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    Pakoon got a reaction from sarahbanana777 in FAQ: What are my chances?   
    If you hit a weighted GPA like that, then definitely Ottawa and Toronto are a fair shot, and with that stellar MCAT score Queens would be a great shot as well. While GPA is slightly above average for Mac and Cars are at average, a good Casper could snag you an interview!
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Confused about Abbreviated Sketch   
    I would say start pretty early. It is easy to procrastinate with these and you really want the time to revise, revise, revise etc. 
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in WESTERN CUT-OFFS   
    yeah the are pretty stable...until they aren't if that makes any sense. When they change it is usually quite dramatic. 
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    Pakoon reacted to IMislove in YouTube/Social Media   
    Yes they definitely do!
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    Pakoon reacted to PreMed95 in WESTERN CUT-OFFS   
    The very first year it was 384, and then 383 since. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Monkey D. Luffy in Nursing Clincal Hours in ABS?   
    It's tough because it doesn't neatly fit under either category. Personally I would lean toward putting it under Employment and starting with a brief sentence explaining what it was for. Schools will understand. 
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    Pakoon reacted to Eudaimonia in OMSAS ABS question!   
    Personally, I wouldn't, firstly because it would take up valuable character space. Second, the reviewers are very busy and you can't guarantee that they'll open the link and explore all your projects. That's your job to describe them succinctly even if it's a challenge. If they were very interested, they could look it up themselves if you gave them your profile info. However if I was a reviewer with curiosity, I wouldn't necessarily gain anything more from listening to your page than what you would've described in the box. I wouldn't know how or be able to judge the quality of your work or anything. I'd only rely on accolades which is something you can put in the description anyways. Hope you see what I mean!
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    Pakoon reacted to Professor Actual Factual in Introducing MDbuddy! The first ever free Canadian Medical School GPA/wGPA Calculator!   
    Added to the FAQ
    I will add a pass or fail mechanism soon, in the meanwhile just use (A+, F) or (100,0). Thanks
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Climate in Diagnostic Radiology   
    ha, problem is the fields for the most part with the most money have the worst lifestyle, which in the end is the usual cause of physician discomfort. 
    Radiology - high pay but you will work your ass off and work weird hours for it (seriously)
    Cardiology - high pay but you will your ass off and/or work weird hours for it (the higher the pay - interventional for instance - the high the work load and risk you won't even get it at all)
    Plastics - only in private practice and only if you good at the marketing side. Still a lot of work
    Dermatology - better than internal but not by much. However absolutely a good lifestyle. No wonder it is popular, which means it is hard to get
    Ophthalmology - better than some but the overheads, dropping fees and dried up lasix market take their toll. 
    and so on. Even time on the forum someone says you can "easily" make X in another field (usually family medicine) they are probably right - but the common denominator will be there, you have to work your ass off.  All in the back drop of everyone trying to get rid of any differences - and they probably will. 
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    Pakoon reacted to bloh in Climate in Diagnostic Radiology   
    You need to do some reflecting. Every single specialty in medicine gives you an excellent income. Focus on other aspects of the field or you'll be a miserable wreck and no richer than any of your peers.
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    Pakoon reacted to Rahvin13 in Nursing Clincal Hours in ABS?   
    Yeah I’d definitely put it in somewhere. Each school may consider it differently though, and that is definitely true for schools outside Ontario. Dal for example considers clinical program experience as “Employment” on their supplemental app.
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    Pakoon reacted to Bambi in Nursing Clincal Hours in ABS?   
    I would do it. I cannot envision any downside, Good luck!
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    Pakoon reacted to cleanup in Venting about GPA conversion   
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    Pakoon reacted to inner-exodus in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted (Windsor Campus, 1st choice)
    Timestamp: 10:20 AM EST
    2YGPA: ~3.9
    MCAT: 520 (128/131/131/130)
    ECs: A bit off the beaten curve; dropped out of school to work full-time from age 15-19 to support the family by myself and worked hard to get back into school, did lots of advocacy work for people with developmental disabilities (both solo and w/ an organization I helped found), ran several after school programs (both as a facilitator and behind the scenes as a member of the advisory board), some overseas volunteering, interesting hobbies, etc. Zero research.
    Interview: I felt the beginning was strong but I faltered towards the end. I went against Schulich's interview advice and disclosed that I had a neurodevelopmental disability (because it was a big part of my answer to one of the questions), and the doctor on the panel did a huge double take lol. I guess I should have seen it as a positive sign of how articulate I was up to that point rather than worried about it like I did.
    Geography: OOP (BC)
    Year: Graduated BSc, 2018
    I'll be accepting this offer and I'm thrilled about the opportunity. My 17-year-old high school dropout working a dead-end job self would have never seen something like this coming.
    Edit: Added a few ECs in case it helps anyone - I got in with no research or clinical experience, so I think that's an interesting takeaway.
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    Pakoon reacted to #YOLO in Calling other professions Dr?   
    phds love that shit.....and get so pissy if u dont call em doctor. -.-
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    Pakoon got a reaction from VanillaUK in Admissions Statistics   
    Worked like a charm, thanks a bunch 
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Western panel interview   
    consistent in approach and consideration of the ethical factors - not necessarily consistent in your conclusions (in fact as you rightly point out that would be stupid). 
    so in your example for instance we can actually see where that would apply - let's say in the first part you say I believe patient autonomy is the most important factor over other pressures (a real scenario would have other factors as right now it is too simple to test you - something like the treatment is completely curative for instance, the family wants her to be treated, the cost of her care without treatment is vastly expensive compared to treatment or a hundred other variations )
    So you now you are told she is depressed and incompetent and the family still wants her to do the treatment.  The simple answer it blindly say she is incompetent and the now family is the proxy that acts in her place (or you act if there is no one else) and be done. The better answer is if you value autonomy so much is well can you fix the incompetence? - reverse the depression for instance? 
