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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Federal Election 2019   
    Politics always makes everyone grumpy ha - keep civilized people
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    Pakoon reacted to Vivieeeeeee in Federal Election 2019   
    Haven't people learned from 2016 American Elections that polls and media opinions don't mean anything, it's only been 3 years
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    Pakoon reacted to LittleDaisy in .   
    I think that you learn this unfortunately as you advance through medical school, residency and as a young staff. I was clueless about job market in medicine, and was angry at how government was unable to hire so many aspiring surgeons/radiologists despite a high demand. The more you advance through medicine, the more you learn about the hidden curriculum in medicine, the job market and how much government really "cares" about healthcare.  
    One thing for sure, the government tries to cut down budget for healthcare, and has consequently asked physicians being " more productive", without realizing that we need more social workers, nurses, psychologists to be more productive. I can't count how many times I have spent on filling out forms, writing rebuttal letters to the insurance company, advocating for welfare services for marginalized population;  counselling a depressed patient, being a social worker for my patient who is getting evicted out of his house because the system can't afford more public social workers; public-funded psychotherapy except by GP and psychiatrists who have a long wait-list already; and who knows if I will be more efficient if I saw a patient with acute medical concern that as physicians, we are trained exclusively to diagnose and manage; as we are short of social resources to delegate tasks to the other allied health professionals.
    Same thing goes for surgeons; the newspaper publish the wait time for elective knee surgery; they haven't considered that the government cuts down on O.R time; the O.R administrator constantly monitoring by how many minutes the surgeons are going over by closing time; and how they cancel the last O.R patient because unpredictable things happen.
    The whole population wants a more efficient health care system; but that won't happen if each political party tries to down health-care budget by just telling the physicians: " You work harder and see more patients" Sometimes it's more than a volume issue; it's a social resource issue and how our society as a whole views the importance of health care. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Aang in Federal Election 2019   
    I am an immigration lawyer with the federal government, and a person of colour whose family came to Canada as refugees. For anonymity reasons, I cannot say more about my workplace. Though, I will say that there is some incorrect information floating around this thread about how our immigration system works and the processing and admittance of refugees. Stick to what you know.
    Immigrants crossing into our borders through illegal channels do not have the upper hand when going through the refugee system. Many of these people actually need this status more urgently than people still living in their countries, because when you are escaping persecution and hardship, you will do anything to get your family and yourself to a safer place. If this means obtaining fraudulent documents and risking life and limb to cross an international border, you do it. There are people who have done this to come to Canada that have lost their body parts in the process, and some who have even died (https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/dominican-man-dies-on-quebec-n-y-border-trying-to-reach-his-daughter). It is not an easy thing to risk everything and uproot you and your family from a place that you've always called home. It is an act of desperation and usually there is a good reason for it. Again, people who do not understand immigration law and policy, and whom do not work in this field, should not be spouting misinformation and stereotypes as fact. Many of the people working to accept refugees in Canada in the government hold Conservative views and are White (typically leaning on the older side as well). 
    Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
    Objectives — refugees
    (2) The objectives of this Act with respect to refugees are
    (e) to establish fair and efficient procedures that will maintain the integrity of the Canadian refugee protection system, while upholding Canada’s respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all human beings;
    The Canadian immigration system is not processing refugees by the manner in which they came to Canada, but rather engages a complex process that takes into account a wide range of factors that include the circumstances leading up to their arrival in Canada, and the hardship and persecution they would face if they were to return to their country of origin. 
    I have not decided on whom I will be voting for in the upcoming election, but I will not vote Liberal, this much I know. I am tired of the political correctness and aggressive attitudes surrounding liberal ideology today. Everything is on the extreme end with them. I used to be liberal before realizing that I am more of a centrist, and being liberal means something else entirely today. The Liberal party's entire platform is centered around how Conservatives are racist, evil, White people that want to only help their rich, White friends and nothing more. It is fearmongering and seeks to differentiate the White, male, conservative as being the Other, rather than seeking inclusion, unity, and acceptance. We are first and foremost CANADIANS in a proud land. I've met more accepting Conservatives with neutral beliefs and attitudes than I have Liberals. Many people are Conservative and vote Conservative simply for their economic policies and honestly, if hardworking people want to focus on themselves and their families, and not care too much about larger social and political concerns, they have the right to do so. We live in a democracy after all. We should not be directing people to feel or think one way or another. This is what the liberal ideology has come to. 
