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  1. Did everyone else get today an email from queens regarding the equity participation? Is it sent to everyone at the same time or is it only sent to selected individuals?
  2. I was wondering which research masters can be done in 1 year? As for your GPA, i think its perfectly fine, as long as you compensate with other parts of application. I know several friends who got interview with high 3.8s last year without grad degree.
  3. Am looking to form a group of 4-5 people for CASPer test prep where we give questions and answer feedback to each other. It worked great last year! Comment here if you are interested
  4. I can see the inner altruistic self that got you into med
  5. Its just been so awefully quite here lately. Usually there is more than just the first round
  6. Anybody knows whats going on? No one posted news here since may 24!
  7. Thanks guys that really helpful!! May I ask what you put in each of capacity to work with others, service ethics, and diversity of experiences sections? Am an ontario applicant and applied on omsas before
  8. Hey all I am planning to apply to UBC this coming cycle, and I wanted to kickstart by writing my application early. Can anyone post the specific entry fields required in the process (Employment-date-description, volunteer-date-description etc) kind of thing? Much appreciated in advance
  9. Rewrite the mcat for western and mac. Hope its worth the trouble in the end
  10. Same. Any specific plan going on to improve right now?
  11. I heard from someone who got off the deadline was yesterday or today. So prob well hear more next week
  12. Yea I heard its abit more random at this point. If they have a spot they will contact the next one on the list, but we should still expect bigger movements on deadline days
  13. How about we start a poll on everyone's preferred car to smash? You know to relieve the stress
  14. There is a wisdom behind writing cars in small and not capital letters All jokes aside, this wait is killing me. Whose up to smash some cars
  15. They cant be that bad really. There is still a big degree of subjectivity and interviewer variability that comes into play. Combined with the fierce competition of more than 500 candidates for 90 spots
  16. Which one? Hang in there, you must be awesome to be on more than WL in the first place
  17. I know exactly how you feel. Thinking about my answers, up till i got the decision, i wouldnt really change much about any of them. I realize no answer can ever be perfect, but that was as almost about as good as gets. And my ECs are actually great, as judged by friends in med. On a side note, is anyone here waiting for multiple schools?
  18. I think so too. I dont think its a coincidence that alot of people get into multiple places, especially since interviews are more of a hit or miss
  19. Am starting to think there is way more to the equation than the interview
  20. Feeling pretty bummed right now . I was so confident initially that I had this because I felt my performance was really solid on every station (and this is coming from someone who trained for MMI for more than 2 months). How are you guys holding out?
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