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  1. hi i saw ur post on a question forum on ot . do you mind telling me was ur gpa the subgpa or your cgpa and do you know if cgpa even matters at all? ive been struggling with this question for ages now but nobody has given me a definitive answer .


  2. Hey, from what it says on the website, it doesn't seem like they consider diplomas in the gpa count. https://www.uwo.ca/fhs/ot/programs/mscot/admission.html
  3. Happened to me, related experience helps, but depending on how low the sub-gpa is, you may be forced to take more courses to boost that. Took a year off my undergrad and still didnt get in the second time. Did a course-based masters and got accepted into alberta and western this year for OT. If your sub-gpa could use some work (like mine did, went from 3.68, to 3.71 with just my first semester of my masters, to 3.77 after my masters), i would recommend that or taking extra courses post-degree. That being said, i guess it depends where your sub-gpa is at for now, assess what would need to be done to get to the cutoffs for school, if its attainable and its what you want to do, then I would 100% recommend going for it. It can be tough financially, but if you're close, be a student part-time and also work.
  4. I just received an offer from my hometown in london, so a spot will be opening up for alberta, best of luck to everyone
  5. Received an offer from Western OT this morning, a spot for Alberta OT will open up!
  6. Maybe a little bit, but honestly with a 3.9 GPA i wouldn't worry about that.
  7. Haha all good! You had me worried for a second because I was hoping to hear back from Western and was relying on my grad school marks lol. It's weird how PT doesn't, but OT does, even though its the same school, don't really get that.
  8. Depends on the school, Western does for example, so does alberta for OT. I did a Masters program this past year and that was the difference for me getting in and not getting in, personally.
  9. Thank you, I actually just got it now, I probably should have just been a little more patient haha.
  10. For those who were offered admission to U of A OT, have you received a confirmation email whether they received your admission forms and deposit? They sent out an email last week saying they would send an email out today whether they received it or not. Just wanted to check to be safe, thanks.
  11. In terms of the written portions of the application, you would write about your experiences that would help you become a successful OT. It wouldn't hurt to include that and relate how components of it mirror responsibilities of an OT, similar to how you would relate jobs and volunteer experiences to it. Ultimietly, I would use that certification to help you get these opportunities for experience. My first two yers were bad too, but as long as you do well in your final two years of undergraduate studies and get some experience related (the certificate could help with finding related job/volunteer experiences), you could definitely get into a school.
  12. Hey, I took a course-based Masters Kin program this past year after getting waitlisted last year, and got an offer from Alberta OT this time around. While the program seemed to cater more to the thesis-based masters students (since they take some courses too), ultimately you gain some practical experience and professors are definitely more helpful in terms of helping you achieve good grades in the courses. Not sure if the masters programs you applied for are thesis-based, but course-based masters are one year typically, so it fits well with applying for next year if need be. I would recommend accepting offers in other masters programs in the meantime, it ultimately helped my path to OT. If you get an offer for OT in the next month or so, simply just let the other program you accepted know, bite the bullet on any deposit fee (if there is one) and go to the school you want. Hope thats helpful.
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