    Some people when the modifications come lose focus - they think the interviewer is guiding me towards an answer and fell they have to change things. They flop all over the place - usually spouting ethical terms without understanding of how they work together. External forces are exactly what shouldn't change you position - what examiner thinks is not important, they are testing how you reason through various ethical issues, come up with an answer and have enough strength to both change with new information with in your ethical approach and also not change just because you are being pressured. The latter is important as in the real world you will be pressured, and pressured harder than you probably have every been pressured in anything before - that family for instance above would want that treatment and really push you to override with all force they can bear. Can you keep your focus, adjust but only when logical to do so, and weather the storm?
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    Pakoon reacted to VanillaUK in Admissions Statistics   
    Oh yeah that's bizarre, they seem to have removed it from their website.
    Luckily I have it downloaded. I can't attach it here because it exceeds the max file size, let me get back to you when I figure out a way to upload it.
    EDIT: Let me know if this link works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cFL_QLhKsLjXHfwz0oNiLjD5WLc7Ss7M/view?usp=sharing
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    Pakoon reacted to VanillaUK in Admissions Statistics   
    The reports linked in my original post have a breakdown of SWOMEN interview invites and offers. Didn't see anywhere how many SWOMEN apply though. 
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    Pakoon got a reaction from mcmac in Advice needed! Applying to McMaster // GPA   
    Not to restate the obvious, but the only time you should ever try to change something so minor is to reach a cutoff. Looking at the stats your GPA is in a good place, it's definitely worth more to boost your CARS and Casper.
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    Pakoon reacted to VanillaUK in Admissions Statistics   
    For anyone else out there who obsesses over numbers, I did some statistics based on a 3-year average (2015-2017), with numbers plucked from the official dean's reports (2015) (2016) (2017).
    Every year on average, there are:
    2,577 total applicants ... (2,473 + 2,775 + 2,483) / 3 449 candidates invited to interview ... (457 + 441 + 449) / 3) 171 seats filled (133 in London, 38 in Windsor) - this has been the same for the last 3 years.  A first year class with a demograph of 58.3% male and 41.7% female ... Males: (61 + 59 + 55) / 3 ... Females: (39 + 41 + 45) / 3 17.4% of all applicants get an interview ... (449/2,577)*100 6.6% of all applicants get a seat ... (171/2,577) * 100 38.1% of interviewees get a seat ... (171/449) * 100 NOTE: These statistics do not consider waitlist movement, which can actually be huge in some years (e.g. the 2017 Dean's reports suggest that, for applicants from SW Ontario alone, 72 were offered acceptance into the program, while only 42 of those accepted the offer - that's a waitlist movement of 30 people!)
    Feel free to check the math, add anything I missed, or discuss below. 
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    Pakoon reacted to rmorelan in Western panel interview   
    I don't think it would be a surprise for anyone doing an interview at any of the schools that you should know the Can med roles and think about events in your life where you demonstrated those roles. 
    These is all very general interview advice but there are basically 5 types of questions any panel interview would ask
    1) Who are you/tell me about yourself. Have a blurb ready - but keep in mind it probably won't be worth all that much because they know you in fact have it ready. Not much marks for prepared speeches ha. Mostly want to make sure you aren't a robot here, and try to break the ice. 
    2) Give me an example of when you demonstrated can med role X. Because I know you know the can med roles I may not use the exact same name of the role but when you think about it will be the same thing. Don't know the roles and you might be in trouble. Don't know the roles AND have not reflected on your life experience/ how they relate and you might be in even more trouble.
    3) Here is an ethics scenario - detail both positions and the ethical issues/concepts at play (at least two of them will be in direct opposition, i.e. autonomy vs social justice), MAKE A DECISION and then do what you can minimize harm to all the parties within that decision. For fun I might change aspects of the scenario after to see how that impacts your decision and you better still be consistent and not fall apart. Also remember they will make it sound like you are alone in the universe making that decision.....and you never are, and there is almost never the slightest time pressure in the real world either. Reading doing right helps but remember in that book the author defines the terms and give examples - but what is not there a lot is actually the concepts fighting each other. There is a big difference between figuring out what ethical terms apply, versus figuring out how to use them to describe your position in a complex ethical scenario. 
    4) Here is a problem in health care - how would you fix it. Overlaps a bit sometimes with 3). Doesn't hurt to have an idea of the major issues in health care, and also how you might solve them. Some schools have regional focuses - that means regional issues. 
    5) Let's give your some bizarre task or role playing scenario to try and freak you out. Then let's see if you do in fact freak out (note - the entire point of this is to stress you, so EVERYONE else doing the interview will also be stressed - remember it is just a game. It is going to be awkward, roll with it. You don't have to be completely non stressed - you have to be less stressed than some of the other interviewees). To prepare for this you have actually similarly done scenarios that are designed to do that same thing. 
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    Pakoon reacted to HeHeHe in Pass/Fail credits count towards 3 course level load?   
    I remember calling in about this last year and from what I remember they said it counts toward that requirement. I recommend double-checking just to be sure.
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