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  1. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    Last year they told waitlist position in the initial email, gave an update after first week of offers, and sent out one final email once the class was full.
  2. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    She's not gone, she's just not really supposed to be involved with admissions this year.
  3. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    What’s going on with Queens this year? I just got through this morning and they said that they can’t release any information and that there will be no official email sent to waitlisted people once the class is full. So we’re just left in the dark?
  4. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    People have called and they won’t say anything
  5. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    Ya, just trying to get a better idea of what number they’re at since they won’t release that info. Last year they went like 20 spots in one day, but this year haven’t heard too much around here.
  6. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    Any others here on the waitlist, who are still waiting to hear?
  7. Wow, the waitlist has moved quite a bit! Congrats!
  8. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    That’s what I thought. Thanks. How did you find this date? It’s just weird because like you said in the other thread, some people in this forum have already gotten offers off the waitlist (we know up to #6 so far).
  9. Has anyone heard any updates? Haven't heard much around here.. Anxiously waiting!
  10. I assume we can expect some waitlist movement tomorrow / this week?
  11. Are waitlists not moving much yet? Seems like only a few people are reporting movement! Anyone know if people holding provisional acceptances have to decide this week? Or was the deadline last week?
  12. Anyone hear of any movement from Queens PT waitlist since Monday?
  13. Anyone hear of any movement from Queens PT waitlist since Monday?
  14. Yes it’s allowed and standard practice. Simply use the Athebasca courses as your prerequisites when filling them out. The Athabasca courses will count towards your sGPA though as they will be recent. Does Queens require minimum prerequisite grades? I don’t remember off the top of my head.