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  1. So if we don't get a call by 4:30 when the office closes, what are our prospects moving forward? Is there still hope? Is it possible they didn't have enough time today to finish the waitlist offers so will do so tomorrow?... Or is our only remaining chance that those getting offers off the waitlist reject them and leave another spot?..
  2. nope:( this is painful, I need to get out of the house and stop starring at my phone... lol
  3. For you to be certain of this you would have had to have seen all 50 of everyone's emails (50 for the french stream anyway that make up those not yet accepted) to be able to state that they were all identical. I know the total of the non accepted are waitlisted and have always been, but it seems odd and unreasonable that they decided this year to not distinguish at all based on placement/probability of being eventually accepted because that leaves many applicants hanging and prevents them from accepting another offer sooner, and is overall a big inconvenience. If you are basing your certainty on those who have posted thus far, only a very small fraction have and it is not representational. So either whoever you spoke with told you directly what made up the content of everyone's emails (which seems like a bit of a violation of privacy) or you have some other source of information you haven't yet disclosed because you don't know every applicant personally nor do you have access to their emails... I'm not trying to be accusatory or anything at all, I hope it doesn't come across that way, and I appreciate your input on the thread, I'm just trying to piece together the facts here before jumping to any conclusions that would cause more stress than necessary. Anyhow, my plan is to try to not think of it for the next two weeks and hope for the best, clearly I am already failing at that????
  4. Im with you here!!! very curious to know how many people decline the french stream...
  5. I read that as well! I'm hoping if anyone received an email with different wording they likely just haven't posted (and understandably so). We are only seeing a very small and maybe unrepresentative sample of applicants. And as others have pointed out it seems unreasonable to trail people along without giving them an overt rejection (insinuated by bad wait list vocabulary). So I'm with you on trying to keep a positive attitude until we hear a more definitive response ????
  6. I guess since no one has heard news of someone being rejected after the interview, this supports the premise that everyone not accepted in fact got waitlisted... I haven't seen anyone post other than accepted or "good" waitlisted... Sort of a bummer, I thought my chances were better, but I suppose now I could be anywhere in the group of candidates not accepted yet without a hint as to what our rank is.
  7. Does anyone happen to know how many applicants are usually on the good French waitlist? I'm just trying to wrap my head around what our chances are ????
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