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    Pakoon got a reaction from Lily95 in Electrical Engineering to Med School   
    Just here to throw in my two cents as well, I did nursing for an undergrad (also a professional program). Now the pattern I noticed about these kinds of professional programs is they are not designed to be able to easily or even with a decent effort churn out competitive grades, they make professionals, not premeds. I experienced this with Nursing and in my opinion, few have it worse than the engineers in terms of securing high averages. I have heard of engineers who have taken the path to medicine, but they are few and far between ( and probably abnormal examples and nowhere near the standard). The take-home point here is that schools do not and will not care about how hard your undergrad is, they just see the numbers. The only place it would help would perhaps be in the interview where you would stand out, but you have to get an interview first to do that.
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    Pakoon got a reaction from xiphoid in FAQ: What are my chances?   
    My fear is that will only result in the creation of  a @jack13 
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    Pakoon reacted to doc_tr in Current nurse - where to start?   
    Hi, I am an RN who got in 4 yrs ago, i asked my nursing professors and some of the doctors i worked with as a nurse to write me reference letters. I went through Carms this year and I matched into my back up specialty in the 1st round. We were all advised to back up with so many people going unmatched, I knew alot of the people last year that didnt match and joined our match so I backed up. My advice is think about it, if there is nothing else that would make you fulfilled other than becoming a doctor then go for it! But once you get in really gun for the specialty you want and have a back up in mind as well! It is getting more competitive each year to get into medicine, but once you are in it doesnt stop there. You then have to be competitive to match as well. As for being a nurse, I found the people I worked with as a nurse were then my supervisors in clerkship, some wrote me letters, some could not see me past being the nurse they worked with. I got asked at several schools during my carms interview how would it affect my residency given my prior nursing experience, especially if I see myself having any difficulty with the nursing staff, not gonna lie the question caught me off guard the first time. I guess the stigma of going into medicine after nursing is real. Anyways I hope this helps, feel free to dm me if you have any other questions. Best of luck!!  
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    Pakoon reacted to anonymouspls in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Thank you Mr. TD representative 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Dalhousie23 in What will Class of 2023's backpack colour be?   
    Guess that makes the Med building a tool box! ba sum tss 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from VladTheLad in OMSAS reference letters stopped?!   
    I mean, individual schools could still ask for references letters to be uploaded via SAM, or some other 3rd party system. I wasn't a fan of the letters when I was applying, but I can't see schools just abandoning reference letters.
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    Pakoon got a reaction from clever_smart_boy_like_me in What will Class of 2023's backpack colour be?   
    Charcoal grey looking nice     
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    Pakoon got a reaction from jeopardymusic in Waitlist Support Group 2019   
    Congratulations, I'll see you there!
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    Pakoon got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in New Curriculum Concerns   
    Tuesdays off, I'm sold.
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    Pakoon reacted to warthog in May 14 Countdown   
    The Cycle of Waiting
    1. Hoping: “I have good stats, I think! I did okay in the interview...let me check the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist thread again...”
    2. Imagining: “If I get in, what will I do? Who do I tell first? What do I put on my Facebook? Omg I’d have to quit my job. Would I cry?.”
    3. Someone asks you “What’s up?” or “How are you doing?” Or EVEN WORSE: “Any word yet?” This derails your confidence immediately.
    4. Racing Heart: “crap crap crap what if I don’t get in? I’d have to tell everyone right? I’d have to start over...I’d have to retake the MCAT.” *lurks on PM101, r/MCAT and r/premed to torture self*
    5. Wallowing: “I am not a competitive applicant. I shouldn’t have applied. I wonder what the career prospects are like for goat herding?” *aggressive googling* *cycles through memory of the interview for the trillionth time* *spends weirdly long time reading the medical school website when you’ve memorized it already* *a lot of sighing*
    6. Try to Distract Yourself: Start reading books you’ve read already, start going on weird subreddit and YouTube spirals, start researching alpaca farming. “I wonder what Snooki is up to these days?” Wallow/Hoping cycle begins again. You wonder if you should’ve just gone into banking or teaching or public service like everyone else. More sighing. You go on YouTube again. 
    6. The cycle restarts. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Instagrammar in TD Student Line of Credit Amazon Offer   
    With a 325 M line of credit, I think this will really augment the self-care aspect of medical school. We can all agree that every student needs their own private jet and yacht to succeed #self-care. Right now, I just could not picture taking anything less than 400 million for my line of credit, but with the 500$ Amazon card, I am tempted to settle for a lowly 325 million LOC. I guess the penthouse I wanted will just need to wait. 
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    Pakoon reacted to anonymouspls in General post-interview chances and waitlist movement   
    For Western it's about 80% for SWOMEN and 50% for non-SWOMEN post-interview.
    Stats can be found here, though not all schools list how many students declined their acceptance so for some of them it's impossible to infer waitlist movement.
