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  1. Accepted off Waitlist to Hamilton Campus! Timestamp: Tuesday June 5th, 2018 at 12:10pm Geography: IP cGPA: ~3.77 CARS: 127 Year: Gap Year working (Graduated 2017) Casper: Thought I did okay! I'm a fairly fast typer so that probably helped. Must have gone well with my pretty low stats. Interview: Didn't feel great about the first of couple stations, but eventually I calmed down and think I did decent on the others! Hopefully this encourages people with lower stats to still apply/have faith!!!
  2. Hope no one gets anxious seeing that a new message has been posted on this thread haha, but do you guys think there is likely to be anymore movement on the waitlist this year? I feel like there have been fairly substantial waves already so I am starting to think that Mac's class is nearly full, if not full already?
  3. I had a friend who called the McMaster MD office asking and did not receive any information about their spot or about how many people are typically waitlisted, although this was around the time of the initial May 8th email. I don't know if they would be more willing to give information at this point, but I would doubt it to be honest.
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