    No, I am not a racist for not voting Liberal and it is laughable that this is being suggested by some people. A poster above has faced racial attitudes from White people and holds a deep resentment towards them. I have faced this as well. However, a lot of racists are visible minorities. You should hear what South Asians say about Blacks and Arab/Muslim people and vice-versa, what East Asians say about South Asians, what Blacks say about Whites, and so on. There are a lot of racial attitudes and stereotypes even among people leaning on the left, and among visible minorities. I have even been called out for having male privilege (in an incredibly aggressive manner) by left-leaning females who are White and had a more luxurious and easy upbringing than me. This is the kind of society we live in now, where we judge people by their political and religious beliefs, by their skin colour, race, and ethnicity, rather than by simply viewing people as people and their own person. I find myself agreeing more and more with Conservatives today who just want to live their own lives without being called racists. Look, there are people on the extreme end in every political spectrum. If you think most racists are Conservatives, then most visible minorities also hold racial attitudes and stereotypes (why do you think interracial marriages are so frowned upon?); the latter simply does a better job of hiding it when going outside their homes in a Western society. 
    Why will I not be voting Liberal? Among a host of reasons that include scandals, lies, incompetence, and fearmongering, it is all this political correctness and aggressive direction they are try to steer normal, hardworking Canadian citizens into. The Liberal party is the new twitter handle for toxic social media rhetoric and extremism. I would rather vote NDP, Green, Conservative, or anyone else running solo than for that party with its current leader - who talks about working for the middle-class when in reality is just another rich, White male being a hypocrite and pretending to be something he is not. Peace. 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Starfish31415 in How competitive is med school?   
    Cut competitive more cut throat you Competitive. Cut You and competitive more throat then for are become throat.  Specialties. 
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    Pakoon reacted to freewheeler in Advice on FM hospitalist vs GIM   
    Do you feel a compulsive need for others to think you are the smartest person in the room? Do you love working inhumane hours? Do you have the personality of a walking textbook? 
    If yes to the above do GIM.
    Otherwise do hospitalist which is a dumping ground for internal medicine when their ward is getting full.
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in How true would you say this article is?   
    ha - I mean to start with consider the source - an organization whose entire business model is threatened by easy access to information thinks access to a form like this is a bad thing. 
    It would be insanely unproductive to use this forum to prevent people from applying by spreading false information. For one thing most errors would be collectively caught rather quickly, and almost every premed is paranoid enough to verify things independently etc. There are a ton of people that already got into medical school more than happy to tell you what you actually need so lying and saying you need to be a super star would have limited utility. Push it too far and be outright  destructive and you would be banned. Imagine how much time you could waste doing that - and for what - congrats there are thousands of applicants and instead of building up your ECs or improving your GPA you just wasted all this time trying to stop a handful from applying. 
    Good luck tracing anything back to an applicant - that is extremely hard to do. We are also pretty good at destroying fake accounts designed to advertise other premed companies - if anything we are biased quite a bit against such companies. One of the reasons I stayed with the forum was to push back - to make it so you DIDN'T need to spend all this money to another company just to get the right information - money which many people don't have to spend. 
    They talk about knowledge vs wisdom on that site - well some of us have been on the site a very long time - very likely much much longer than anyone trying to help you at that company. That experience has helped quite a few people. There are a ton of points of view on this site - I honestly find most companies that service premed far more "hive mind" like than we are. Is the forum enough to solve all your information needs - no, you need to do your own homework as well, but it still is I think a robust knowledge source. 
    "Most alarming is that even some (but not all) of the moderators use unprofessional and hostile language towards others, and get into frequent bickering matches in an attempt to prove their 'expertise' and superiority, which brings their qualifications as mentors and role models of professionalism into question and the forum moderators are anonymous and even the site owner and administrator claims he doesn't know who they are so it is quite possible that the 'expert' moderators might not even be medical students or residents. "
    really? we do? I am the closest thing the site has to an active administrator and we vet all the moderators quite closely actually. Of course Dr. Wong doesn't know every moderators personally (he is a busy staff radiologist), but that is like saying a CEO of a company doesn't know all managers either like it is a bad thing. The moderators are much closer to the ground ha. Hopefully if people think the moderators are well as abusive as that quote states someone would bring it up and we would face it. 
