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  1. I think all schools including Quebec are now pass/fail. Sherbrooke was the last one to change I think a year or two back.
  2. Surrounding the surgeon period. Let’s be cognizant of implicit gender biases.
  3. https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/marketreport/outlook-occupation/18196/ca <-- some objective data for you. From my pharm friends, they noted that hospital pharmacist positions are very competitive - local Canadian experience (not necessarily Canadian education) is normally required for hospital pharmacist positions. If you are ok with community pharmacy, I believe demand > supply in non-metropolitan regions and provinces noted in the link above (like MB, NB, etc.).
  4. Quebec does not have IMG/CMG streaming, hence all positions are called competitive. IMGs apply to the same positions as Canadian graduates in all disciplines in Quebec. To do so, you must be pre-approved by la Conférence des vice-doyens aux études postdoctorales des facultés de médecine du Québec. You also need to contact CMQ to be granted for equivalence for your MD abroad. There are many unfilled francophone family medicine positions in Quebec in the past few years (like many many many spots). So I do not think you will have a problem matching to FM in Quebec if you are francophone, even as an IMG. Good luck!
  5. I was told that it will be interest-only payments during the 24-month grace period. Then it becomes a traditional loan, which can be amortized up to 15 years, if I recall correctly. There exists an option to maintain the approved credit limit as a revolving facility by converting to a professional LOC for business. Example: if your student LOC limit was $300K; and you only used $100K by the end of residency. You are obligated to interest-only payments on the $100K for 24-months post-residency. After the 24-month period, they then convert the sum into a traditional loan and amortize it over 15 years max. Since your original student LOC limit was $300K, you still have $200K of room left, that $200K can be converted to a professional LOC for business.
  6. Congrats! 2 things: It will take 4 years of med + 3 years of IM + 2 years of ID... that's 9 years before you enter the job market.. things can definitely shift in a decade during your training. A good job market today, does not mean it will be in 9 years in the future anyways. 2nd thing: be open-minded when you enter med school, you are going to do yourself a favour by being being curious and not shutting doors too early. Have the ID interest in the back of your mind and continue to grow that interest, but stay curious in the first 2 years of med school because you never know what may pop up Good luck!
  7. Short answer is no. You get a better bang for your time by doing other things than aiming for dean's honours imo. Rest & relaxation, research, hobbies, etc. Know your stuff, but don't stress over being on the honour roll or not.
  8. Academic awards & scholarships etc. Eg, if you got dean’s honours then that would be noted on top of just the Ps
  9. Tbh uptake of AI in Canada will be slower than the US (esp. in a public healthcare system environment). Things we should get done first imo: (1) axe the fax and have interoperability between EMRs across hospitals and practitioners (and preferably across provinces) and (2) empower patients to have better access to information regarding their health. Lots to do before we even consider AI. Baby steps. Also.. when I read about Phoenix pay system.. and how they keep throwing money to "stabilize" it and now considering to scrap it altogether for something new.. yea.. AI can't come fast enough. I digress
  10. I respectfully disagree. At this point, OP will be wasting money if they are applying as an OOP applicant. Low GPA is much less forgiving if you are in the OOP category. Imagine 10 OOP spots with 918 OOP applicants in the past cycle. Imagine 94 IP spots with 861 IP applicants in the past cycle.
  11. 3.6 is quite low for it to be competitive in the OOP category. The current cycle OOP candidates who were interviewed have an average cGPA of 3.93. Previous cycle was 3.94. Unfortunately, the pre-req GPA only comes into the play post-interview.
  12. Quebec is actually not that bad if you are IP. You should look at this table of relative opportunity across all provinces. Quebec is #4 in terms of relative opportunity, and Ontario is #10 (dead last in terms of province, i.e., excluding territories). Quebec may not be that bad of a spot to land and gain IP status. Granted 3 of the 4 Qc medical schools are in French. Are you comfortable with French? This is normally a big restricting factor and may change the relative opportunity for your specific circumstances. #1/#2/#3 are Atlantic provinces - you may need to check with MUN/Dal etc to see what their IP status considerations are.
  13. If you are Med-P, you will spend your Med-P year in Montreal, which will be in English I believe. Actual M1-M4 in Gatineau will be in French.
  14. It will remain interest-free status. Just make sure you fill in the continuation of interest-free status form and submit it to OSAP.
  15. Also, some studies using CIHI data have shown that 1.3-1.5 new family doctors is required to replace a retiring one. This was attributed to the growing feminization of medicine and the fact that more young physicians are not looking to spend every living second of their lives at work (culture shift). I agree that we need to do better in recruiting more students from rural backgrounds. NOSM is a great success story in that regard. Pay relativity will also help shepherd more students towards FM.
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