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  1. themuffinman11

    UofA 2023 DDS MMI Interviews

    Anyone want to practice via skype?
  2. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Do we really have 10 minutes to talk? It did say in the email that each of the 8 interviews would be 10 minutes but I assumed that included a few minutes of reading the prompt and moving to the next stations Were the ethical questions mainly general scenarios, kinda like CASPer? Thanks for all your help !!!
  3. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    How similar is our MMI compared to the med one? When we are doing practice questions, should we still be doing stuff that relates to physicians, medicines etc. Also is the format and prompts similar for both programs? Thanks!
  4. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Are you guys down to make a group on facebook or something
  5. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    I'm down to practice too but can we meet up downtown
  6. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    GOT THE INVITE A FEW SECONDS AGO !!! Edit: GPA: 3.84/4.33 -> ~ 83% AA 26 PAT 23 IP I took the CASPer test for the 2nd time this year and definitely felt better about my responses, I didn't run out of time for questions this time around too.
  7. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Yeah I'm like waiting so hard for this email lol, I thought they might be inviting internationals separately since they're taking different seats but maybe not?
  8. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    They're going to regret not having us if we get rejected
  9. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Seems like there's not that many of us here... Regardless, good luck to all of us, this invite (and hopefully acceptance, knock on wood) will be worth/save me at least $200,000
  10. themuffinman11

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Do you guys think the fact that they are now accepting international students will change the invite dates? because their deadline is still Feb.1 Also a side note, did they mention about how many international students they are planning to accept and how that relates to the # of Canadians accepted? I feel like they didn't really give out much information and opened up the admission to internationals last second...
  11. themuffinman11

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    and this is yet another reason why to take the American DAT (for UBC at least) !
  12. themuffinman11

    Question about UBC checklist...

    It's probably going to take a while since they're now accepting international applicants and they are letting them take the Dec.4 CASPer test
  13. themuffinman11

    Do I have a shot at Dentistry? (UWO)

    Lol they must have pretty much spent all their good years studying
  14. themuffinman11

    Canadian student applying to US dental

    what do you mean CDA based?
  15. themuffinman11

    Canadian student applying to US dental

    Would consider this as well, just double check if your school requirements match and keep in mind if they are a 5 year (bachelors) or 4 year program