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  1. la marzocco

    2019 NRMP

    The advance data tables for the 2019 NRMP match just came out. TLDR: Not much has changed in the past few years. 12 matched - most should be uCMGs (current and past) from 1st iteration of CaRMS - this level is relatively comparable to those of 2016. 3 unmatched 10 withdrew in the NRMP match - likely due to having matched in CaRMS. Total number (29) is still relatively stable since 2016.
  2. I agree re: intention matters and can be a great guide in money management. However, money management is something that many do not have a good grasp on (esp 20 yos..) so some hard and fast rules that do not greatly compromise happiness or utility would not necessarily be a bad thing. I love photography and spend $$$ on lenses etc. Likewise, if you are coffee aficionado, coffee gear etc may be an area that you are willing to spend more on as it brings more happiness/utility. To each their own. But, I do see value in some quick and dirty tips that do not greatly compromise happiness.
  3. Coffee is a big one. You can easily make a cup of nice joe in the morning effortlessly - I have an automatic coffee machine that I start up in the morning as I wake up. I take my shower and it's ready to go. You can pick up some nice beans without breaking your bank. This is my morning routine at least For food, I use a base like lentils, or quinoa, and then add different stuff for each day of the week, like chili-oil grilled chicken, rosemary-rubbed chicken, etc. I eat out Thurs/Fri b/c by that point I would be pretty sick of making or eating home-cooked foods. EDIT: I always found that some med students see the LOC as a license to spend. It is not and banks do a good job convincing you that you can spend it on whatever you want. My LOC advisor even mentioned that I should use the money to go on vacation or buy a car if I don't need it for school! Eat well, live humbly, and treat yourself once in a while Even when you are an attending, it is advised that you "live like a resident" for 2-3 years and be aware of lifestyle creep.
  4. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Doctors of BC president wrote in his blog: "Today there are increasing numbers of medical students going unmatched after the first round—202 last year—a situation exacerbated by the added competition of hundreds of international medical graduates who are eligible for the second round. Further, those who remain unmatched re-enter the following year, causing an exponential increase of applicants relative to positions. Without commenting on legalities, the repatriation of Canadians and the case of others medically trained abroad, it is clear that this stress is felt by medical students who are pressured to choose a career path early in their studies in order to remain competitive for future matches." https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/presidents-blog/fear-and-hoping-medical-school-finding-more-match
  5. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Agreed. One of the things that I agreed with Quebec's former health minister Barrette despite him not being very popular among the medical community was he understood the doctor unemployment and underemployment issue and addressed the root cause, which is excessive MD enrolment. He shaved MD spots across all 4 Qc schools for a duration of 3 years to cut ~50 spots in total. Whether that's too little or too much is subjective, but he was good with the issue recognition. Also, primary care is also undervalued and fee relativity does play an issue when medical students decide on specialties. Provinces need to address this in order to shepherd more MD students to go into primary care, which is really where the need truly lies.
  6. Anecdotally, my friend got approved for $200K with guarantor for a UK medical school with Scotia. Not sure if this is the standard for those doing medicine abroad.
  7. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Also if possible, those who matched should help those unmatched advocate. Support and solidarity is needed and much appreciated by those unmatched.
  8. la marzocco

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    Society/government has the obligation to balance physician mix and allowing for learners' autonomy. In part, this is why governments have not been in such a rush in upping spots for specialties as at least this way they can control the physician mix moving into residency. Yes, collateral damage = unmatched, but this is with no doubt a reason that gov'ts are sitting on their laurels.
  9. la marzocco

    FM matching tips

    Honestly don't stress it. FM still remains the least competitive. Just make sure you do a diverse set of electives including FM at sites you want to match into. You don't need research for FM.
  10. la marzocco

    To The Reapplicants....

    Not sure if you saw this PDF, but hope it helps.
  11. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    No more quotas.. I literally saw this advertised by Health Canada a while ago lol
  12. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Health Canada has done away with SoNs so there is actually no more quota or restriction on the front. One less barrier one could say.
  13. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Maybe @tere can chime in here, but CMGs used to take up quite a few residency spots in the US - that is, they matched quite well in NRMP, but at some point in the past little while, this dropped off and we only send ~10 max CMGs to the US each year.
  14. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    I think the maintained streaming in Ontario and Alberta schools in 2nd iteration will be further benefit to CMGs so the overall R1 match should be better than last year. But let's wait and see!
  15. la marzocco

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Poor McGill