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  1. If anyone in Calgary wants to practice for the interview PM me!
  2. You just have to refresh the page that has the scale and the Nov scale should show up
  3. Hello! This is kind of a weird question, but when I do my soap carving, I prefer to wear latex gloves as my hands get a little sweaty. For the DAT, do they provide any types of gloves or would I have to bring in my own? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I am planning on taking the DAT this November and was wondering what the best resources are to prepare for it? Are there any particular prep books that were more useful than others? Although, I found several online, all of them were for the American DAT, so I wasn't sure if it would an effective way to study. For the manual dexterity, I understand that doing many carvings is helpful, but what is a good way to start off? I don't want to start carving, and use the expensive soap without really knowing anything, so are there any good resources for me to learn the basic techniques of carving before starting? Lastly, which sites or books provided the most practice for the best price? Such as datbootcamp, kaplan, iqpublications, datcrusher, crushthedat etc. Any information can help. Thanks!
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