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  1. bananabread1212

    Pre-Interview Scoring

    I would assume the one they sent is more up to date. Did u get ur interview package by email? or do u mean like an actual physical package? i still havent gotten mine lol...
  2. this was 2018 lol
  3. Anyone wanna meet up at McMaster University to practice for interviews? (specifically for ottawa)
  4. bananabread1212

    Prep group for OTTAWA interview

    Yup, got an email at noonish but dw they probably sent them in waves
  5. Is there anyone who goes to MCMASTER UNI and would like to prep together for the Ottawa interview? PM if youre interested!
  6. Hey guys, I know they make you turn the webcam on during the casper test. When I read the scenarios/watch the videos, they wont be there when i answer the questions. So am i allowed to jot notes down? Thanks!
  7. I was wondering what ottawa looks at before and after interviews? I heard it's gpa, abs, and caspar but does anyone know which is weighted the most? thanks!
  8. interested! PLS ADD ME TO THE GROUP
  9. bananabread1212

    CASPER help plsssssssss

    LOL i hope ure being sarcastic ... sorry but this is my first time writing the caspar so i really dont know what they want
  10. bananabread1212

    CASPER help plsssssssss

    Hey guys! For casper, would it be alright to use short forms like "u", "ur", "r", etc? Thanks!
  11. bananabread1212

    Non-academic reference? pls help im PANICKING

    tysm for ur reply! so if i have one from a prof (taught me in a class), another from a prof (volunuteered in her lab), and a last one from the safety officer in a hospital (helped him with his research), that would be fine right?
  12. Would someone who supervised me for a research project count as a "non-academic reference"? My research project focuses on finding a better road signs, so my referee can definitely comment on advocacy... Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi everyone! Can someone who has gotten in/is knowledgable please help me out! I just emailed my referees and they have agreed to write a letter for me. Question is, what information should i give them to ensure a strong letter? I was thinking my transcript for sure, but what else can I send them? Thank you so much!
  14. Hi Guys! I have a few questions about the 4 personal essays and 3 ABS statements: 1. I know we should use personal examples in the 3 ABS statements, but what about for the 4 personal essays? 2. For the 3 ABS statements, would it be better to focus on 1/2 clusters for each statement or include all 4 clusters in all 3 statements? THANK YOU
  15. bananabread1212

    OMSAS Research/Publication?

    ohhh ok that makes sense. tysm!! i was so confused cause this is my first cycle applying LOL