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  1. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/12/11/breaking-news-province-pulls-out-of-arbitration-with-oma.html The province has pulled out of arbitration with the Ontario Medical Association, stating they have “lost confidence” in the organization that represents doctors after a number of specialists recently split from the group. But the OMA charged Tuesday that the government is violating its legal obligation in arbitration which was supposed to resume Saturday in the almost five-year-old contract dispute over what doctors can bill the province for services.
  2. According to the reports reviewed by CBC News, the biggest non-party spender in the run-up to the election campaign was the Ontario Medical Association. The doctors' negotiating body spent a total of $596,652 in the campaign and pre-campaign period. The OMA spent about $248,000 of that on radio ads. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-proud-election-advertising-spending-1.4941210
  3. Really nailed it. Infighting never helps. But, OMA has been plagued with its nonchalence and neglect towards the viewpoints and interests of its members as collective for many years.
  4. If Quebec is an example.. FMSQ and the FMOQ: one bargaining party for specialists and one for family physicians (omnipracticiens).
  5. https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/12/05/ontario-auditor-general-report-finds-wynnes-free-tuition-scheme-far-more-expensive-than-promised.html Former Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne’s signature “free” college and university tuition plan could soon cost $2 billion annually — a staggering 50 per cent higher than previous estimates, the provincial auditor general has found. Although the program, which will cost taxpayers about $650 million more a year than the old grant-and-loan system, was designed to help students from low-income families, there is little evidence that that is happening. “Our government will examine how to restore the financial sustainability of OSAP, so the program is efficient, cost-effective, and helps the students who need it the most.” I would not be surprised if OSAP gets halved.
  6. Brain drain is real, a lot of my friends who were in CS/software engineering are somewhere in the states right now making bank. The jobs are all embedded in the data ecosystems that the US has championed over time. The quality of the jobs here (and pay) is simply not there. Sure, there seems to be a bigger AI hub in MTL and more investments with Google and MS into Toronto (new offices and new hubs), but building an ecosystem will take time. With constant lost of talent like this, an ecosystem's development will be stalled in its works. Physicians, I would say a bit more complicated, people tend to graduate older and start working in their early 30s at the earliest as a staff. Family and setting down are things that come to mind at that phase whereas people who did a 4-yr engineering/CS degree can easily afford their 20s in the states.
  7. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    I don't think anyone is disagreeing that public health and broaden SDOHs are important topics and yes doctors can and should use their privileged position to advocate for broaden societal changes. But we shouldn't forget that the "medical expert" is still at the centre of the CanMEDS competencies. Clinical medicine should still be at the core of the development of the physician. Social accountability and health advocacy are a tenet of CanMEDS - and yes, awareness of SDOH and public health are important.
  8. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    Risking to be more tangential to the thread.. but I am very curious to see what will happen between family medicine and the NPs' expansion of scope.. Even physician assistants are arguing for more legal recognition by the provinces.
  9. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    i can see why psych would get overrepresented. i think all schools are really pushing for more primary care exposure as a career path. we have similar at mcgill too - longitudinal family medicine, a lot of psychiatry exposure etc https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/files/ugme/curriculum_schema_en.pdf
  10. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    we are comparing 3-yr versus 4-yr schools. Pacing is obviously very different and everyone works differently and have a different experience with the cadence.
  11. la marzocco

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    In perclerkship, I found McGill to be very focused on the basic sciences - we seem to focus a lot on the basic physiology of the organ system then piling on pathophysiology, then pharm, etc. We had a whole block dedicated to social medicine, etc., and Indigenous/PH theme is weaved in during preclerkship longitudinally. We have way too many lectures imo. We have at least 3 hours of lectures every day, plus small group/CBL in the afternoon for 2-3 afternoons each week.
  12. English. But you will encounter patients who are francophone. Some people get by without speaking a lick of French, but it's always appreciated that you make an effort to become functional.
  13. No need to be snarky against @IMislove. Managing physician supply is a complex issue and pan-Canada physician supply planning has been lacking in many respects. We do need to examine what the appropriate mix of physicians (urban v. rural; specialities, etc.) and interprovincial differences make this even more difficult. Reduction of medical seats is a sensible solution unless there is an improvement in the graduate:residency spots ratio, no doubt. Quebec is cutting 17 medical school seats per year since last year for 3 years. You really don't want to create unemployed physicians. I believe there should be a balance between what we want and what society needs.
  14. Ford government rejects Ryerson’s plan for new law school. The Ontario government has rejected Ryerson University’s bid to fund a new law school, the latest blow to Ontario universities following the cancellation of three proposed satellite campuses and a francophone university. The Globe and Mail learned that Training, Colleges and Universities Minister Merrilee Fullerton reviewed the proposal and concluded, based on a number of factors including a surplus of students for articling positions, modest wage growth and projected job openings, that another law school in the province isn’t needed. “Our government has a mandate to restore respect for taxpayers and tax dollars. Part of that process is making sure that the government’s services and programs are efficient, effective, and conducive to job creation,” Ms. Fullerton said in a statement provided to The Globe. Good riddance.
  15. I am pretty sure you are allowed you. But you might need to get fully licensed in your original specialty first. Category B: Final year medical student currently enrolled in any medical school, or a medical graduate of any medical school, who has not yet completed a medical specialty training program in Canada or the US who wishes to pursue medical specialty training, or a medical graduate currently enrolled in U.S. specialty or subspecialty residency training program who wishes to pursue a fellowship in the U.S.; or a licenced physician who wishes to pursue a new field of practice.
  16. la marzocco

