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  1. FIT FIT FIT FIT FIT (catch my drift? 5 years is a long time)
  2. which province? I am thinking MB. would like to know more about the extras...
  3. It's MTU. it won't be significantly different because it's MTU. I know what it started it was a bit different than other sites, but that was also when SHC just opened. My understanding is that most of the MTU staff are graduates or longstanding members in Calgary IM. You either stay somewhere close to this site or prepare to drive to SHC daily. The transit sucks to get out there. Maybe you can get a good deal through National car (CMA website deal). enjoy and welcome to YYC!
  4. Make sure you guys are in it for the long haul. I have heard horror stories of how people have couples matched and one berates they other for the final match result because they were dragged down their own list due to the partner preference/competitiveness. Sometimes the couple stays together, othe times they stay in the same city but break up which can have its own tricky aspects. And sometimes, it has the perfect and happiest outcome of a long lasting relationship and marriage
  5. I think the southern Ontario you speak of is essentially GTA. there’s lots of work everywhere else. Im from the eastern Ontario area but didn’t move back for a couple reasons, one being that in Ottawa I worried about needing to have some French fluency as a resident (not as staff...you have more flexibility there) because of the proximity to the border/Gatineau. Do note that this comes from a personal experience—I think I was tainted by a bad experience on an Ottawa clerkship elective where I refused to do anER consult alone based on my concern of acuity/safety because the patient and family were unilingual francophone and I feared not being able to get the information to adequately understand what was going on and what to do. I got flak from the attending for that, I still stand by my decision that I was out of my depth and put patient safety first.
  6. If you do not have the basic requirements (minimum gpa and mcat and number of full time years) it says explicitly in the applicant manual that you won’t be considered. you need to calculate your gpa as per the admissions manual and see what you get. From there, it will help clarify your next steps. If you need help, ask admissions (right now isn’t a good time I don’t think because they are busy preparing for interviews.) good luck!
  7. Job market remains good. Still jobs in preferred cities, and of course smaller centres and rural sites are desperate for more psychiatrists. I don’t see any locums for psych in Alberta; just not a thing that happens here for the specialty. at least at my academic centre there is a big push for more research/clinician scientists and ARP are available to them. Nevertheless, no interest in research is not a barrier and most are clinicians only.
  8. I’m in a subspecialty program. I was told the additional RC certificate is 99% required if I ever intended to practise in my subspecialty in Vancouver or Toronto. However, I think with more programs offering the subspecialty training, this will spread to other large metropolitan locations. There is also word that in AB they may add codes for psych subspecialty only, so planning for the extra RC training may be necessary going forward. average workload/workday should be just under or at 400k (no inpatients). If you work hard/spread yourself thinner/do more lucrative things(ECT, IP) you’ll get into the greater echelon but it comes with a cost to balance for sure—remember, we are a time-based specialty and thankfully can bill as such.
  9. Write a good application for any program you want to apply for, then pay the fee and submit and see what happens. If you aren't willing to put in effort, what is the point of applying--PhD or MD or otherwise? Good luck!
  10. To answer the second question: I had four referees for applications to 2 specialties: 2 different people that wrote a letter specific to a single specialty, one person who wrote two different letters for each specialty, and one person who wrote one general letter for both specialties. it’ll depend on the writer if they are willing to write separate letters or one single general one. so...there’s many ways to approach this.
  11. AMA is going to pursue this, but seems to have been distracted by the other issues facing practising docs presently. It is on the PARA (resident union) mind, not sure what's happening as I couldn't make it to the town hall meeting they held.
  12. Inpatient psychiatry in AB does very well. Overall, psychiatry does well in AB. I wish I could give you everyday numbers but I can't. I know of some who make high 300s and know of some who make 700+ and then there's a few outliers who hit 1M. Private practise/insurance assessments/lawyer requested assessments are probably the area unknown by preclerks that do extremely well. These folks don't usually take trainees.
  13. LostLamb


    Agree with Raptor905. You work long and hard and you delay gratification for so long, so you’ll want to have access to those perks of what you’ve worked for...not everyone is ready to give up on it any longer. Unless you’re connected to Sask or need the extra pay that badly, it’s not enticing enough. And for those who’ll move for the money, like said above—most will work for a set period to pay back debt and then move out.
  14. Maybe some things which you can do as an enhanced skill year? palliative, geriatric medicine, community pediatrics, low risk obs might be useful? Oh, and ER and/or psych ER. I think learning to do good psych risk assessments and know what is and is not admitted to hospital would be helpful as a family doc.
  15. Been a few days and no replies, and im not a GP but have friends in the field so ill tell you what I know--I've heard mostly 30%-35%, so 25% is competitive. Haven't heard of less than that. It probably depends on your location as to what the standard split is for offices in your geographic area.
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