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Rads Pay   
    Yeah ha - and I don't think they are anyway done yet either. 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from w8list in Free food for Premeds and Med Students   
    Free food won't cut it, the drug reps already sent me on a Mickey mouse cruise, you're gonna have to step your game up
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    Pakoon got a reaction from dryorku in Is it worth getting a 4.0 GPA?   
    "Is it worth getting?" LMAO, A 4.0 Is kinda difficult to get, it's not a matter of is it worth getting, it's a matter of if you can. It's not like you accidentally study an extra hour one day and end up with a 4.0. on the grand scheme of things you should aim as high as possible and work with what you end up with. A someone who has studied the OMSAS scale extensively I have come to the conclusion that it rewards consistency over high one shot grades. So to answer your question. Yes it's worth it. A few bad scores converted into an OMSAS average can really mess you up even if it looks like you have a really high average in percentage
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    Pakoon got a reaction from DoctorFootLizard in Is it worth getting a 4.0 GPA?   
    "Is it worth getting?" LMAO, A 4.0 Is kinda difficult to get, it's not a matter of is it worth getting, it's a matter of if you can. It's not like you accidentally study an extra hour one day and end up with a 4.0. on the grand scheme of things you should aim as high as possible and work with what you end up with. A someone who has studied the OMSAS scale extensively I have come to the conclusion that it rewards consistency over high one shot grades. So to answer your question. Yes it's worth it. A few bad scores converted into an OMSAS average can really mess you up even if it looks like you have a really high average in percentage
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    Pakoon reacted to BernieMac in IP status for Saskatchewan med new trend?   
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    Pakoon reacted to BernieMac in IP status for Saskatchewan med new trend?   
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    Pakoon got a reaction from anonymouspls in New Curriculum Concerns   
    It's in a pdf about the new curriculum floating around somewhere, I'm sure you can find it if you  google  the new curriculum
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    Pakoon reacted to Edict in Advice for an incoming 1st year medical student   
    If your goal is to match to UofT IM from Western coming from year one of med you have plenty of time and this is the right time to think about it. 
    This is how I would approach specialty applications in hindsight
    Pre-year 1: relax, maybe do some light reading in anatomy/physio to get you off to a head start especially if coming from a non- med/health background
    year 1 (first half): Take the first few months to get familiar with your school, your classmates, enjoy and start shadowing 2-3 months from med school, keep and eye out  for interest groups as applications often start within the first few months of med school. get involved with your local IM interest group. Start by shadowing specialties that are good rule outs (competitive ones that would require early commitment that are dissimilar to IM that you have some potential interest in). 
    year 1 (second half): Continue shadowing longitudinally, if IM remains your top choice, think about what kind of app you want to make. Is research your selling point? leadership? innovation? Ideally, you want one major selling point and a few minor checkmarks to show you are well rounded. For example, if you think you might like research, then this is the time to get involved, research takes time and the earlier you start the more likely you are to have publications before CaRMS. Think about your first year summer: if your goal is Toronto, find a preceptor in Toronto through networking or emailing and work with them over the summer. Leave yourself some time to travel and relax as well. If you aren't sure you have a specific area of interest, I agree with the poster above, research is a great way to network. Don't forget that academic staff are the ones involved in CaRMS and academic staff usually need to publish to get promotions. By helping them with research you are helping them out as well as yourself. With that being said, clinical research is not the only way to go, some people write articles in the media, edit etc. Others who have a tech background may incorporate that into healthcare and have a side hobby. If you have a passion and work towards it, it all looks fantastic on your app and can be used as your major selling point. Keep involved in your minor selling points be it interest group stuff or committees etc. and try to stay active in them. 
