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  1. Yes I think most people group their activities that way
  2. Try not to overthink it guys, these things switches, changes and all happen to everyone randomly. Am pretty sure it doesn't mean someone is logging into your account to place an acceptance letter. Ive been there last year, and thought the same thing Do your best to enjoy this summer, or start prepping for next year's applications. You've all come a long way, and your almost there.
  3. I dont think you need to worry much, your GPA is pretty solid for all schools
  4. i would email the schools before doing anything that could risk your workload. once done it cannot be undone
  5. i think your pretty solid. Just do well in 4th year and you should be good.
  6. it depends on which schools your applying to. some schools dont even look at you ABS so it makes no difference. Other schools care alot about ECs, and for those you might be able to correct this lack with other activities in other categories.
  7. i dont think it will be too much of a problem. I see alot of those accepted at one school carrying their waitlist status in other schools
  8. I wanted to add that a good number of people get out right rejected. They just dont usually post about it. Aside from that I also know that they interview about 500. My best guess would be 100 acceptances, 250-300 waitlists, 100-150 rejects. From this you can see why so many people post waitlisted, because up to 60% of interviewees get waitlisted. Keep in mind tho that alot of those waitlisted get accepted elsewhere and remove themselves (and those must be pretty high up the list because they must have done really well at other schools). Best estimate is around 100 get in off the waitlist, 50-100 remove themselves, 100-150 dont get the call and end up waiting for eternity. Which means chances now are around 50%. There you have it, neuroticism at its best. If medicine doesnt work, at least I know I can make a good statistician.
  9. so 8 out of 8 so far have been people who got the waitlist .. interesting
  10. Ive seen people who got straight rejects. They just choose not to post it because lets face it, no one is in the mood for it. I cant tell how many tho
  11. Waitlisted second year in a row. although am handling it much better, i just cant get over how confused I am by this whole interview process. My interview went smoothly, 3 of my MMI interviewers felt impressed by what i said (one even complimented my performance). Other 3 were good. Panel was smooth, answers were thoughtful for the most part. Its just so frustrating knowing there is not much i can improve on.
  12. even the questions regarding public health require very little if any background info. This is a critical thinking/personality test
  13. the people ive met in real life who were interviewing for uoft all had GPAs in the 3.8s/low 3.9s. conversly almost everyone i know with really high GPAs (3.95s/3.97s) got rejected pre-interview. Goes to show you how much the other components are valuable now. you are very much competitive for uoft, just get that 1st authorship and your golden
  14. it all depends on your wGPA at the schools in question ottawa takes in last 3 years, if greater than 3.9 great chance queens last 2 years, if greater than 3.8 good chance western best 2, need 3.7 but high mcat uoft wGPA need 3.9
  15. I know exactly how it feels, 3.89 is pretty good for uoft. I think a lot of it comes to the mental barrier of not crossing 3.9. just remember that 3.89 is almost equivalent to 3.9 or 3.91 (although the difference might feel huge mentally). Another question to ask yourself is how much would an extra year bring up your average? Realistically speaking lets say you score a 3.95 in that additional year, that would only really bring up your total into 3.9-3.91 which is almost equivalent to where you started... This process feels like hell, but heres my advice : find a joy outside medicine and academia, its a long process and you need to do things you love outside school. It will help you pass through this tough time, enjoy your life better, and it will even help you adapt better later as a doctor
  16. Uoft is not all about GPA, ive had lots of friends with 3.95+ get rejected pre-interview, while many more with high 3.8s low 3.9s get in. I think once you hit the 3.85 mark it doesnt make a significant difference anymore. There are people who got in with low 3.8 as well
  17. I guess alot comes down to $$ at the end. The difference between gulf countries and other countries is that gulf countries spend a ton of money to fund these spots, which Canada and other western countries are happy to take to fund their programs themselves. Other countries dont have the means nor the will to do that. They have spots not only in Canada, but US, UK, and other major education hubs. Again alot goes on behind the doors, lots of politics involved. The ones who do get those spots must have pretty good connections in their home countries to start with, so wouldnt doubt if what you said was true.
  18. They annually spend hundreds of thousands to fund a single person's education, they are not ignorant to just let them get away with it after all that investment. Side note: Canada gets a freely educated doctor if they somehow end up staying, I dont see how this counts as a loophole?! If anything, its the countries that invested in them who would lose
  19. your good to go, definitely will get western (which alone is sufficient), good chance at mac, good chance at all schools. i wouldnt even think about next cycle, the rest is up to luck
  20. lol apparently the first time was november 29. I only saw the second one because it was right before the interview and I was obsessively checking my email that time for uoft people are starting to take it up seriously
  21. oh for some reason i have it in march so maybe they sent it twice
  22. As in last year it came out in march, so maybe its delayed for those who go further. But I agree, I am mostly being neurotic about it and it doesnt mean anything in reality.
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