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  1. The AFMC 2018 Graduating Questionnaire just got released: Median medical school debt continues to increase Once again, the reported median medical school debt increased from $94,000 in 2017 to $100,000 in 2018 as 40% of students are reporting a debt of $120,000 or greater. In comparison, 33.9% and 36.0% reported a debt of $120,000 or greater in 2016 and 2017, respectively. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/2018 AFMC GQ_English.pdf
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/dalhousie-medical-specialist-seats-added-15-1.4820105 The new spaces include: emergency medicine (two spaces) core internal medicine (two spaces) general internal medicine (two spaces) child and adolescent psychiatry (two spaces) neurology obstetrics and gynecology critical care geriatric psychiatry palliative medicine ear, nose and throat dermatology The new spaces will be in place next July. The province is willing spend $1.5 million a year on the new seats.
  3. la marzocco

    Cap in number of Electives

    Completely agreed. The real root cause is insufficient residency positions. Until they fix this root cause, all these new 'policies' or 'rules' are nonsensical.
  4. la marzocco

    OSAP/NSLSC frustration

    I had that happen once when they flagged me for income discrepancy or whatever. But I got an email and a regular mail about the situation and why it dropped to 0. Then it got resolved and brought it back up to the estimated funding.
  5. la marzocco

    US Residencies and CaRMS

    Depends on the specialty: Source: http://www.nrmp.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Charting-Outcomes-in-the-Match-2018-Seniors.pdf
  6. la marzocco

    Law to Medicine

    Hey! Welcome to the forum. I do agree with @PhD2MD in that opportunity cost needs to be weighed. I graduated from law and started having thoughts about whether medicine would be for me. I worked a bit and finished my articling and ended up getting called to the bar before embarking onto my medicine journey. To be honest, I see my 20s as my experimental years, sure it's another 4 years of school (to start with.. then you have residency, but hey you get paid by then). I found that being satisfied with my decisions in life to be more important than opportunity cost, even though financials and missed opportunities in law were both real considerations for me. I kept working while doing my prereqs and then applying (plus in Quebec, you don't even need to write your MCATs as McGill states that it is optional). I kept an open mind - wasn't even sure if I was going to get accepted. Let the chips fall where they may, but do your best. I ended up getting accepted and decided to take the plunge. I also didn't burn any bridges and left my law firm on good terms - you never know where your paths may cross again with your (former) colleagues! Plus, having a law + med background may open more doors down the road, who knows? Congratulations on landing that job offer at the top-tier law firm - continue to work hard! Sorry for the blabbering, but I encourage you apply. I encourage you to learn more about medicine. Live your life, go to work, apply to med school, explore a bit, and let the chips fall where they may
  7. la marzocco

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    Credits have the same value regardless of income level. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Better to use it as soon as possible.
  8. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    https://www.ledevoir.com/monde/534186/arabie-saoudite-volet-etudiants Penn State and Johns Hopkins have been contacted by the Saudi government to accommodate some of the medical residents and fellows who are currently in Canada. According to Gilles Patry, the director of the U15, Penn State has been asked to welcome 19 Saudi medical residents/fellows and Johns Hopkins 24.
  9. la marzocco

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/deductions-credits-expenses/line-323-your-tuition-education-textbook-amounts.html You get a tax credit for tuition charged by post-secondary institutions.
  10. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Best case, I hope something transpires in the next 20 days to cool this diplomatic spat so that this withdrawal of Saudi students, residents, fellows en masse is rescinded. This is going to be a "difficult transition" indeed otherwise.
  11. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Agree. Primary care shouldn't be that negatively affected for my understanding is that most of the Saudi residents/fellows are in surgical (sub)specialties.
  12. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Update for Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia can handle loss of Saudi medical residents, health minister says Nova Scotia says it is ready to “mitigate any impacts” if it loses more than 50 Saudi medical residents because of an international diplomatic row. The residencies, through Dalhousie University’s medical school, are funded by Saudi Arabia, which plans to pull thousands of students from Canada. Nova Scotia has a shortage of doctors, and Health Minister Randy Delorey said Thursday losing the residents would “be possibly linked to some inconveniences.” But he said the residency positions are funded by the Saudis for Saudi students, and the province expects it could handle the loss. In a statement, Doctors Nova Scotia concurred. “While this news is unfortunate for these medical residents, there doesn’t seem to be a direct impact on our province’s ability to recruit and retain physicians,” it said. “While the Saudi residents are here doing their training and/or fellowships, they do provide clinic care, but for the most part, they all leave Nova Scotia as soon as they have completed their training to practice medicine elsewhere (in other countries).” Delorey said Dalhousie, the province’s health authorities and the Health Department are assessing the impact. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-nova-scotia-can-handle-loss-of-saudi-medical-residents-health-2/
  13. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    It is also a good time to recalibrate and re-examine the current system whenever something like this happens. I am sure the 1/5 proportion did not happen overnight, it slowly ramped up over the last four decades to get to 20%. The analysis here would be interesting and critical.
  14. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Wasn't it Harper's government that signed the deal? How much latitude did Trudeau's government have in wiggling out of the deal when he came in power?
  15. la marzocco

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Diplomacy by tweets is always a dicey move. But I agree, there can be some positives coming out from this as well: it will let us re-examine the way we administer our residency/fellowship programs and the role foreign medical graduates (residents, fellows, what have you) play in our healthcare system. For example, McGill is going to lose 1/5 of its resident workforce should they truly depart on 1 September. Canadian PGME programs must be able to stand on their own legs and collaboration with global partners must be done with prudence. The Canadian taxpayer does not fund Saudi residents, instead their government pays hospitals $100,000 a year to take them in, which includes salary support. The relationship goes back four decades, and has meant more support for care in some hospitals, without corresponding increases in Canadian government funding. The Saudis are likely saying “we’re not sending you any more multi-millions of dollars.” In other words, the Canadian government becomes increasingly over-reliant on this money.