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  1. You said you were recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Clearly someone with uncontrolled Bipolar Disorder as you've described isn't going to achieve their potential. The situation can change with better management. You're not here for advice. You're here for affirmation of your decision.
  2. With all due respect, if you're letting that diagnosis limit you and drastically alter your career aspirations like that, then I'm not sure you're suitable for Family Medicine either.
  3. Scores on the MCCEE which were considered "competitive" for CaRMS were those in the 95th percentile (2 standard deviations above average). I don't know what the cut-off score for QE1 is to be considered for an interview, but my guess is that the scores of those IMGs who actually match would be similarly high as before.
  4. As someone who did this route and was successful, I still don't recommend it. That being said, if you're going to go, then make sure you're knowledgeable about the process and risks beforehand. Contrary to the opinions of the inadequately informed, this path is not a sure thing. Good luck
  5. We live in a world measured in inches and fractions of inches. The difference between you and the person in front of you could be almost nothing, but the line had to be drawn somewhere. So, don't sell yourself short, because in all likelihood whatever negative thing you're thinking isn't true.
  6. Can't speak for others, but if I saw an application where applying to FM seemed to be an afterthought, I would give it the same amount of consideration that the applicant gave us (i.e., not much).
  7. Voting Conservative. Too much Liberal hypocrisy.
  8. Article on CBC - former liberal adviser Omer Aziz criticizes racial insensitivity in the government. Liberal staffers refer to minority communities as ethnic vote banks. There was a slip in the PMO's sanctimonious mask, and it's ugly.
  9. If you don't feel compelled to drink then you're in good company. Alcohol use in general is less prevalent among Millenials compared to previous generations, and that's not a bad thing.
  10. Do an experiment. Try studying 6 hours a day consistently for one semester to see if you can get that 95 average, because in all likelihood you'll struggle to achieve that score even with all your time devoted to studying, nevermind directing 20 to 30 hours a week towards ECs.
  11. Despite his past, I wish him well. He wanted to be a doctor and he became one. If his behavior since med school has been unremarkable, or even exemplary, then maybe he's changed. Regardless, it's still an uphill battle for him. Matching is difficult enough for IMGs without red flags, nevermind those with them.
  12. Your scores on UWorld (even if they're bad) are likely not representative of how you'll do on that section on MCCQE1. The level of detail for pediatrics on the usmle (for which UWorld is geared towards) is deeper than what you'll be expected to know on the Canadian exam. Toronto Notes should be sufficient (I didn't actually read it myself, but I've skimmed it and heard good things), and anything more than that is likely diminishing returns.
  13. Back when I was going through CaRMS, I included it on my application, and for what it's worth I also matched (though my USMLE results probably had little to do with it). Canadian PDs would understandably be less familiar with the interpretation of USMLE scores, however, with a few keystrokes it would require little effort on their part to find out. It would be beneficial to any program which accepts IMGs/CSAs to at least be aware of what an average score is. It may mean something or nothing, but in all likelihood reporting decent usmle scores is neutral or positive.
  14. In Ontario, an FM doc practicing primarily in pain management would require a formal change of scope.
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