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  1. Tell me about it, dropped 40 points in Leadership, unbelievable considering that 6-7 of my top 10 are leadership focussed.
  2. I am currently working on my UBC application, however I have yet to take my English requirement courses. I have completed my degree, and was planning to enrol to take two English courses either online through Athabasca, or during winter semester at my university. On the application it asks for the two courses I will be using for the prerequisite, and I have no idea what to write down since I am not certain what courses I will be using yet. Any advice? Thanks
  3. Im Alberta IP. My GPA is.. Year 1: 3.00, 2: 3.75, 3: 3.88, 4. 3.92 ... Every year full course load (5 courses per semester). Unfortunately though I am not qualified for Western U, as I didn't fulfill their course requirement in my final year (missing two 400+ year courses.. tbh it sucks because some of my 300 level courses were a LOT more challenging than my 400 level courses). My work experience is poor (worked 1 and a half summers). My volunteer experiences are really good in terms of community work. I've also volunteered at a hospital program for two years, and shadowed doctors etc. (My strong suit though is my community involvement). I haven't had the opportunity to do any research yet unfortunately. Thank you for that! I will look into all of those, much appreciated
  4. Hey there! I've bought the MSAR, and have looked through it a lot... however I am having some serious struggles with deciding where to apply to. My cGPA is a 3.65 with a strong upward trend (first year GPA was a 3.0), my MCAT score is a 509 (poor CARS score), I am rewriting my MCAT this summer. I have already completed 90% of the AMCAS application, but now I'm questioning if it's even worth to apply.. Literally every school I look into has different course requirements, different letter of reference requirements, and barely matriculate international students. (What even is the point of asking for a LOR from a science/ non-science professor... my classes all had 200+ students, no professor I've taken a SINGLE class with will be able to write anything worthwhile.... damn I wish Canadian Schools weren't so competitive) If anyone has any schools I should look into please let me know! Thanks peeps
  5. Thanks for the reply, I have already graduated from my degree, so I would not know how to go about taking another year to increase my GPA (I'm assuming I'd have to apply for another degree). If i did decide to take another year, that would require me to take a full course load again right? And I'm assuming that it wouldn't look too great if I took all first year courses again, so I'd have to hit a bunch of senior courses. Unfortunately, I've taken all (or the majority) of the senior courses in my department that are offered without lab components, and all the remaining courses have lengthy labs, which would honestly make one seriously tough year if I did do this. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi everyone, I just completed my final year of undergrad in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. My cGPA is a 3.65 (with 1 spring course). My first year GPA was pretty low... 1st year: 3.00, 2nd: 3.77, 3rd: 3.84, 4th: 3.91 (every year has been 5 courses per semester). I am currently retaking my MCAT as I scored a 509 last year with a pretty low CARS score. I will be applying to medical schools again this cycle, and I'm currently in the process of deciding what to do this coming year. My ECs include a lot of community involvement, with several leadership positions. I am lacking however in the research department, as I haven't had the opportunity to get involved. Currently I am debating if I should take some more courses to boost my GPA a bit, or if I should take a year off, possibly do some research and focus on volunteering and other personal projects (I am currently leaning towards this). I assume that none of the stuff I do in terms of working and volunteering will help me out with this application, and thus I've begun thinking about taking courses as that may be a possible way to aid in my chances this cycle. Honestly, I am quite confused with what to do now as this is the first time in my life that I'll supposedly be out of school. Personally I believe taking a gap year would be best for my character, and building greater life experiences, however it may not be the best option for boosting my current application. Any advice is greatly appreciated, if anyone has some input or insight from their own experiences PLEASE feel free to share it! Thanks!! :)
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