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  1. Don’t drink the koolaid...start FFS....the issue is you don’t know your actual earning potential while still a resident which makes salary and its associated benefits more attractive then they likely are. Believe me, salaried jobs will still be there later, and perhaps that is what works best for you in the end but as others point out, there are lots of downsides that aren’t readily apparent right now. I have been having this conversation with several staff right now and they have given me the above advice.
  2. LostLamb

    FM Interview Social Attire

    Never met one spouse or significant other at a social. You could ask the program if they're welcome. Personally, I'd postpone bringing a spouse to when you're at a "welcome to the program" type of social outing. best, LL
  3. Yes, there's hope. Definitely apply, you just never know how the whole application is assessed. good luck, LL
  4. LostLamb

    Packing Tips for CaRMS

    Tips: -bring two interview outfits (Even if you only wear one everywhere), your flexibility is to bring multiple shirts underneath that varies the outfit. Ultimately, I had a favoured top for majority of interviews--My "power colour"-- a strong red conservative tank top to wear shirt under my very dark navy dress suit, but I had a couple options in case. -carry suits in suit bag and bring a rollaboard carry on that you have verified fits in the airline sizers with everything else. CHECK IN NOTHING--CARRY ON ONLY! -pack (or pick up from one of your hotel stay)s a small sewing kit (my pant leg hem undid mid tour, I had to break out my very novice sewing abilities to save the day!) -during a break/breaks in your travels I strongly suggest a dry clean/wash of your preferred interview suit (YOU WILL SWEAT A LOT! Some people DID NOT DO THIS and it was obvious...) -if you can, travel in comfortable clothes--some airports have change room stalls if you aren't heading to hotel before the interview (Winnipeg comes to mind for this)--you want to be comfortable in the moments that you can -bring extra medications (rx as well as your choice of Tylenol, advil, melatonin, Imodium, peptobismol to be prepared for *those* moments) -BRING EXTRA SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR. It's winter. Wet shoes/boots are inevitable. Extra underwear should be self explanatory. -did I mention, do not check in anything. you don't want to be slowed down because it's winter and travel can be unpredictable. You want to be mobile. CARRY ON ONLY! Have fun! Carms tour is very exciting! It was fun seeing your colleagues all over the country, meeting new people (I made a great friend at a program I didn't even match at, I know of people who met their significant others during CaRMS!). Good luck! LL
  5. LostLamb

    Med School Backpacks

    2011 was blue and grey...not bright by any standards!
  6. My advice: -figure out which schools you would be eligible to apply to with your grades/part time attendance, -see if they have extenuating circumstances section/letter you can submit--in your case, I think a number of the items could easily be substantiated by obituaries, medical records, etc. so that people know you aren't bluffing but truly were involved in multiple "difficult" circumstances, -write and rock the MCAT, -apply. The challenge will be that I don't think a lot of schools will have allowances for your academic shortcomings, i.e. probations, part time status. As well, if you aren't volunteering "formally" (sounds to me that you did a lot of informal volunteering in your actual life because of the circumstances) then you will be hard-put to get appropriate reference letters for your application. I think as other posters above mentioned, you will probably have to demonstrate a couple of full-time years of solid grades to be competitive, but there are exceptional circumstances applicants every year and you never know how things may look to an admissions committee if you can demonstrate a strong MCAT, improving grades, and hopefully you obtain some stability to your life. Above all--please take care of yourself and your safety and psychological needs--medical school will always be there to apply to and you never know if whatever you embark on between now and then can either enhance your applications or your life, or open other doors you'd never imagined. Best, LL
  7. Nearly Everyone works out of an academic centre and there’s only so many spaces to go around. In the community you need to promote yourself to get an adequate volume of referrals, and honestly, many issues are more likely sent to gen peds first and ably managed there.
  8. One thought is to apply to Peds and then switch into peds neuro later as your backup plan. I applied 5 years ago to Peds neuro and psych. I was more sure about wanting to “work with the brain” than about the exact population. In the end, I’ve chosen to subspecialize in child psych and gotten the best of both worlds for my interests. Its just a thought.... i recall when I applied that a number of adult neuro and neurosurgery gunners applied to peds neuro which can be a big confounder. Again, those were more certain they wanted to “work with the brain” so they spread a broad blanket that way.
  9. It isn’t competitive and there aren’t great job prospects in it at this time...
  10. LostLamb

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    @Recusitatorwannabe i appreciate that you are stressed and distressed, but please be mindful that a message board isn’t as anonymous as you’d assume. I can’t help but agree with previous posters that you need to watch your tone in your posts—our community is trying to support you but you don’t seem willing to sit back and “listen”. Many individuals here are potentially future med school interviewers, file reviewers, preceptors, and possibly colleagues. Don’t ever forget that. I hope you are able to figure out what you need to make yourself happy, that does not necessarily include medical school. I shudder to think that some day you might get in and be incredibly disappointed with what it truly is (which in the end, you only really know if you’re in it—hence the importance of listening and learning from those who’ve already lived the experience, as varied as it is!). Take care and all the best, LL
  11. LostLamb

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    The arrogance continues in med school, residency, and I suspect beyond. One should not feel required to put up with it; there are always others who are not like this, but they’re sometimes hard to find. Once again, I would like to encourage you to get support for how you’re feeling and how you’re struggling. There is a strong undercurrent of depressive and low self esteem themes to your posts, and I worry about you @Recusitatorwannabe. Please feel free to PM me directly. Best, LL
  12. LostLamb


    Don’t despair. A first year 77 average is definitely surmountable based on some school weighting formulas. Also it’s only one part of your application! I know my own gpa was comparable in first year (and sad to say worse in second year!!) yet here I am on the tail end of residency. Yes it took me longer to get accepted than just undergrad but it helped me in other ways in terms of life experience and maturity. Best, LL
  13. LostLamb


    In all honesty your grades look better than you make them out to be. Of course I don’t know how they convert with OMSAS etc. But...maybe don’t worry so much. You’re doing something right to get overall decent grades. Keep it up. LL
  14. Yes, I know we are limited in what assistance we can provide, it was more rhetorical commentary than anything else. And yes, I also know about PDs and what we can/not do. I’m a senior resident in psychiatry. But, thanks.
  15. Thanks for saying what my inside voice was thinking. i am also worried about OP but not sure what we can do via a message board. Thanks for sharing, canucks_14, good luck!