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  1. Just got in on my third application cycle after being rejected two years straight. I felt very discouraged and hopeless before the results came out. It’s a gruelling process but as they say don’t take it as a judgement of your worth. There’s a huge luck factor to getting in.
  2. Rejected (second year) IP GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 515 (128 CARS) BSC Graduated EC: Lots of diverse self-driven activities, hospital volunteering etc Interview: Felt good about it this year. I'm crushed.
  3. I am feeling the same disappointment right now. I've always prided myself on being personable and thoughtful, but I actually got low percentile on my mmi! I'm completely blown away, and hoping it was a red flag or some kind of misunderstanding. I agree, I can't imagine doing anything else in my life, so I'm going to self-reflect, read and practice tons. I know to my core that this score is not reflective of my capacities or my personality.
  4. Rejected. In province GPA 3.8 Mcat: 515 (127/128/132/128) EC's: long term hospital volunteering, lots of hobbies, some sport. Lacking in outreach and health things I think. Interview: felt amazing about 2-3 stations, fair about most, bombed 1-2. Will update when I get scores. Damn. First time applying, so onwards and upwards. Nothing to do but improve for next time.
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