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  1. YoshCo

    Painted Nails? Male & Female

    As a female, I've opted for short nails and no polish. But for me, it's more because the Centre for Disease Control has said that long, fake or painted nails put patients at risk because they may increase risk of infection, so I think it's appropriate to "dress for the job I want", if that makes sense.
  2. Daylight savings is before then so Alberta and Saskatchewan will actually be on the same time again.
  3. Also, the sunset table for Edmonton on March 17 is sunset: 7:40 pm. So if you are driving from 1 to 6 pm, it will be all in daylight. I think I have the same interview time slot as you in Edmonton, but I'm not interviewing with Saskatchewan, otherwise I would drive you myself to show you how safe and easy it is... haha. But I do really think this will be the best option for you. Hopefully you can connect with some other people who are making the same journey!
  4. Plastics91, I drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon literally every other weekend. It is double-lane, divided highway the entire way (110 km/hr) and it takes 5 hours one-way. It's not that busy of a highway, but it is a major artery and a high priority for snow clearing, although looking at the 14 day forecast, I don't think you need to be overly concerned (although you never know in Canada, of course). I think that driving is honestly the best way to go for you, and the most reliable out of all of the options. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I used to live in Saskatoon, currently living in Edmonton.
  5. YoshCo

    MMI Prep on Campus

    I'm interested as well, I can meet in the evenings on campus
  6. TIME STAMP: January 19 10:37 MST Result: Regrets wGPA: 3.51 MCAT: 129 CARS ECs: I think above average, but maybe not in this crowd! Year: BSc and MSc complete, final year of second undergrad (BA), non-trad Geography: IP I had an interview last year, and I thought I would be much more calm this year if given the opportunity to interview again, so I'm feeling pretty let down by the news, but I'm making my plans for next cycle already... persistence is key!
  7. Hi Yc21! I'm also an Albertan and currently taking the distance program online through Queen's. I'm actually almost finished, one more semester, and a summer course and that will be a BA in Psychology for me and my second Undergrad degree. Because I took a science undergrad, they would not allow me to take another BSc, otherwise I would have liked to take the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. It hasn't prevented me from taking a lot of my electives from that department though. When I first started, I was interested in taking some courses to help me prepare for the MCAT. The courses did help with that, but I am also improving my GPA a bit as well. I don't think I could do these courses if they were self-directed, like they are through Athabasca. They also say that the degrees through Queen's are regarded in the same way as in-person degrees. Really, they should be, it is the same content in the courses. I love that they are on the same schedule as in-person university courses. You will need to start thinking in Eastern Standard Time, as the deadlines are on Kingston time. There is some variability in the way the courses are structured, and how much effort Professor's and teaching staff put into them, but overall I am very happy with the courses that I've taken and the level of education. Anyway, if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  8. YoshCo

    MMI prep

    I'm interested! I'm a non-trad though, so it would have to be in the evenings for me.
  9. Mine updated yesterday after I sent an email on Monday. I'm sure it's just delays in processing... I felt badly for troubling them with an email as I'm sure they are inundated with them right now, but I'm sure they recognize how important this is to us as well.
  10. I have a number of these, being an older applicant. In some cases I tried very hard to track down my original contacts through any way possible. In other cases I called and explained my situation to those in place now. There are also situations where there is the same person in place as there was 10-15 years ago, but they can't possibly remember every student that came through there. In my mind, a verifier exists to simply verify to someone that you did the thing. Administrative staff that have me on record at a certain business as having worked there should qualify as verification, should it not? If it's for more important things, like your top ten, you may want to list yourself. Or as Freewheeler said, use their personal contact info if you have it.
  11. Hi Jaloobi, did your transcripts get updated? I have one that is outstanding, even though I requested it September 1st... I requested another one from the institution, but I'm concerned about it not being updated...
  12. Hi All, I have an experience that has defined me as a person and that I have had to work hard to overcome, but it's also very personal and a difficult subject matter and I'm struggling with the idea of whether or not it should be included on a Med School application. On one hand, as I mentioned, it really does explain a lot about who I am as a person, and why I had a couple of difficult years in school following the experience, but on the other hand, it is personal and I'm not really willing to exploit the situation for the sake of the application or getting an interview invitation, if that makes sense. Has anyone else struggled with putting something quite deeply personal on an application? What decision did you end up making? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  13. Haha. Oh, I'm trying!