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  1. housecalle

    CASPer Exam

    Hey, seems like you got an answer for Western, just in case you haven't heard from UBC, their website mentions this: "Review the CASPer Test page and ensure you have completed the test by January 10th. All CASPer scores for UBC MOT applicants must be distributed by January 15th. *Applicants who took the January 10th CASPer test will be allotted additional time to submit their test scores."
  2. Yeah unfortunate, seemed so close.
  3. I still haven't heard anything from them, have you had any luck getting in?
  4. housecalle


    Your best bet would be to look for a facebook group. There should be one for 2020 uOttawa MOT students.
  5. Nah, haven't heard anything since. I've just been looking at the 1st term MOT courses and seeing if they move.
  6. Have you by any chance inquired about any movement that occurred in july? Thanks
  7. housecalle

    UBC MOT Schedule

    From the UBC MOT Curriculum document it says it usually is, Monday to Friday between 9-12 and between 1-4. That was for the class of 2019, but I would assume it would be similar for the class of 2020. Here is the document: http://med-fom-osot.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2017/07/MOT-Curriculum-Map-2017-2019.pdf
  8. Ah yeah I'm in the same boat, so hopefully the movement continues to happen.
  9. Thanks for the update. Are you also still on the waitlist?
  10. How many positions has it moved in total now, 6/7?
  11. Yeah that does, thank you so much. A few of my friends went from UBC to Queens, and they say Kingston has a more welcoming feel than Vancouver. Hope you enjoy it there!
  12. Hey if you don't mind me asking, what position were you waitlisted at for UBC MOT? Also out of all the options, what is your preferred location and is it PT/OT? Thanks
  13. I believe only OT at UBC tells individuals their number on the waitlist.
  14. Anyone who got OT/PT results today planning on declining a MOT offer from UBC, or dropping out of the waitlist? Thanks
  15. Thanks! I recall some people mentioning an offer to nominate in the McGill thread, do you know if that is the same as an admission offer?