    quebec and carms

    I have always been an advocate for that each province should themselves maintain a 1:20:1 ratio. But, you need to be aware of the political climate that has been driving Quebec grads out of the province with numerous controversial bills (Bill 20 and Bill 130). This has been a major driver as to why things have changed in the past decade in terms of interprovincial moves.
  17. la marzocco

    quebec and carms

    You can't just ban graduates from a particular province from entering carms outside their province. Quebec medical graduates are more bilingual than anglophones from ROC so that's why they can match ROC as well as to their francophone schools. And tbh, they have to write an English language test for some residency programs in ROC as well (e.g., UBC). If your French is up to snuff, by all means apply to the 3 French schools for residency, no one is stopping you. We need to stop this divisive language. To that end, why not each province administer it's own match then? You really go against the grain of ensuring mobility across the province and ensuring the best match between candidates and programs nationally. To be balanced, I understand @#YOLO's logic, @tere. The report released by AFMC reads: "There is a higher proportion of Quebec graduates who match outside of Quebec than graduates from the rest of Canada who match to a residency program in Quebec." Read the notes please: "Compared to all other provinces, Quebec has the lowest percentage of its matched applicants leaving to a position outside Quebec in 2017; almost 90% of Quebec graduates matched to a residency program within the province." Please stop misinformation and be happy about the vibrant bilingualism this country offers.
  18. See posts from a while back, I don't think anything has really changed. You need to have completed the masters/phd at the time of application. Maybe shoot them an e-mail to double check?
  19. Let's all simmer down guys. We shouldn't make generalizations and be presumptuous. Everyone and every family's facts and circumstances are different. There are representational issues obviously, but we should be constructive in finding creative ways to increase social accountability, and not transgress with blanket generalizations.
  20. Yes, we have significantly went tangential to OP's initial comment. I am happy that med schools across Canada are making an effort to address this issue. Things have changed since 2010 when the last study was done and resources are being put in place to aid applicants who are underrepresented in medicine. This is good stuff.
  21. @Aconitase @caramilk There was a refresh study done in 2012 I believe. 2002: 15.4% of parents had annual household incomes less than $40,000, as compared with 39.7% of Canadian households 2009/2010: 11% of medical students reported their parents combined annual income was below $40,000, as compared with 44% of Canadian households. In other words, things have not exactly gotten better within that decade. I think they are doing more in the past 5 years to focus on improving this, but clearing between 2002-2010, things have not gotten better.
  22. la marzocco

    Recorded Lectures in Medical School?

    McGill's lectures for preclinical are recorded so you can listen and watch them in the comfort of your home I am sure other medical schools in Canada have some form of recording as well.
  23. This is important. OP, make sure to keep an eye on this and talk to your close friends about it if it is comfortable for you to do so.
  24. A U.K. doctor who trains surgeons is voicing concern over the lack of manual dexterity among medical students these days. "It seems we can no longer rely on people having developed these ways of using their hands from early childhood, at home and at school," Dr. Roger Kneebone told The Current's guest host, Piya Chattopadhay. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-november-9-2018-1.4895735/u-k-surgeon-gives-thumbs-down-to-medical-students-lack-of-dexterity-1.4898663 Maybe a bit sensational, but I think there is some method to what he is saying in that tactile-based education is becoming more and more obsolete in early childhood education. Parents are becoming more and more inclined to shove them the iPad or turn no the TV and schools seem to be reducing. Manual dexterity is definitely learnt and refined during childhood and adolescence.
  25. No news here. Immediate attention is required to address the growing number of Canadian medical students who are unable to match to a residency and then practice medicine. In 2009 the number of unmatched was 11, in 2017 it was 68. By 2021 the number of current year unmatched students is projected to exceed 140 while prior year unmatched will exceed 190. https://afmc.ca/news/2018-02-13 https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/documents/en/Publications/AFMC_reportreducingunmatchedcdnmg_en.pdf https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2018/02/13/residency-backlog-could-triple-for-medical-school-grads-report-warns.html