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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know if we can submit the bursary application via email to entrance@queensu.ca or does it have to be mailed in ? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Do we know when the decision day is this year?? I think last couple years have been Wed May 11 and Fri May 12th
  3. Lmed31

    Interview info

    @Persephone You're right, I did receive that link oops, thanks!
  4. Hey guys, Are we supposed to receive an email from Queen's regarding interview information (i.e MMI and # of stations, etc)? Thanks!
  5. Lmed31

    Role play/Acting station

    Thanks for your reply Bambi! When I said "running out of time", what I meant is..while being engaged in the conversation with the actor, I tend to spend time on finding out their story and seeing if there's other ways to help the person. However, if the instructions are to fire the person or discipline them in a certain way, I find that sometimes I'm not able to get to that point because I've spent time on trying to hear their story.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has an idea around what the goal of the acting station is? I understand it's to be understanding, nonjudgmental, empathetic, etc. I also understand we have to follow the instructions, but what if we run out of time before we can do it (i.e. fire someone, etc)? I was told by a current medical student that they think the most important part is to be understanding and empathetic/support the actor, but not stress about rushing to fire or punish the (or deliver the consequences, etc) Thoughts from anyone?
  7. Lmed31

    Worth applying with low GPA as OOP?

    Thanks for the responses everyone! MedP111, I was actually going to write an EC letter, I have some documents to prove how it interfered with school. I guess it's a long shot but will never know without trying. McGill doesn't require reference letters for the regular program so it really comes down to CV and CASPer I guess (besides gpa).
  8. Hey guys, I did my first year in a community college and transferred to a 4-year university. But my OMSAS gpa for university is 3.21 for first year and 3.71 (year 2) and 3.74 (year 3) and 3.87 (only 3 semester courses) , with a total gpa of 3.62. Year one is really bad mostly because my mother was diagnosed with terminal illness and I was taking care of her while being in school. MCAT is 514 twice (two tries: 126/128/131/129 and 127/128/129/130) and I have a pretty solid cv/extracurriculars. Anyone think it's a long shot to apply with such a low gpa? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys, I clicked the option to have my transcripts transferred to my new file. I don't see "Received" yet on my documents status for transcripts. Does it normally take time for them to appear as 'Received'? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, Where is the box that we click to have our transcripts carried forward from the previous year? Thanks!
  11. Lmed31

    Obtaining Ontario/Alberta Residency

    When you say they have "fairly high GPA and/or MCAT thresholds", do you mean for both IP and OOP (i.e. for all applicants)?