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  1. Let's all simmer down guys. We shouldn't make generalizations and be presumptuous. Everyone and every family's facts and circumstances are different. There are representational issues obviously, but we should be constructive in finding creative ways to increase social accountability, and not transgress with blanket generalizations.
  2. Yes, we have significantly went tangential to OP's initial comment. I am happy that med schools across Canada are making an effort to address this issue. Things have changed since 2010 when the last study was done and resources are being put in place to aid applicants who are underrepresented in medicine. This is good stuff.
  3. @Aconitase @caramilk There was a refresh study done in 2012 I believe. 2002: 15.4% of parents had annual household incomes less than $40,000, as compared with 39.7% of Canadian households 2009/2010: 11% of medical students reported their parents combined annual income was below $40,000, as compared with 44% of Canadian households. In other words, things have not exactly gotten better within that decade. I think they are doing more in the past 5 years to focus on improving this, but clearing between 2002-2010, things have not gotten better.
  4. la marzocco

    Recorded Lectures in Medical School?

    McGill's lectures for preclinical are recorded so you can listen and watch them in the comfort of your home I am sure other medical schools in Canada have some form of recording as well.
  5. This is important. OP, make sure to keep an eye on this and talk to your close friends about it if it is comfortable for you to do so.
  6. A U.K. doctor who trains surgeons is voicing concern over the lack of manual dexterity among medical students these days. "It seems we can no longer rely on people having developed these ways of using their hands from early childhood, at home and at school," Dr. Roger Kneebone told The Current's guest host, Piya Chattopadhay. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-november-9-2018-1.4895735/u-k-surgeon-gives-thumbs-down-to-medical-students-lack-of-dexterity-1.4898663 Maybe a bit sensational, but I think there is some method to what he is saying in that tactile-based education is becoming more and more obsolete in early childhood education. Parents are becoming more and more inclined to shove them the iPad or turn no the TV and schools seem to be reducing. Manual dexterity is definitely learnt and refined during childhood and adolescence.
  7. And they got some nice PR out of it. They cut 50 spots a few years prior (2015?) and then "re-created" 50-ish new ones.. and OMSA and all the Ontario med schools were praising the government for intervening.. but the deal is sour. These "re-created" 50-spots are all ROS. Their positioning was to increase rural medicine support for counties and towns.. "seemed" like a win-win for all, but we actually had the short end of the stick
  8. When things got desperate this spring.. the Liberals in Ontario created ~58 spots for unmatched CMGs - all those spots were 2-yr ROS. The thing is the government knows that the situation is dire and using it to their advantage.. it is totally foreseeable that they make all additional spots for CMGs in the future ROS.
  9. la marzocco

    Dean's List/Honours

    Two things: You have Dean's Honours List for the academic year: "A maximum of the top 10% of continuing students in each faculty is named to the Dean's Honour List. This designation is based on the combined GPA for the fall and winter terms. While carrying no monetary reward, it is an official University recognition of academic achievements and is recorded on student transcripts." So they average out all the actual marks you received for all the courses you have taken and completed during Med-1. Top 10% of the students would get Dean's Honours List for that particular academic year. When you graduate, there is another Dean's Honours List: "You are in the top 10% of your faculty's graduating class of students. This calculation is based on the CGPA." This is based on cumulative GPA over all 4 years of medical school. Can confirm that #1 gets marked on your MSPR.. it would say.. "Dean's Honours List... Year 2018-2019" for example. #2 often comes too late (May in your graduating year when you convocate.. so at that point your residency should be lined up for July that year anyways..) for it to be put onto your MSPR for CaRMS purposes. We are P/F system, but if you are on the Honours List, you will have separate notation marked in your MSPR.
  10. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    Sorta random, but someone on here used the 2016 Canadian Medical Students Statistics earlier and found the average age upon receipt of the MD to be 27.26.. if you weigh-average the 2/17 schools to be 3-yr programs (Calgary + Mac) and then 15/17 schools to be 4-yr programs, then you get around 23.38 as the average age of entry to medical school. Some of the french schools have a 5-yr MD program, but for the sake of simplicity, I have ignored that complication.
  11. la marzocco

    Undergrad vs Medical School

    I found my experience to be the converse. I really found med school to be much more pleasant than undergrad. The P/F system is helpful to engender a more cooperative atmosphere and at this point you are really learning for your patients. Sure a 60 gets you a pass, but ultimately you want to make sure you understand enough to be a competent doctor. Yes the content is voluminous as @brady23 had alluded, but I did not find that to be too overbearing. You really need to weigh the pros and cons of reading "recommended" chapter readings. I am personally not a fan of "high yield" - this adj. gets way too overused in med school and when I hear it now it's actually kinda repulsive lol Study smart and know the big picture during pre-clerkship. I don't need to know 100% of the nitty gritty that is put on undergrad exam as the med exams are normally based on big picture concepts. Sure some memorization is inevitable, but pre-clerkship is no really different from undergrad.. and in my case, I found it to be easier and much more enjoyable.
  12. la marzocco

    Trent is literally scamming parents

    I think Trent has been marketing with St. George University for medical school. A family friend actually asked me about the Trent-SGU program. I think Trent has a duty to inform its applicants on the prospects of going abroad to medical school.. they seem to leave that out. I would be more ok if they had provided a more balanced view and not make it all glittery. But that's all marketing I guess. lol https://www.trentu.ca/premedicalstudies/stgeorges "For the aspiring doctor and veterinarian, Trent University has partnered with St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies to provide you with the unique opportunity to graduate from Trent and receive direct entry into St. George’s University, a respected medical or veterinary school. It’s not only the chance to pursue your dream of becoming an M.D. or veterinarian, but also an opportunity to take your studies abroad on the picturesque shores of Grenada." Like what?
  13. I know there are are about ~300 odd spots in the IMG-designated path for the first iteration of the R-1 match, but what is preventing the provinces to just move 1/2 of those spots to CMG-designated for let’s say a few years? Can they realistically do that to temporary stopgap the problem of unmatched or would that cause even more uproar by IMGs?
  14. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    The quality of meded in Canada is pretty good across all 17 schools, not really tiering tbh. Most rankings you see are mostly due to productivity and reputation etc. Don't get too sucked into QS/THE rankings.
  15. la marzocco

    Bank of Canada Rises Rates - again!

    “Let me conclude by pointing out that, even with last week’s increase in the policy rate to 1.75 per cent, monetary policy remains stimulative. In fact, the policy rate today is still negative in real terms, that is, once you adjust for inflation. Our estimate of neutral is in a range—currently 2 ½ to 3 ½ per cent. The policy rate will need to rise to neutral to achieve our inflation target.” - from Poloz the man himself! https://www.bankofcanada.ca/2018/10/opening-statement-october-31-2018/