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  1. Before I get into things, here is some background: the past 2 years I applied to U of A and U of C as an IP applicant. I had no success my first year applying (no interviews). This year, I was rejected pre-interview at U of C and was interviewed and ultimately accepted at U of A. Despite an improved MCAT between application cycles (504-->516) my GPA was still well below competitive average for U of A (~3.4). As I was ultimately accepted there, I have to believe that my EC's were what helped push me over the edge. With that in mind, after reviewing my R1-7 scores for U of C this cycle, I am left shaking my head. Every single section score decreased (most by 25 percentile or more) except for "Advocacy", which marginally improved. My "Subjective Score of Academic Merit" decreased by 30 percentile from 2016 to 2017, despite no change in academic record (as I graduated several years ago) and a nicely improved MCAT. I also scored in the 1st percentile (yes, that's no joke) this year for "Organizational & Management Skills/Leadership" despite having worked for several years managing patients and finance/admin for an Edmonton research program and being involved in leadership roles for volunteer activities. I am willing to admit that perhaps the way I chose to write my top 10 this year was the reason behind these score declines- however I remain skeptical, as I spent months working on them, had numerous people review my writing and I ensured the experiences I included nicely reflected the CANMEDs competencies as a whole. I appreciate that there is a some degree of luck and subjectivity involved in the admissions process, and this is something Dr. Walker has readily acknowledged in the past. There are also fluctuations year-to-year with reviewers and the applicant pool, and so total consistency can never be expected. However, I also want to believe that U of C is committed to maintaining a certain level of consistency and fairness throughout the process, and with my experience this doesn't seem to be the case. I guess I'm left wondering, how can future applicants to the U of C be reasonably confident that gaining acceptance is not based on luck but on one's own merits? I'm curious to hear other's thoughts and experiences with this.
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