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  1. frenchpress

    Masters end date

    Depends on the school. Look carefully at the requirements for schools you’re applying to. I only know the details for a couple schools. Calgary makes you and your supervisor sign a declaration about whether you intend to complete your degree if accepted — there’s latitude to not be done by July as long as your supervisor acknowledges you may withdraw from the master’s program. You may even be able to do the presentation in Aug and finish the degree if you’re up front about it and can balance the commitments (Calgary Med starts in July). In contrast, UBC is very strict about everything being done by the end of July deadline - you will lose eligibility if you withdraw or don’t complete the master’s within that application cycle.
  2. With a conferred PhD, UBC will let you apply as an in province applicant, so the GPA cut offs will be lower. They will drop your worst year (to a max of 30 credits), and include your grades from grad school. You’d have to do the math, but as long as you have the equivalent of a 75% GPA with these adjustments, you would get a full file review — your non-academics and grad school experience may be enough to get you an interview, as it makes up half of the pre-interview scoring. If all you’re missing is a half course in English, you can still apply to UBC with the plan to complete the course by the end of April 2020 and see if you get an interview before deciding whether or not to take the course. Interview invitations come out in December, so you could register in a course for January 2020 and then drop it if you don’t get an interview.
  3. UBC will drop your worst year and include MSc grades, so if your MSc was strong that might get you close enough to a competitive GPA if you’re an in province applicant. The OOP cutoffs for a full file review are higher, but if you meet them, then it’s possible your non-academic and pharmacy experience could get you enough points to squeak you to an interview. Best place to start is by doing some calculations in a spreadsheet and seeing how your GPA works out for different school’s calculation criteria.
  4. frenchpress

    English Requirement

    Have you consulted the chart on the website that shows applicable courses for universities across Canada? That will give you a good sense of what they accept from your university (even if the list isn’t exhaustive)
  5. frenchpress

    English Requirement

    UBC has semesters, and a standard english course that runs September-December or January-April is 3 credits. So usually the requirement works out to 2 courses or one year long course.
  6. It seems like others are already weighing in on the research opportunities and other aspects, so I’ll just give my plug for UBC. As a fellow Albertan who moved to Vancouver for school years ago, I will say hands down it was the single best decision I ever made. I love it here. I acknowledge that not everyone I know who has moved here from Edmonton/Calgary shares my experience. But most of them do. I didn't appreciate how much the shitty winter weather and spending half my year indoors, or having to spend so much of my time in a car commuting across that frozen hell scape was ruining my life until I left and realized that things could be different. All the things people say about how expensive it is to live in Vancouver are true — it’s ridiculous. But if you have family support and money is not going to be a huge issue for you and/or you’re comfortable with the considerably larger debt compared to staying in Alberta, then you’ll manage fine. (I am assuming you listed Vancouver as your primary site and not one of the other sites, where cost is typically less of an issue). Overall, I am pretty happy with the education and opportunities at UBC, although there are some downsides. I am happy to share more about what going to UBC as a Med student is like if you’d like to PM me specific questions.
  7. You only send transcripts for courses completed this past year if you’re accepted or waitlisted: See June 28 https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/application-timelines/ Admission offers are determined based your grades at the time of application, and courses you said you were taking to meet requirements. If your GPA drops more than 5%, or you don’t end up passing English requirements, etc. then the offer can be rescinded after your final transcripts are submitted. But they don’t have the capacity to update transcripts this close to admissions announcements.
  8. It’s certainly safe to seek treatment for mental health issues as a medical student, and if you’re starting to feel like you’re struggling then it’s really better to do it sooner rather than later. I understand your hesitancy about using your school as a resource though. If the cost for private counselling is an issue, there are sometimes other alternatives. In BC the health ministry and doctors of BC provide the physician’s health program, which provides support to doctors (including medical students): https://www.physicianhealth.com/ If you’re not in BC, there may be an equivalent in your province. They have physicians there who act as peer support, and they can put you in touch with a doctor if you need one, and will provide access to a limited amount of counselling for free. Everything is confidential and it’s not connected to your student file. Accessing counselling through them can take a few weeks, but you get a minimum of 6 sessions for free, and sometimes more if your peer support thinks it is needed. It’s been a good resource for me.
  9. frenchpress

    Wrong Major? What am I meant to be?

    Also, medicine is a massive field, and there’s a tonne of variation in what types of things you might do and what skills you need to do it. No one is good at everything, and you don’t need to be. For example, a lot of students in my school suck at anatomy (myself included), but that’s not necessarily going to be a problem. It’s the sort of thing where if it’s important for the areas of medicine you’re interested in, you just pick up the content over time with more and more practice. And then you forget the rest because you aren’t using it.
  10. frenchpress

    Wrong Major? What am I meant to be?

    I agree with other posters that not liking some of those subjects doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t enjoy or excel in Med school. People come to medicine from all areas of study. Some topics take people longer to learn, so just because you’re not naturally as good at something does not necessarily mean it’s not worth putting in the time to get better at it. But if you’re finding that you’re really not enjoying certain types of courses or your major, it is a good idea to explore other areas you think you might like better. There’s no point in being miserable. And if you really do think you might want to go to Med school one day, then the most important thing right now is for you to excel in whatever course of study you choose. Continuing down a path where you’re getting a lot of 60s in courses you don’t enjoy is not likely to make you happy nor give you a strong enough GPA to even apply to medicine. If you switch to a path where you’re motivated by you’re interested to study things you you like and excel at, you may discover a rewarding new career you hasn’t considered (and that won’t necessarily prevent you from pursuing medicine later if you want).
  11. That’s correct. Only if you get accepted and you took classes this past year will you need to send up to date transcripts.
  12. frenchpress

    Weird EC's?

    You’ll have to use your best judgement here. Its risky to be too vague they have a specific organization, because to an extent admins need to be able to verify your claim or see that the organization exists if they wanted to. Is there an umbrella organization or website address you can refer to instead (assuming it’s more generic and doesn’t have the same wording issues)? For example, you can describe yourself as an adminstrator, etc. for 2 competitive leagues in a call of duty gaming community on <<website name>>?
  13. frenchpress

    Weird EC's?

    Agree with this as well. I would avoid using any terminology that could be associated with violence, especially words like ‘sniper’ or ‘shooter’. And I don’t think it’s necessary to use abbreviations or acronyms - you shouldn’t include any that you don’t define. The general terms like Meridian suggested are probably fine and specific enough. I really don’t think it’s that risky to include these kinds of activities, and it’s probably a good differentiator. I had some weird game hobbies on my ECs as well. I think the only time it might be an issue is if it comes across as your only hobby or work - and overly narrow experiences are an issue for any application, not just one that includes gaming experiences.
  14. I personsally found khan academy very helpful for supporting my self-study as someone without a science background.
  15. Highly individual and really depends on your strengths and weaknesses, how well you test, etc. I scored above 95th on one section related to my degree with only a week or two of studying, and 95th on CARS with no practice other than a few full length practice exams. But hours and hours over weeks and weeks of studying chem and physics barely got me above 65th in that section.