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  1. Hey guys! I received an offer of admission earlier today. I just wanted to thank everyone on this forum because without you guys, I don't think I would have been able to stay sane while waiting for a decision. For those of you already accepted, did you pay your tuition deposit and submit the two documents all at once, or can you pay the deposit and submit the paperwork at different dates? The reason I ask is because I do not currently have a scanner, so I was just going to pay the deposit before sending in the documents. Also, can I pay the tuition deposit at my bank? That is how i've been paying my tuition all these years. Good luck to those of you still waiting!
  2. Hey guys. For those who have done the interviews in the past, how did you guys prepare for it? Did you just do the practice questions provided to you? Is there anything else i can do to prepare? Also, what sorts of questions do they ask? Like are the questions geared towards health care, or are they just general personal questions? Lastly, i'm just wondering why in the video, the associate dean says interviews are due by the third week of may. The email notice says the deadline is May 31st. Does anyone know the reason for the discrepancy? Thanks
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