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  1. This is allowed by UBC (assuming you're otherwise eligible) as long as you didn't withdraw for academic reasons, and you need to provide an explanation. Not sure about other schools. I don't know anyone personally that's done it, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.
  2. frenchpress

    LOC proof of enrollment

    The letter won’t be sent to you - you’ll have to download it from the SSC website (under Grades and Records) yourself. I can’t remember exactly, but think it only becomes available once you are registered for classes.
  3. frenchpress

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    I’ve done a lot of form references for students over the years, mostly for graduate schools but also for medical schools. A standard approach used by many schools is to get you to rank students out of percentiles or compared to the average - e.g. top 1%, top 5%, top 50% etc. Or average, above average, etc - or other methods of comparison to all the students you have experience working with. Very few of my students would end up in the top 5%, for example, but a number every year might be in the top 20%. If all I really had was a student’s grades I report their position with respect to the whole class. I usually found I could differentiate where students performed based on these forms pretty well, and from the other side they worked well when we were making admissions decisions too. I don’t know what the OMSAS form will look like, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re moving in this direction.
  4. frenchpress

    Marriage and OSAP

    Yup, been there. I didn’t appreciate how much those GST credits were worth until I had to pay them back. Declaring was worth it in the end though, or at least, I think it pretty much evened out - we saved money on other things by sharing certain tax credits, and it increased my eligibility for loans and bursaries because of the increased living expenses for two people.
  5. The emails will likely start in the next week or two. And then they won’t stop. Enjoy this period of UBC-medicine free email while you can!
  6. frenchpress


    Just sharing my experience. Maybe this is the policy at some banks, but it certainly wasn’t at TD several years ago, where I know for a fact the advisor had to lie to get me a card above my income level. When I got my LOC for medical school, it was a similar situation. The card offered on the website / by the advisor for RBC is a ‘premium’ Avion card. However, there are multiple levels of these cards depending on income level - I was able to get an infinite level card based on my income, but most of my peers got the platinum level card that came standard with the LOC. I don’t know anyone personally who was able to get the higher level card without showing the income level to match it. Not that it matters much, because there are only a few tiny differences between the cards, and both are pretty good.
  7. The majority put VFMP as first choice, but it also has the majority of spots. And, I would expect that many people who are OOP (and therefore more likely to turn down a UBC offer) got into VFMP too, so I am sure there will be spots.
  8. frenchpress

    Applying to medical schools abroad

    Your stats seem like they should competitive for UBC, although you haven’t broken out your NAQ/ECs, so it may be your interview that’s really holding you back. There’s a lot of information on this forum about the difficulties of going abroad if you intend to return to Canada. My take is that spending one more year really working to improve your interview abilities and applying more broadly in Canada would make more sense than going abroad at this point.
  9. frenchpress


    The occasional person on here says they have been able to find an advisor who can make this happen. I was able to get a premium card with a high income requirement once in a similar circumstance with a different LOC, but what I realized after the application was submitted was that the advisor just lied on the form and said I had a different income than I actually did. So my guess would be that something like that could be happening in these cases too. . .
  10. See this post from last year on the first year schedule:
  11. I am in BC - my home and other assets have not been asked about in any of my loan or bursary applications the last two years, and I have had no trouble getting federal/provincial loans or university bursaries at UBC . Not sure if this is the case at the provincial level in all other provinces though or for other universities.
  12. frenchpress

    Student Loan Questions

    Yup, that’s correct. They don’t ask about assets. Basically just your income, and depending on your age and circumstances, may also require income information for you parents or spouse. You also have to declare any money you know you’re being given to support you or directly pay your tuition (e.g. from parents, grandparents, etc).
  13. Things may change in the future now that BC is eliminating interest on student loans, but for the last few years the government had been seeming to have been moving towards a policy of “you want to borrow money? Here, take it!”
  14. The appendix 2 for this past cycle for the summer had no asset questions at all. Basically just income.
  15. Are you sure they ask about a car? I completed a loan application a few weeks ago (and several times in the last couple years) and I don’t remember ever having never to include it. Asset information like cars for you and your spouse was required in the past, but since 2017 I think it’s mostly just voluntary contributions from family (which is $0 if they aren’t actually giving you any money for school) and your spouse’s income and your income from the previous year. Similarly, rent won’t factor in. There’s just a defined living allowance that’s the calculated same for everyone based on the number of weeks you are in school. Edit: in 2017 they also asked about voluntary contributions from other people like yourself and your spouse, but this past year that was removed completely. The mandatory contribution my spouse has to make is minimal (< $5000). The fact that there’s two of you can actually be an advantage for bursaries, because the cost of living allowance is much larger - so you often end up with more financial ‘need’ than an individual. At least this has been my experience - last year my ‘need’ was assessed at over $40,000, and I got the max loan no problem, because even after mandatory contributions were factored in I still had like $30,000 in need remaining.