    year 2: At this point you can continue shadowing but for a field like IM, if you are set on it, you don't need to shadow anymore. Hopefully by now you are working towards your major selling point and doing well. Keep in mind you can have more than one research supervisor, as long as you are able to keep on top of things with both. Choosing a supervisor is important, try to find someone with a track record of publications and mentoring med students well if you can. A supervisor (for summers) who is active on the UofT IM committee will be a bonus, but more important is having the former. Try to have a preceptor at Western as well, it is hard to do research with someone if you spend most of the year away. Depending on where your career goals lie, consider writing the USMLE in the summer of year 2. Otherwise, consider doing an international elective if you have interests in travelling and global health etc. Consider continuing with research during the summer (in Toronto if  possible) or taking the time to prepare for clerkship. This is your last chance before things get really serious. Rank your clerkship streams appropriately, ask around, make sure your streams are set up in a way that allow you to explore unexplored specialties and allow you to succeed. If you want IM, try to have your IM rotation in the middle of clerkship, so you can impress and get letters in your core rotation, this is very important. Some people make the mistake of an early IM rotation and you can get letters but you usually aren't as sharp in the beginning of clerkship as near the middle or end. 
    year 3: Work hard on all your rotations, you may find less time to work on research now, hopefully you still can continue projects that you have started, but you likely won't have as much time. Plan your electives carefully. If you want 2 week electives in GIM in Toronto you need to network with Toronto staff before the electives even open. Most of these valuable 2 week spots are gone before they open. Try to get a GIM elective in Toronto if possible and a subspecialty (of your interest) in Toronto as well. Message your research preceptor in Toronto and try to get an elective with them if possible (a combined research+clinical strong recommendation letter will be absolutely massive when it comes to CaRMS). Avoid doing an elective in a subspecialty you aren't interested in. Try to get at least one elective out of province, but two is better in order to increase your chances of matching. Make sure to book your electives the second they open, otherwise they will be gone. 
    Year 4 (first half): start your CaRMS app early. know your CV by heart. Start writing your personal statements early, before elective season. Practice on how to sell yourself. Put yourself in a program's shoes and ask yourself: what would they want? Then try to sell yourself in that vein. By now you'll probably have a lot more advice to work with, so i'll leave it at that. 
    Year 4 (second half): enjoy! you've made it through 4 hard years of med school. People do international electives for fun, to travel. Write your MCCs early and then take a nice big month long vacation because it's the last month long vacation you'll have for a while  
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    Pakoon got a reaction from adhominem in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    Why are you all talking about cutoffs like it's a MCAT at Western
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in Advice for an incoming 1st year medical student   
    By top 10 I think they mean speciality-wise, the usual top competitive programs: plastics, derm, optho,  EM, etc.
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Don't be this guy--MD poser turned IMG MD   
    Yeah does seem odd - would only work if you were an elective student I guess and slip around through the cracks. There have been several examples of that going on in the past - even at high profile hospitals. 
    makes me wonder what exactly is a forgivable offence - some things are clearly off limits, and what this guy did may fall into that. I know there were several other cases of people just showing up at medical school and going to class - I mean they are found out eventually, and actually they have gotten a lot faster at doing it quickly but some people are so focused on this they go to all kinds of extremes. 
    Similarly how long of a "time out" zone is appropriate. 
    What makes this messy in our extremely competitive system admission is a zero sum game - you let this person in and you automatically don't let in someone else etc. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Edict in Don't be this guy--MD poser turned IMG MD   
    Hard to pass judgement on him because the story just isn't complete. The story sounds like he was just a keen kid who had some personality/psychiatric issues who is finally now a doctor and we would wish him well.
    But... there are some major holes in this story. I don't think anyone could impersonate a resident at UCLA and get away with it for a year, even with medical knowledge. If your senior asks you to see the patient and you disappear and never see the patient? You aren't welcome back the next day that's for sure. A surgery resident who never scrubs in on a case for a year? Highly doubtful, even the prelim residents would have done something in a year, especially in 1986 when residents worked 36 hour shifts.
    Also a white coat with your picture on it and everyone is approaching you asking you where they can get one like that? Tough to believe... sounds narcissistic to me
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    Pakoon reacted to cleanup in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    Guys, the horse is long dead.
    Sommmee people in this thread likely need more help with women than OP does. 
    OP, all the best.
    Clooooosed. Thanks for playin'.
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    Pakoon got a reaction from md2024 in How competitive is med school?   
    Cut competitive more cut throat you Competitive. Cut You and competitive more throat then for are become throat.  Specialties. 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from BernieMac in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    Then you getting some LMAO 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from LostLamb in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    Then you getting some LMAO 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from w8list in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    Then you getting some LMAO 
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    Pakoon reacted to w8list in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    What if you’re swomen lol
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