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  1. Thanks for your answer! Hopefully you’ll get accepted!
  2. Bonjour tout le monde! Je voulais partir un thread pour discuter des changements/incertitudes par rapport à l’admission 2021 (je suis cégeptienne, mais il y aussi eu des changements pour les universitaires). Laval va avoir un cut-off de 33 et après cela juste CASPer + MEMs, Sherbrooke va peut-être arrêter les en cours de bac, possibilité encore en ligne, annulation deuxième session, plus de places, etc. Bref, il y a beaucoup de rumeurs/changements et j’aimerais bien avoir votre avis. Pensez-vous que la sélection sera plus difficile étant donné que la cote r comptera moins? (Laval). merci à tous!
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering for those who got interviews at McGill: how competitive does ones CV have to be? I just finished my first year of Cegep and will be applying next cycle to Mcgill + Francophone schools. Academically R score in 38-39 range at the moment, but a lot will depend on next semester (over 50% of it because second semester won’t count due to COVID-19). My biggest worry is that my CV won’t be competitive. Unfortunately, I was planning on working and volunteering this summer but everything has been cancelled since COVID-19. Will the fact that most of my commitments ended in 2019 affect my application? My most recent experience would be an award in 2019 and a job during summer 2019, all I would have since then are things in the hobbies section/education sections. Additionally, for the verifiers, does anyone know how that process works? Also how many items should one have to be competitive? thanks a lot!
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