSmith_ in GPA?   
    only a 3.995?!?!?!?! better pack your sunscreen my friend 

    like others said, that won't make a bit of difference with a GPA that high. you good.
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    Pakoon reacted to Rabeprazole in GPA?   
    Surprisingly, OMSAS actually does what is called in academia: a hard round down, so you'd end up with a 3.90. I'm sorry for your loss. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Sporksorsh782 in Federal Election 2019   
    Hey, long time lurker here. Made an account just to give you a little bit of friendly advice. Feel free to take it or leave it. Medicine has traditionally been, and largely remains, a widely conservative profession. To wit, this is changing as demographics change, times change etc. but as a student/resident/physician, you will meet MANY openly conservative preceptors, residents, staff, not to mention patients. If your gut reaction is to dismiss these people as racist, mouth breathing troglodytic skinheads, you're going to have a terribly difficult time as a student/resident/staff. Dealing charitably and respectfully with patients and colleagues, who often have views, opinions, and lifestyles radically different from your own, is an integral part of the profession. I see anti-vaxxers on a fairly regular basis, fundamentalist Christians, etc. If I went with my gut reaction and dismissed these people as uneducated morons, racists, etc., I would be failing as a doc. There are TONS of conservative individuals in the medical profession. You don't have to agree with them, but you're going to have to communicate with them more respectfully than you have on this particular thread. 
    I don't want to be 'that guy' who stalks your post history and drags up old posts, but in so many of your posts you seem to take a very aggressive, belittling, condescending tone with other posters.
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    Pakoon got a reaction from WunderBar in Endocrinology?   
    Back off man, I ju$t reall¥ lov£ $kin ₱athology 
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    Pakoon reacted to Bambi in How important are extra-curriculars for CaRMS?   
    ECs per se are not relevant. Focus on school as your priority. In med school, I no longer had time for my ECs, I spent my time studying. I relaxed during my summers. Be adaptable in terms of your future career interests. Don't try to lock in a particular field too early in the game. 
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    Pakoon reacted to adhominem in Federal Election 2019   
    Speaking of reading... 
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    Pakoon reacted to cleanup in Federal Election 2019   
    I think the fact that you know how to defuse animosity with humour and tact means more than your CARs section score, at least to me!
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    Pakoon got a reaction from adhominem in Federal Election 2019   
    My CARS section would agree 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in Federal Election 2019   
    My CARS section would agree 
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Federal Election 2019   
    Politics always makes everyone grumpy ha - keep civilized people
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