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  1. LostLamb

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    The arrogance continues in med school, residency, and I suspect beyond. One should not feel required to put up with it; there are always others who are not like this, but they’re sometimes hard to find. Once again, I would like to encourage you to get support for how you’re feeling and how you’re struggling. There is a strong undercurrent of depressive and low self esteem themes to your posts, and I worry about you @Recusitatorwannabe. Please feel free to PM me directly. Best, LL
  2. LostLamb


    Don’t despair. A first year 77 average is definitely surmountable based on some school weighting formulas. Also it’s only one part of your application! I know my own gpa was comparable in first year (and sad to say worse in second year!!) yet here I am on the tail end of residency. Yes it took me longer to get accepted than just undergrad but it helped me in other ways in terms of life experience and maturity. Best, LL
  3. LostLamb


    In all honesty your grades look better than you make them out to be. Of course I don’t know how they convert with OMSAS etc. But...maybe don’t worry so much. You’re doing something right to get overall decent grades. Keep it up. LL
  4. Yes, I know we are limited in what assistance we can provide, it was more rhetorical commentary than anything else. And yes, I also know about PDs and what we can/not do. I’m a senior resident in psychiatry. But, thanks.
  5. Thanks for saying what my inside voice was thinking. i am also worried about OP but not sure what we can do via a message board. Thanks for sharing, canucks_14, good luck!
  6. I met with the med loc advisor as a resident and got all of the above except for the $500 bonus (and possibly no unlimited e transfers which doesn't affect me since I do not do online banking of any nature). And, in fact, I got better perks for the credit card--minimum spend of 1000$ on each of the two cards got me 25k and 10k welcome bonus points respectively. I also believe they will cover the CC fees until end of residency. It wouldn't hurt to go and ask if they'll honour most perks detailed above for you as a current client.
  7. I got a single hot pink hair streak as a resident due to hairdresser error (it was supposed to be platinum). I got it covered after 3 days with a deep red which, while obvious, didn’t get the squinty eyed attention that the other colour did. I felt self conscious and awkward with the pink. At this point, I’m saving crazy colours once I’m settled in staff life. my advice to you is...if you think it could be a deal breaker for you, all other things being equal why take a risk? You don’t want to agonize afterwards about it.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, rmorelan. And, thanks.
  9. Hi briannaxox, as you mentioned we are all allowed our opinions. However, attacking other people (even indirectly) who are clearly struggling, suffering, and asking for help by calling them "weak-minded" is, in my opinion, unhelpful. It also reinforces this individual's belief that other undergrads chasing entry to medicine are mean. Again, if I could add my opinion, there is no place for mean and unempathetic people in medicine, either. I will remind everyone that this forum is not as anonymous as you think. Regarding the original poster, Recusitatorwannabe, I will echo others' suggestions to not lose hope and to please take care of yourself. When you are struggling as much as you sound like you currently are, it will be harder to focus, study, retain things you learn and hence be unable to demonstrate your abilities on assignments and exams. Maybe you need a tutor, maybe you need psychological or medical supports, maybe you need to change programs/schools if you don't like what you're studying, or maybe you need to take a break from school to get things under control and to build your confidence and self-efficacy. Should you eventually end up in medicine, times like this will come again and it will be important to know how to navigate hard times. You have already demonstrated significant tenacity several times in your life--you can navigate and survive this too.
  10. Don’t knock anything till you try it!
  11. All of the bolded italic responses are mine and just my humble opinion. Don't get caught up in this, particularly if it impacts your ability to success on exams or clinically. All the research and ECs and committee positions in the world won't make up for poor academic and clinical performance.
  12. LostLamb

    LOC Debt > 200K

    A rare set of circumstances for a large portion of medical students and residents...but still, good for you
  13. Don’t worry about it. Source: me—psych resident with no psychology or neuroscience background.
  14. Too much reading. However, made me think of this tumblr I read when I started clerkship (now old and not updated, but many classic LOLs here). http://whatshouldwecallmedschool.tumblr.com/
  15. Each province has some nuances to billing that can make a difference inter-provincially. I suspect, as well, that certain positions in certain provinces compensate better than others. In contrast to NLengr’s province, few to none of the psychiatrists in my province are salaried and definitely don’t want to be. Youll make bank if you work for it—but it’ll come at some other cost.