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  1. Hey, I have yet to see any threads asking this question so I thought I would bring it up. As a fair warning, i'm a Quebec student finishing high school, so I still have a while to think about the subject. As someone interested in health sciences, specifically medicine, there are indeniably far more opportunities and routes than before. Doctors aren't the only practitionners of medicine: NPs and PAs have expanded their scopes of practice and can suppliment a physician in certain cases. In the US it seems as though NPs can completely replace a primary care physician. However, in Canada scopes of practice are very different, especially in Quebec. So, what is the defining difference between the scope of practice of an NP and an MD, in Canada? For PAs it's quite simple; they practice under an MD. (At least from what I understand) I'm curious since i'll be choosing very soon what route i'll be taking. I lean towards medicine since becoming a specialist is what interests me. What roles exist for NPs in non primary care areas (Specifically things such as IM specialties and surgery) Do you think Canada will follow the US in integrating more expansive roles for NPs and PAs? Will PAs ever be integrated in all provinces or will the project be scraped? Thanks for any answers!
  2. Hey, I'm a secondary 3 student at a French school in Quebec, and medicine is the career that i'm aiming for. This year for a science project I had the chance to shadow/talk with a willing doctor, since I did my project on ECMO I had the opportunity to, and I absolutely loved my time in the hospital, I would like to pursue medicine as a career now. However, it seems that it's impossible to get accepted these days, and i'm concerned about that, especially since the R score is going steadily up and the competition is getting harder every year, I guess I just wanted some advice from people who were once at my place. I get good grades, but nothing exceptional, I go to an IB school and got a 95% average last term, but my first term I only got a 93%, I tend to do well in classes with loads of theory (science/math) and do worse in the arts and gym. I do volunteer work that I enjoy, i'm part of a reading circle, I've been involved in some youth politics, I dance and i've participated in a science fair, I'm not an exceptional student. I go to a really competitive high school and at least 5% of the student body wants to become a doctor, and it's pretty much the top 5% of the school, I just don't know what I should be aiming for (academically/extracurricular) in order to give me a good chance once I get to cégep. (My dream school is Mcgill) What advice do you guys have for me? Thank you!
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