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    Waterloo School of Optometry

    2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 profile of past first year students : Average 86 87 86 86 Range 79 - 96 80 - 95 80 - 94 80 - 94 https://uwaterloo.ca/optometry-vision-science/future-optometry-students/admission-requirements/selection-process
  2. idoctor21

    Studying Optometry In The Uk

    Aston doesn't promise that you will get into Bridging I (*4 months NOT 2 months). Entry into Bridging I (4 m) or Bridging II (1y) is based on your performance on the entry exam when applying to IOBP and offers of admission are based on your rank. https://uwaterloo.ca/international-optometric-bridging-program/program-information/admissions It would not be possible to say how likely it is to get admitted to I or II because it depends on your performance as an individual. Yes, I would say that the board exams are more of an obstacle for internationally trained optometrists. You can find the 2015-2016 summary report of the board exam results here: http://www.oebc.ca/clientuploads/Annual Report/CACO Report 2016_Final.pdf "Likewise, we saw 241 first attempt candidates challenging the CACO this year. The first attempt pass rate was comparable at 82.2% versus 77.4% last year. Pass rates for first attempt candidates increased for the Canadian subgroup by almost 1% to 89.7% and remained comparable for the U.S. subgroup with a slight decrease of .5% to 79.5%. At the same time, first attempt pass rates for internationally-educated candidates increased by 15% to 62.2% up from 47.2%."
  3. December 1, 2017 via email https://uwaterloo.ca/optometry-vision-science/future-optometry-students/important-dates
  4. idoctor21

    Varsity Sports

    Doctor of Optometry
  5. idoctor21

    Varsity Sports

    I ran varsity cross-country for two seasons and played varsity soccer for one season and I'm starting med at Western this year. (Couldn't compete in 4th year because of clinical placements for my program.) If you enjoy the sport then sure go for it, but if you're doing it to pad your application consider my personal experience. I had class 8:30-5:30 PM and practice 5:30-7:30PM almost every single week day. By the time I would get home from practice via city bus it would be 8 PM. At this point I still needed to make dinner and shower. Do that stuff *BAM* it's 9 PM. Oh you haven't had time to do any school work? Do school work from 9PM-11PM then go to sleep so you can wake up at 7 AM to get ready to do it all over again. Weekends? XC: Saturday is race day so you will not be getting too much done. Soccer: Games Saturday and Sunday (half the time it's a road game). You might think the games are only 90 min so you will have tons of free time, but that doesn't factor in travel to the game + being 1h early for the game + watching the men's/women's game that is either after/before your game + travel home. I competed because I love sports and there were still times where I'm not sure if it was worth it because you will have to give up a lot of other things (ex. going home for the weekend, going to that party, getting the chance to sit at home and do nothing).
  6. I have a friend who was at the McMaster Waterloo campus and now he's doing his residency in radiology in Toronto. It is obviously possible, but I can't comment on your more specific questions.
  7. idoctor21

    Studying Optometry In The Uk

    If you are Canadian and would like to practice optometry in Canada I would not recommend going to Optometry School in the UK: 1) Overall cost of tuition will be high 2) You would need to apply to the IOBP afterwards 3) Board exam pass rates for students trained outside of North America are much poorer compared to those who attended North American schools (if you don't pass you can't work and you would need to wait to retake it) I feel like it wouldn't be more difficult to find work assuming you are licensed. IOBP takes money and time. I don't think the salary would be much different because once licensed you would be able to work at any optometrist office anyone else would. I would highly recommend that you try to go to Optometry School in Canada before you try other options. If Waterloo or Montreal are unrealistic for you due to grades or OAT score then I would look into US schools. US schools would obviously be expensive as well but you wouldn't have to go through IOBP and you would be better prepared to pass boards.
  8. idoctor21

    Applying To Waterloo Optometry

    https://uwaterloo.ca/optometry-vision-science/future-optometry-students/frequently-asked-questions Q: Does it matter what university I attend? Do I have to go to University of Waterloo to be accepted into the Waterloo Doctor of Optometry program? A: The Admissions Committee does not consider the university of origin (where you’re applying from) in their admission decision nor do they have quotas from other provinces or countries. The Admissions Committee does not give University of Waterloo students preferential treatment over applicants from other universities. We are looking for work to be done in the faculty of science or health science, and completed with a full course load (5 courses per term for minimum 6 terms). Q: If I don’t have at least a 90% average, will I be considered for admission? A: Applicants require an overall undergraduate university average of at least 75% to be considered for admission. Grades from Graduate programs are not included in the overall average. Historically, applicants who have been admitted to the program have had averages of 79% to 92%. Achieving a very high academic average does not guarantee your admission, just as a lower academic average does not necessarily exclude you from being admitted. ^ This is all from their website.
  9. Result: Accepted to unspecified campus (EDIT: London Campus specified 5/25/2017 @ 12:03 PM EST) Timestamp: 12:07 PM EST 2YGPA: >3.9 MCAT: 513 (128/128/128/129) ECS: varsity soccer, varsity cross country, student council, volunteer work, good summer jobs with the government, clinical experience (worked for two ophthalmologists in Miami as one of my clinical rotations), almost zero research experience Interview: I thought it went ok. I didn't feel like the interviewers liked me at all. Still cringing about one of the answers that I gave. Year: last year of Doctor of Optometry Geography: SWOMEN I will be accepting this offer and hoping that I won't have to move out of London because the bus stop to Western is on my front lawn. This was my first time applying to medical school because I spent almost my entire life wanting to become an optometrist.