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  1. Jobs: Moving target all the time. I have part time work lined up. Even getting that organized and formalized is more complicated than usual, but I am fortunate I already have my FRCPC so no need for provisional licensing, etc. I foresee having to sub in to help if/when other attendings have to quarantine. I really hope that is not the case, however!
  2. Not relevant to investing, but note that your personal financial situation may change drastically from when you are a medical student to resident to staff. As someone who is 3 months from the end of training (!!!), I had used only $50k in medical school of LOC. Fastforward to end of residency and I am eager to pay off a large 6 figure LOC. Life will "happen" and you may need that immediate cash flow. Speculating on the market might sound good now, but you have no guarantees of coming out ahead. Add to that unexpected expenses in the future can make this a risk. As a note: I am pretty risk averse and debt averse. Spending on these expenses were not decisions made lightly but made our of significant necessity. To each their own. Stay healthy, all! LL
  3. Please make this a sticky on every subforum.
  4. My argument exactly. if the program is doing its job and your PD is willing to sign off on your FITER, you ought to have a Very high likelihood of a pass. I feel worse for those trying to do the exams who did not do residency here and hoped this was their door to starting Canadian practise. current circumstances will fast forward more innovative testing and examination strategies being put in place. I think it’s a good thing.
  5. This might be the year to do a fellowship year, so at least you have an income and potential to take some vacation to study... I feel for all the final year royal college specialty residents. Horrible position to be in! For what it's worth, I signed the petition. These are exceptional times we are in, we need to make exceptional decisions.
  6. Call your provincial resource for MDs, they will connect you with a therapist to talk to. you sound like you’re in a pretty big rut. It’s important to reflect on those things that you enjoy in life outside of career—all those things you put on your application that showed you were a well rounded applicant. there must be life Outside of medicine...otherwise you’ll find yourself in this position again when you’re stuck in the grind of classes or rotations that aren’t your favourite. now is a great time to reach out and check in with your friends back home. Best, LL
  7. I can't speak about the teaching sites...they are all in totally different ones. My friend is a preceptor at NE so of course I am biased. Calgary is overall safe. There are nicer and less nice neighbourhoods, you'll notice it in the price of rents. It really depends on what you're looking for in the neighbourhood. Lots of residents live near foothills, then more in the beltline/west downtown, there's tons of new condos on the east side aka east village but it is not gentrified yet and there are always complaints on Calgary red dit about the alpha house and drop in centre clients roaming the neighbourhood there. you'd have to go to an alberta registry website to find vehicle registration costs. You need to know that having a car makes travel around Calgary bearable. There are residents who have gone without a car but that's tough!! And...that the south health campus is super far from everything else (20km drive one way for me from downtown). I suggest doing a search on r e d d I t on the Calgary page for more of the info you're looking for. Welcome to Calgary!
  8. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! (and to those who got a bad news email yesterday, big hugs) best, LL
  9. That's one way to "bark up the wrong tree"... In all seriousness, bring your best self. Good luck.
  10. Again I am not a GP, but I understand there is a separate psychotherapy code and it pays relatively better than a routine visit (at least in AB). there is no need for a plus one to be able to bill this. Psychiatrists also have this code, ours pays more than the generalist code. If you really want to do psychotherapy and see mental health patients...what I’ve seen happen is family doctors go back to residency to retrain as a psychiatrist. food for thought.
  11. You shouldn’t need a +1 in mental health as a family doctor ...because a large chunk of your patients will have mental health Issues, and many that won’t need a psychiatrist just need longitudinal care. This is a big pool of your chronic illness patients. you’d have no problems limiting to this patient group, but remember that you’d be expected to manage their basic primary care too! Through your longitudinal training in family med you should develop adequate skill to start practise with these patients. cant comment on the rest since I’m not a family doc.
  12. FIT FIT FIT FIT FIT (catch my drift? 5 years is a long time)
  13. which province? I am thinking MB. would like to know more about the extras...
  14. It's MTU. it won't be significantly different because it's MTU. I know what it started it was a bit different than other sites, but that was also when SHC just opened. My understanding is that most of the MTU staff are graduates or longstanding members in Calgary IM. You either stay somewhere close to this site or prepare to drive to SHC daily. The transit sucks to get out there. Maybe you can get a good deal through National car (CMA website deal). enjoy and welcome to YYC!
  15. Make sure you guys are in it for the long haul. I have heard horror stories of how people have couples matched and one berates they other for the final match result because they were dragged down their own list due to the partner preference/competitiveness. Sometimes the couple stays together, othe times they stay in the same city but break up which can have its own tricky aspects. And sometimes, it has the perfect and happiest outcome of a long lasting relationship and marriage
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