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  1. All of the bolded italic responses are mine and just my humble opinion. Don't get caught up in this, particularly if it impacts your ability to success on exams or clinically. All the research and ECs and committee positions in the world won't make up for poor academic and clinical performance.
  2. LostLamb

    LOC Debt > 200K

    A rare set of circumstances for a large portion of medical students and residents...but still, good for you
  3. Don’t worry about it. Source: me—psych resident with no psychology or neuroscience background.
  4. Too much reading. However, made me think of this tumblr I read when I started clerkship (now old and not updated, but many classic LOLs here). http://whatshouldwecallmedschool.tumblr.com/
  5. Each province has some nuances to billing that can make a difference inter-provincially. I suspect, as well, that certain positions in certain provinces compensate better than others. In contrast to NLengr’s province, few to none of the psychiatrists in my province are salaried and definitely don’t want to be. Youll make bank if you work for it—but it’ll come at some other cost.
  6. LostLamb

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    How do you find these "good" people to lead you on your way into staff-hood? I am terrified that I am gonna get hoodwinked (thank god for fellowships to defer reality...). My other thought that popped up through this thread was to marry another student to continue to reap tuition credits past R3 LL
  7. LostLamb

    Climate in Diagnostic Radiology

    Am I the only one who finds it bizarre that the OP refers to themselves in third person in this post, and defends him/herself thusly? anyways, to reply to the OP, you’ll find outliers in terms of salary in any field that is fee for service. If there’s money to be made and you have the drive, ambition, gumption, and energy you can bring in $1M minus non-surgical overhead. Just don’t expect to be taking a quarter of the year off doing it, unless you’re extremely crafty with billing, prepared for being audited, and can work 18h+ a day. Sorry for the (slight) sarcasm but you’ve gotten some excellent advice from the above posters and unfortunately non of us has a crystal ball. Best of luck in your career search! LL
  8. @rmorelan Yea, I suspect there is at least 50% additional cost for total cost of attendance at a tier one Caribbean school (AUC, SGU, Ross, Saba, and one more I can't remember). It was insane how the Director of Admissions (!) was essentially promoting their school as an affordable Caribbean school option. A couple other pieces of information I gleaned that I should have included in my first post: -Majority of attrition occurs in the first 3 semesters, whether for academic or non-academic reasons. Even collecting one semester's tuition from these students must be so lucrative for the school. -when you are "deemed prepared for clinicals" (!) you interview for each of your core rotations, and rotations require various minimum GPAs to attend. I actually asked does that mean you have to fly out to every school for clerkship interviews? The answer is maybe, it depends on the site. Another time you'll need $$$. -the director of admissions pointedly told attendees not to pay attention to anything they read on online forums, blogs, etc. Final piece of advise: apparently Ross info sessions give you fully paid multi-course meal (again, why is the Director of Admissions of another school promoting this?), and we were encouraged to sign up for one just for the dinner! If you have free time, and are curious, these sessions are worth attending. I asked a few of the "hard questions" referencing how different this academic path is from North American schools, in part to see how the director would respond and in part to help inform the other attendees.
  9. For curiosity's sake, I attended a Caribbean med school info session with someone who was similarly curious and considering attending one. It seems the minimum all in cost for one of the second tier schools is $306K USD (includes tuition, housing, food, travel, clothing, etc. for the entire 4 years). Thought this might be useful to some here considering that route to med school.
  10. I know I am a broken record, but....Honestly, go home. There's times in the future where you'll wish you could go but cannot. Enjoy it now.
  11. LostLamb

    USask Med vs UManitoba med

    One thing off the top of my head is that if you’re interested even vaguely in Peds, there is no children’s hospital in SK but there is in MB. Otherwise I have no further input.
  12. Kylamonkey did that, she was even mentioned in a macleans article if I recall.... you seem to know what small town living is like—and if you likely have a job, why not do it? It’s another adventure...just read the IP criteria for all the schools with a fine toothed comb. Good luck from one previous Ontarian to Albertan who took the chance on moving 10 years ago. I don’t regret the move at all. Most spontaneous decision of my life, but extremely fruitful (got into med school and met my spouse out here!).
  13. @Donald_Duck Fair enough. This may moreso be school dependent and not trend generalizable across every school given different curriculum and emphases in preclerkship training. I am not against encouraging good study habits and good grades. I’m glad the faculty is reaching out to help those who aren’t performing. In fact, I think it is the faculty's responsibility to identify and support those who are struggling. Also, P=MD isn’t part of the culture of the school I attended. I guess it’s an Ottawa/Eastern Canada thing? cheers, LL
  14. LostLamb

    Addictions med: family or psych?

    Just coming off of a rotation in addictions, I met both psychiatrists and family mds working in the field. All the psychiatrists work in multiple areas of interest, ie. some sort of inpatient and/or other consultative practice so if there are no shows they can attend more to inpatient matters. If they don’t work inpatients, they have busy outpatient practise in a related but not strictly addictions population. The family docs seemed to be involved in multiple outpatient practises (detox centres, concurrent disorders) in addition to outpatient addictions consults. In terms of scope, I’d say the family docs dealt mostly with pure addictions management (medical and psychosocial and psychotherapy) and if there was a psych comorbidity they’d consult or liaise with psychiatrists. There’s lots of opportunity in FM plus 1 yr addictions training. If you’re more interested in psychiatric comorbidities in addition to addictions medicine, and want deeper training in psychotherapy, psychotherapeutics, then it is worthwhile to build those skills through a 5 year (plus, if you want to do a fellowship—don’t know how important this is given there’s lots of elective time in psych) program. I think billings vary based on what you’re doing/seeing and split of time—more medical consults are faster and thus can see volume vs more psych consults which are longer but pay commensurately. No show is variable—anywhere from 5-25% is my guess—that means having a diverse practise to compensate for variability.
  15. LostLamb

    Worried About Debt

    As long as you have the credit limit to pay for your various licensing exams and flights/hotels to get to exams you'll be fine. The important thing is to become an attending to be able to pay of the debt