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  1. yes. however, let's face it, they are still making decent money....several hundreds of thousands of dollars--I will hazard most are between 200-350K. It is no pittance.
  2. I started at 31...I’ll finish residency at 40. If it permits you to do what you want with your life, it’s entirely worth it. We had matriculants in my class older than 40....who went into ER for residency...as long as you’ve got the energy for it then follow your heart.
  3. Request vacation now. Beat the rush. You won’t regret it.
  4. I suspect you like James Bond and James Bond novels
  5. It is a little off topic, but as someone struggling to get covered right now for life, critical illness, (and probably disability when I am staff beyond the max I pushed for at start of residency) if there is anything without medical with optional riders to increase without medical my advise is just make sure you get something. Non-medical association or MD-affiliated plans are much much cheaper--believe me. your age will never be lower than it is today. likely, your health is pretty darn good too. I am kicking myself for not upping my coverages sooner.
  6. psych's best friends in ecg interpretation: on-call cardiology fellow and old ecgs! i'll admit my ecg skills are getting rustier and rustier...but I never hesitate to get a second glance by a real person if I feel there's something and the machine reads it as normal. Similarly, I feel that my non-psych colleagues do the same when requesting a psychiatric perspective on the 'difficult' patient. I am grateful that at this point I won't have to fear replacement by a machine in the foreseeable future.
  7. LostLamb

    McGill and Calgary First Iteration?

    Word on the street is that Calgary had an exceptionally high proportion of students apply to competitive surgical specialties without backup.
  8. LostLamb

    Psychopharmacology Apps

    Stahl prescriber guide and Lexicomp which is UpToDate is what we use here.
  9. LostLamb

    What to do next?

    Best advice is to move out of Ontario. Examine all Canadian school IP residency requirements and balance that with your other life goals (you need a plan b, c, d...) best, LL
  10. Just wait until your royal college exams, OP. im unlikely to ever encounter dhat syndrome but you better bet I’ll know it for the sake of the big exam. you get used to it...learn enough to pass that exam and move on. The important stuff comes up again and again.
  11. It’s a mess that’s for sure, but people do try and secure those positions. I’m not sure how exactly it plays out everywhere. I know of one person who matched after 1st and 2nd iteration rejections and is doing well now.
  12. LostLamb


  13. To really know if your personality is a hindrance, you need to identify and then outright ask someone or several someone’s you trust what their impressions are of you. I wouldn’t worry about being too shy or introverted. Medicine contains all kinds of folks. I’d worry more about being too “fun” as you describe it. That, too, can get people in trouble. good luck!
  14. LostLamb

    Feeling alone in med school

    one way to mingle and see if you click with someone on more than superficial level is to sit in different places in class. I had a class of 170ish people and I am only in close contact with one now. I probably had 4 closeish friends and the rest were more superficial contacts. Having done multiple degrees in different places far from family I know how you feel. I probably have one good friend from each degree and we rarely see each other due to geography. Thank goodness for technology My advice is to not get too hung up on this, do your “job” which is to study and pass, and finally keep an open mind. You really never know who you’ll click with.
  15. Family and something is probably most flexible, followed by psych and something.