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  1. themuffinman11

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    and this is yet another reason why to take the American DAT (for UBC at least) !
  2. themuffinman11

    Question about UBC checklist...

    It's probably going to take a while since they're now accepting international applicants and they are letting them take the Dec.4 CASPer test
  3. themuffinman11

    Do I have a shot at Dentistry? (UWO)

    Lol they must have pretty much spent all their good years studying
  4. themuffinman11

    Canadian student applying to US dental

    what do you mean CDA based?
  5. themuffinman11

    Canadian student applying to US dental

    Would consider this as well, just double check if your school requirements match and keep in mind if they are a 5 year (bachelors) or 4 year program
  6. themuffinman11

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Lol, would you enjoy sitting in the same chair hours upon hours typing up code, working pretty much on your own?
  7. themuffinman11

    Do I Have a Shot at Dentistry?

    Well, depends if you're interested/able to pay American/Australian tuition or not. I'm not sure 3.6 on a 4.33 scale will be enough for Canadian schools, especially out of province. Even UBC will be a longshot because the average grade for those admitted is 86%, which is a 4.0 at SFU
  8. themuffinman11

    The slow decay of dentistry

    How come this is not advertised on the official website? FAQ also still says no international students edit: I lied they just updated it...
  9. option 1: better to have dedicated devices, and the macbook is fantastic
  10. themuffinman11

    Canadian student applying to US dental

    Case, Detroit Mercy, Nova, USC and Rutgers
  11. themuffinman11

    Canadian student applying to US dental

    I have a 3.77 on AADSAS (4.0 scale) and got 5 interviews so far. Basically as a Canadian, you want to apply to private schools and generally you'll probably want to be above or at least at the average for GPA/DAT requirements for a school since we are applying as international students and there are less seats for us.
  12. themuffinman11

    DAT Transcripts

    Off topics but damn Starburst, congrats on the interview lol you're perfect so far, do you have any preference for Canadian vs. American schools? I'm also applying to UBC and american schools this cycle
  13. themuffinman11

    UBC Casper test

    How'd it go? Any advice on how to prepare?
  14. themuffinman11

    UBC Casper test

    Anyone taking or have taken the CASPer test recently?
  15. themuffinman11

    Received offer from UQ; Need advice/tips/opinion

    Jeez, are you serious? You spent 5 years applying? If you got in right away to a school abroad, you would have 5 years of salary plus experience working as a dentist (allowing you to increase your speed/income even faster) Yeah going to school in US or AUS is expensive but damn, those 5 years of lost income would have given you at least $500k+ lol (more likely 750+)