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  1. Hello, I shadowed an OT at Westpark Healthcare Centre, they took me in immediately. You can try there! As for the rest I emailed a bunch of places in Toronto (e.g. Toronto Rehab, Sunnybrook, Grace hospital etc) asking if there are any opportunities to shadow an OT. Start emailing right now!
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone is looking for roomates to live in a place near campus!
  3. You can contact them and ask whether you are on the upper half or lower half of the list for U of A! That might give you hope?
  4. Applied + (PT or OT?): OT @ UofT, UofA, Mac, Queen's, WesternAccepted: Queen's Waitlisted: UofARejected: GPA: Sub - 3.63, Cum - 3.56 (ORPAS) --------- Sub - 3.7 (UofA)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: 7 years volunteering at South Asian Autism Awareness Centre, research experience at school and hospital, executive member of mental health club at school, few years volunteering in different areas of kids rehab hospital, completed thesis, tutor, OT job shadowing References - 2 professors and 1 volunteer coordinator 2nd time applying!
  5. Hello, I also got a wait list offer for UofA on Friday. I reside in Ontario and Alberta OT Admissions told me my GPA was 3.7 (I emailed them to ask).
  6. Hey everyone, does anyone know how to calculate the sGPA for UofA OT?
  7. Hey everyone, I have a low subgpa and cgpa of 3.63 and 3.56 respectively, but I have a lot of experiences including 7 years working with kids with autism, research experience, working with kids in a rehab setting, OT shadowing, recreational therapist assistant, part of the executive team for a club at school and completed my thesis. I was wondering what my chances would be.
  8. Maybe check how the subGPA is calculated for each of the school you applied for and tell ORPAS what each site says (assuming they are calculated the same) ? For example this is what UofT has on their site: Will my summer courses be counted separately or as part of my fall/winter average? If you took eight courses or more in the preceding fall/winter terms, summer courses are counted as their own average. If you took 7 courses or fewer in the preceding fall/winter terms, your summer courses are combined with your preceding fall/winter courses for one total average. For example, if you took 7 courses in your second year, and then 1 course the following summer, the 7 courses in the second year and the 1 course in the summer would be added together for one weighted average. I'm assuming this is how they should calculate your 20th course, as you said. Maybe you can tell orpas what the site said?
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