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    Pakoon reacted to erythrocyte in TD Student Line of Credit Amazon Offer   
    Hi TD, 
    Acceptances haven't gone out yet, you can repost this in 2 weeks
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    Pakoon reacted to hiyayosup in May 14 Countdown   
    Two more weeks...as it grows closer, I'm becoming less hopeful. Just want this wait to end.
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Schulich Medicine: Admissions Video 2019   
    ....that sounds harsh! 
    It is not easy making these videos ha. 
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    Pakoon reacted to PotatoPotato in May 14 Countdown   
    Less than 3 weeks to go

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    Pakoon reacted to xiphoid in St George's university for canadian   
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    Pakoon reacted to anonymouspls in May 14 Countdown   
    If anything I'm planning on sleeping in that day so decisions are out when I wake up 
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    Pakoon reacted to anonymouspls in Premed101 Average 2Y GPA and MCAT for accepted Non-SWOMEN (data inside)   
    in my eternal boredom at work, I took the liberty of averaging the GPA and MCAT of all NON-SWOMEN applicants with a accepted or high waitlist result that posted on premed101 since 2016 with the new MCAT format.
    2Y GPA: 3.905
    MCAT: 388.8
    For reference my stats:
    2Y GPA: 3.97
    MCAT: 385
    I've copy-pasted the raw data below for reference. 
    May 14 cannot arrive soon enough 
      3.74 391 3.86 388 3.82 392 3.97 388 3.87 384 3.88 392 3.8 389 3.85 392 3.96 390 3.95 388 3.98 388 4 387 3.81 385 3.8 393 3.97 389 4 386 3.97 389 4 386 3.8 389 3.83 390 3.95 387 3.93 388.5 3.97 389 3.96 390 4 391 3.85 387.75 3.95 386 4 390.75 3.97 391 3.9 390 3.9 390 3.87 386 3.95 392 3.79 389 3.85 384
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    Pakoon reacted to anonymouspls in deleted   
    Why is time passing by so slowly 
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in deleted   
    thanks is right - now officially knows ha  Those original numbers are from a 2004 powerpoint presentation if I recall - say so 15 years old in a system that changes every 2-3 years. 
    We know that in one of the official dean reports from a while back there was mention of an additional SWOMEN "bonus" being used to the final score. What we don't know is much about how it is really done today except by inference from those that actually get accepted. 
    The school has no particular interest in telling anyone of course what exactly it is doing - gives them no advantage and actually disadvantages them (people would adjust their strategies to maximize things which is usually not what a school really wants) 
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    Pakoon reacted to #YOLO in Extremely embarrassed to be asking this question but would really appreciate the advice   
    f@#k them. do u. focus, do well in med school, and become the doctor you want. there are lots of bullys in this profession. but just focus on urself and ignore all the idiots. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Heart2HardWork in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    Has anyone come across this article yet (published a few months ago)? https://westerngazette.ca/news/new-competency-based-medical-education-leaves-traditional-grading-behind/article_8df659dc-fdc6-11e8-87a9-df194626a239.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-sticky-siderail-latest
    I wonder if this shift in their curriculum has anything to do with the new admission criteria.. interesting!
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    Pakoon reacted to Hypercalcemia in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    While I acknowledge people's frustration over changing goalposts, I think Western's change this year is commendable.
    The reality is, high MCAT and GPA scores are not good predictors of who will become good physician. The aamc has been looking into how medical students and physicians perform based on their entrance scores, and there is no significant difference between someone with a 132 CARS and a 126, for example.
    Even more importantly, arbitrarily high cutoffs unnecessarily favour more privileged students (those who can afford tutors, expensive prep courses, not having to work for a summer while they study) and results in less class diversity. By lowering cutoffs in favour of an additional aABS, Western is taking steps to ensure that they've still selected students who are likely to succeed academically, but come from more diverse backgrounds and will better reflect the patient populations they'll be serving. 
    As for the quality of someone's EC's, don't assume that just because you've done something unique or flashy, that it holds more value than someone else's accomplishments. Just because Candidate 1 could afford to take a summer off to travel and do charity work in another country, doesn't mean that experience holds any more value than the experiences of Candidate 2, who had to work full time in customer service to support their family. File reviewers are often trained to look for these issues, and would be asked to look through essays and evaluate personal character or what was learned from an experience, not what was actually done.
    TLDR; Thinking you have the best scores or flashiest ECs does not make you any more deserving than anyone else, and expressing sentiments of entitlement really make your privilege show.
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    Pakoon reacted to JohnGrisham in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    Problem with your logic is that you think the system is goofed up or that the incoming class is somehow "screwed".
    They aren't. The wheels will keep turning and those that get in will continue along the process with zero functional difference. Just so happens John Doe took a seat instead of you. Got in on slightly different requirements/process but equally as qualified and capable of doing well in medicine.
    Dont get sucked into a false sense of superiority by having a marginally better GPA or MCAT score.  
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