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  1. if you meet the mcat & gpa cut offs as an Albertan for the IP schools then you should apply. slim chance but...why not?
  2. LostLamb

    Preparing meals in med school

    Pretty much what blah1234 says. Certain rotations in residency are just bad and you don't know it until you're in it. Last thing on your mind after your 26 hour shift is grocery shopping or cooking. Takeout or delivery involves too much effort. Hence, the occasional bath tub and potato chip scenario. Self-care is important. Despite my belief that I could keep the balance, I couldn't. I'm just accepting that it'll get better...eventually...
  3. LostLamb

    Preparing meals in med school

    Accept that you can plan in Med school but it exponentially gets harder in residency especially if you’re single or with a non-culinary-inclined partner. With discipline and planning you’ll be fine...med school was a breeze, 1-3 call in residency made life miserable and lead to miserable weight gain too (did you realize a potato chip bag floats in the bath tub? This is one of the serendipitous findings of residency... ;))
  4. whoa blast from the past! way to bring up a 10 year old thread. However...that said, I can relate to the senioritis described by FFP and I hope s/he found happiness in their career and life!
  5. LostLamb

    Restaurant Recommendations

    Some ideas: 10 foot henry. Native Tongues. Without Papers pizza - it's the very thin crust type and they have gluten-free. Cibo - Italian, also has wood burning pizza but different. Don't waste your time waiting for Una Pizza...I was sorely disappointed and the resto is too crowded.
  6. LostLamb


    The only MD/ND I know of (indirectly) is one that does not practice in Canada. They trained as an MD and then did subsequent training as ND and reportedly have lots of satisfied clients. Maybe if you practice in a country without subsidized healthcare, then it is worth it. In Canada, I do not see benefit in this path. I can only foresee someone who trained as an ND and desiring to do "more" pursuing training as an MD and largely abandoning the ND practise.
  7. LostLamb

    Taxes 2018 return question

    you'd have to figure out how to prove how much of your cellphone use was for work vs personal use. Perhaps use phone bills and figure out proportion of call minutes were for work? If you have cell phone as a claimable expense then your accountant should know how to document this. Good luck!
  8. LostLamb

    Taxes 2018 return question

    Apart from whatever is on your t2202, exam fees, tuition credits, and medical/dental/rx costs above what is covered by insurance I think those are the big ones. Getting transfer of tuition, med/dent/rx costs from your common law or married partner help a lot, too! My t2202 has vehicle expenses on it, I keep logs of mileage away from my home site, gas receipts, and car repair receipts so that a percentage of work use can be claimed. It’s not a lot but it’s something. I think because i moonlight I also was able to claim tax preparation from those expenses? Not sure...again, I leave it all to my accountant!!
  9. LostLamb

    Studying to be a good clerk

    All that said, don’t stress out about shadowing. I personally did ZERO shadowing because, sincerely, I knew I was going to do clinical work for the rest of my life and also knew that I was NOT going to have the luxury of just going to classes and studying and having free time. Pass your exams. Enjoy life As stated above, be a person that team members want to be around. Do a search of this site, this question has been asked often. Good luck!
  10. I know one person from my Med school class who did not apply for residency and leveraged having an MD to bring skills to the startup/finance world. this individual had connections to facilitate this in the USA, and I believe some experience in those fields prior to medicine. To my knowledge he has never looked back, but kept an open mind until it was carms time and he ultimately decided against applying at that time. Unless you have a solid back up, there is a lot of risk to bank on doing something non-medical besides a residency post-Med school. I hope you do some soul searching and figure out what it is that you are seeking and not getting from medicine.
  11. LostLamb

    Taxes 2018 return question

    I think only if it is listed on your claimable expenses from your employer...you can only claim rx and med/dental fees you had to pay co-pay/extra out of pocket
  12. Just want to reiterate what other staff and residents are saying...you can't remember it all unless you have an elusive long-term eidetic memory. You'll learn what you really need again and again and again. The minutiae will fade.
  13. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - always inspires me with every re-read, lifting my spirits when I feel I am off life's track. His Dark Materials Trilogy by Sir Philip Pullman - yes I know they were originally published as YA fantasy books, but the trilogy can be read on multiple levels. Don't let the Golden compass movie dissuade you (a poor resemblance to the book).
  14. LostLamb

    Where to get a suit

    Plus size? doubt it.