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  1. Too soon for me to answer question 2...I read about this but since I’m just starting I can’t say off the top of my head however, lots and lots of ways to log activities for mainport. I just got a tip that attending academic half days can be accepted for section 1 credits—it isn’t an accredited activity but you’re allowed a certain number. grand rounds are almost always a section 1 activity. I know that studying for my subspecialty exam will count as section 2 credits. I think if you need acls, atls, etc you can claim those too Section 3 are the trickier ones or so I’ve heard. It has to involve self assessment. details are here http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/cpd/moc-program/cpd-activities-can-record-e the efficiency part I can’t answer for you unfortunately. I collect a bunch of activities and log them all at once but it’s a slow process and I spend a couple hours (for me it’s the website part of it...)
  2. Congrats! I am done 18 years of post secondary education...multiple degrees and a part degree in there... Happy to be done. I billed my first code and made 20 bucks before taxes today (it isn't my clinic day but I had a phone call to a parent to do and after 2 attempts with no answer earlier this week i finally got through!) Hurray for staffhood
  3. In Alberta, practising family physicians can act as physician extenders on psychiatry--thus, doing the call as if they are a resident, with a psychiatrist supervising. Sometimes neurology residents also extend on psychiatry (have never seen the reverse ). The restriction for extender licensing aka residents doing extra shifts is that you have your LMCCs done...which leaves it typically to PGY3 or later. Though I am qualified as a psychiatrist, as PGY6 in child psych I just did a few more extenders (we have no scheduled call that year) to keep myself "sharp" on what the local resources/procedures are on call...and keep my anxiety down for the transition to staffhood! I guess I could have applied for my independent license and then offered to do regular psych on-call coverage for better money, or do my own "after hours" private practise clinics....but it wasn't worth it personally, plus I prefer to do child psych call over adult psych call (you get more sleep usually...hahahaha). In my mind, this would be "moonlighting" as the initial poster referred to.
  4. I always bought the ones from the pharmacy “sigvaris” brand I think. Almost never on sale. Best thing that ever happened to be for surgery and being on 24h call in general.
  5. Having sat the oral and written last year I don’t agree but I guess different philosophies at each school. I did not do a ton of pre-exam oral practise but I still prepared, but the real prep was the MCQ prep. You don’t need to redo 8 months of study at this point. The next 8 weeks should be review. If you were ready for March then you’ll be fine. Don’t stress out—easier said than done.
  6. This is interesting to hear, because while the oral examination/PDM/OSCE for psychiatry is about showing your approach (as I assume it is in all specialties...as it is in all of medical training really), it is not just a demonstration of soft skills. I think a lack of soft skills would be extremely detrimental, but you need the textbook knowledge to be successful in the examination. However, this doesn't apply this year since it will be all MCQ so the textbook knowledge and other preparations will suffice Don't stress on re-studying. Just review and ramp up to be sharp by end of summer. Best of luck!! LL
  7. I will echo the others: when I say "you can go home" your response is "thank you so much, see you tomorrow/later/sometime in the future" followed by a hustle out of there. As my mother says "Never look the gift horse in the mouth".
  8. Cripes I wish I had gotten in so young. no one cares about your age in med school, except your body when you’re sleep deprived and your body begs you to stop tormenting it. good luck and congrats, LL
  9. Buy everything you can get on top of what you get through residency union. If you're still a med student buy the guaranteed insurability riders that permit increases and avoid medical at each "anniversary" aka graduation, every age that ends in 5 or 0, marriage, childbirth, etc. In AB it maxes out at 4000$ per month between para and extra bought from the AMA insurance broker. That is less than what you get as r3. Some people signed on with RBC, but I have heard some nightmares getting the disability later. Truly...you can't predict the future, you need to protect yourself to the best of your ability. Don't take your health for granted. Also, do the same with life insurance (buy the rider that guarantees insurability and increases without medical). Of all the presentations I got from those groups trying to make money off of us, I think buying the extra riders was the best advice I got. I couldn't predict my health status' changes.
  10. Learn to first take your own pulse. Just don’t stress. Know common things being common—differential for shortness of breath, chest pain, joint pain, altered LOC, abdo pain, fever, and approach for those things. common presentations are AECOPD, DKA, alcohol/opioid withdrawals, PE, sepsis, other random infections. I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of them, I’m just a psychiatrist. All of that should be enough to get you started. I’ll leave it to the medicine gurus to point out the good point of care resources. UpToDate was always my best friend.
  11. Baabaa Oh I lost so much time in late undergrad in the land of Neopia...
  12. Some years I had a verified contacted and some I did not. In the year I got in I did not have any verifications. It’s random. Trust the system.
  13. Entry class of 2020 will have “isolation gown yellow” backpacks. or clear vinyl, so as to make it easy to sanitize.
  14. In Alberta, some examples: AISH Short and long term disability forms (which have to be redone when rejected and redone periodically if patient continues on disability) disability tax credit camp/work physical clearance forms travel clearance forms diagnostic letters for all sorts of reaosns all other insurance dorms Forms that other services/specialists giving consultation want you to fill out according to their needs for referrals if I took more than 2 minutes to think about this I’d probably come up with more oh, and they aren’t billable services—patient pays or doc does it pro bono
  15. @ellorie don't get me wrong, I am happy this worked out this way! But, the RC are very set in their ways so for them to drop the oral is really unprecedented. I am sure they will use this “data” for research going forward. i wonder what will happen with the fall subspec exams; fortunately mine is just short answer, but I’d like to know so I can plan my studying around staff life!
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