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  1. It is just a job but since you spend a lot of time at it (be it via training, studying, and then actually working) you might as well find ways to enjoy it. I am grateful to be doing something that I enjoy doing and getting paid for it. It makes me a lot less miserable to be around. I was lucky that something I was passionate about could be connected with a career in medicine. Thus, I didn't have to be passionate about medicine itself (because I am not) but I am passionate about the word I am so lucky to be able to do and actually be remunerated for it. Believe me...even in my specialty, there were rotations I really wasn't into and there were others that I loved, and others that I thought I'd love and was quite disappointed once I started to do the actual work. Nice thing about medicine is there is almost always a niche for everyone. The difficulty is finding it.
  2. zero influence on matching. just another thing to list on your cv.
  3. The discount applies to both enterprise and national. If you have a national close by, check their rates too. Often their rate with the CMA discount was better than enterprise; more interesting car choices too.
  4. Personally, the importance of having it is in protecting your brand. i am not active on LinkedIn, but I have an account and profile just so no one else can start one up in my name and then I have to undo whatever they have put there. My LinkedIn is now a top hit for my name on google, and I am fine with that. Some might want to do similar for Facebook, Twitter, etc. I haven’t because I don’t like being vocal on SM for the reasons mentioned above. otherwise it’s good to have an active account for whatever platform your med school class uses for non school based communications—just to be looped in. At least I found it helpful and sometimes it was a space for sharing resources. Still, no need to use it for the rest of the social media frills.
  5. I like drinking coffee through stir sticks! It’s like drinking your Yerba mate through a straw. my trouble is that you can’t find the straw like stix anymore...
  6. “Being weird” would include but not be limited to collecting your belly button lint, staring intensely at people’s chests for minutes without blinking, not respecting personal space (pre-covid that means people still want at least 2 feet between you when face to face) or asking “captain obvious” questions like ‘can people with intellectual disabilities have interest in sex and romantic relationships?’. There is help! Ask your best friend and/or doctor if “being weird” is part of you...note that risks of asking others this question may include making your future relationship feel awkward, increased “social distancing”, and odd surreptitious glances in your direction. ...... OK, in all seriousness I know a guy who ate a whole bbq chicken in a patient session? Ya...you Gotta get your proteins in, but geez!
  7. Have you considered taking a leave of absence to rest up, get help, and prioritize what you want in life? in the big scheme of things a year isn’t a lot of time. Leaving Permanently from medicine closes this door essentially forever. without your health, you won’t be able to do anything...so please prioritize yourself and your health first. LL
  8. This is a devastatingly sad story in Ab. Thank you @ellorie for reminding everyone that psychosis does not equal violence. i came here just to say that and you said it beautifully (good luck on your exam!!). let this be a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. Assaults happen more often than you think and in the oddest places I think sometimes we are safer in psychiatry because we are always assessing risk whereas it is easier to let your guard down on MTU, in a family doctor office, etc not to mention, those spaces are not built for flight and ease of egress...and you don’t have standby peace officers...and you usually only have one exit. Stay safe everyone!
  9. People are actively looking for ways to jump ship sooner rather than later because of these nonsense proposals. don’t fool yourself into thinking that other provinces won’t try to make changes if they successfully get pushed through here. sad times for this previous “have” province.
  10. I met with them for the first time as a new staff just to get some suggestions on how they perceive my debt and where to make the dents in it. I dont think I missed much except maybe I should have bought a couple more rrsp earlier in training just to allow them time o grow. my experience was “ok”. I disclose I have nothing to invest yet.
  11. Maybe nice to have for ophtho...beyond that you can match to anything without. some programs will expect you to get a grad degree / you’ll need a grad degree for jobs. That can be folded into your residency time (rad onc is the area that jumps out for me).
  12. No Invisalign coverage only orthotics is for your kids, if any
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/CanFamDr/status/1289211869534679042 One possibility...
  14. You mean the experts who are premeds and brand new medical students? I am an Albertan physician. The "exodus" cannot happen overnight. Let's reconvene in this thread in the next 1 to 1.5 years and see what happened with MDs in Alberta; that is, if the current path by government is followed.
  15. That’s so bizarre because I’m pretty sure when I opened both visa and Amex cc 1.5 or 2 years to that I receivers both welcome bonuses. I wonder why the change now...
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