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  1. Don’t fool yourselves, both of these oft neglected specialties are not so “uncompetitive”anymore.
  2. I did not interview there nor rotate through, but it is another strong program. Keep in mind that you’re in an English program in a bilingual province, so knowing French is a huge asset.
  3. With due respect to @Bambi, things have changed somewhat with the match since we both matched 5 years ago. Further, I don’t know for certain but I believe that you had the option of both French and English programs which is different than someone who sounds as they are applying to English language programs only given the geographic/university restrictions Making very narrow and high risk applications do put one at significant risk of not matching, and unless you’ve been in that position you don’t know what that is like. It was hard on my peers that this happened to back in 2014, some who had to beg for a “leftover from second round” residency placement rather than risk waiting another year because of uncertainties. tread carefully, OP. Only you know what price you’ll pay if you do or do not match. best of luck!! LL
  4. I do not have bipolar disorder, but I am a new psychiatrist--I can comment superficially, at least, based on my experience as a trainee having worked with individuals with bipolar. I have noted that there are plenty of people in high demand careers, including medicine, with severe and persistent mental illness diagnoses. Also, a number of individuals with bipolar are high functioning, but maintaining that level of function closely correlates with close followup, strict medication adherence, family/social support, and maintaining excellent sleep hygiene. It is a tall order to fill, no doubt, without adding the stressors that come with medicine. First and foremost, you need to get on medications to stabilize your mood episodes and need to have open and frank conversations with your psychiatrist about your future, your hopes, your dreams. You will likely require accommodations even in medical school, best to get these discussions going ASAP. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater yet regarding ophtho. Good luck and all the best to you. LL
  5. I keep hearing videotron is good...and QC is cheaper than many other provinces. Look at the second tier companies, like public (subsidiary of Telus) which has only online support team.
  6. I can’t speak to surgical electives specifically...but often it’s an administrator who assigns rotations for cores and electives, so even if someone agrees to having you on a rotation there can be other decisions made that are out of the staff’s hands. probably best to talk to the electives coordinator and express the mutual interest and see how it goes. Be gentle, kind, and not pushy!
  7. This advice is excellent and applies to non-surgical specialties as well!
  8. Don’t hate the players...hate the game. good on those learning the rules of the game early on. I wish I’d had such insight but alas no pm101 when I was in high school. I am surprised at the commentary/tone of some of the posts in this thread. Please keep in mind what was stated earlier—the internet doesn't forget. And much like it has become an information and research tool for applicants, same for admission committees. best, LL
  9. There’s someone out there for everyone...and online/apps are for everything from hookups to lifetime relationships. the rule is to be discerning and know what you’re seeking. I only found a spouse when I let go of “looking for” one and just enjoyed life and made life happen as opposed to waiting for it to happen to me. good luck! LL
  10. All it represents is who posts on this forum, not who is in the class. there’s quite a few younger and straight out of first undergrad students in the class. Those can be mutually exclusive categories, too.
  11. Another reason that I failed to mention is the historical anti-liberal party sentiment in AB harkening back to the PE Trudeau days. Another time when AB was suffering economically and all the blame was set on the liberals. Old habits die hard...many here refused to vote JT even in his first go around just because of his name and the memories he invokes. on the white Supremacists topic—certainly they exist out here...most in pockets in rural AB...again there is historical context for it going back to WWII. However, again I disagree that they are “the” driving force of conservative votes.
  12. When non-whites, immigrants, etc are voting conservative it isn’t because of racism...it’s because of jobs, and those jobs that were intimately tied to oil and gas. Not sure how long you’ve been in Alberta, there was an immense influx of visible minorities and immigrants up to about 5 years ago! I agree with @Bebolder... the vote shifted and it was not scapegoating you described. As expected—Alberta voted conservative as a reaction to no pipeline progress last time around. ps. Please note that I am NOT minimizing or denying your experience. I know it happens. It is very real. As the spouse of a visible minority and immigrant I have become extremely aware of the numerous racist micro- and macro-aggressions others experience...it is saddening and frustrating. Be strong, my friend.
  13. I think, based on post history, that the OP is at UVA. I hope that the OP is enjoying his life, whether it is in medical school in Canada or USA or something completely different...
  14. Saaaaaame. posts here are biased and people are ashamed to post if they DONT have 3.9+... (I had one C+ On my undergrad transcript...it’s not helpful but not impossible to surmount!) In contrast, no grade issues in med or with qualifying exams.
  15. Same. Also, glad that I ruled out academia via this route.
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