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  1. I think it’s better to have a few good quality experiences that you can talk about in depth in the personal submissions. A few PT-related experiences in different areas (ortho, neuro, cardiac, paediatrics, geriatrics, etc) would be great, so you can talk about them; what you did, what you learned and how they align with core competencies. I think I listed 5 experiences for my PT-related question, but looking back I think it was too many. I was able to show diversity, but because of the character limit, wasn’t really able to go into much depth about them on a personal level. Also, experience is going to be weighted differently across the schools. Queens for example will care about experience a lot more than say U of T. Hope that helps!
  2. I was overwhelmed when I started looking into it too, but it’s actually quite simple. I also used an agent from Study-UK Toronto. Across the Pond is another popular service, and they’re all free and very helpful with the application process and preparing students to move abroad. Some schools use UCAS, some UKpass and others use their own database (links were always on the PT pages when I was looking). So if you apply to several schools you will likely have to fill out multiple applications on various websites.. but they pretty much all ask for the same info (statement of interest, references, etc). Think about where you want to live, as most programs will have many similarities since they have requirements to fulfill. I personally wanted to stay near central London without being in central London. So, my top 2 choices when applying were Brunel London University (West London) and Oxford Brookes University (Oxford). These 2 schools’ PT/OT programs have great reps and several Canadian students (easy transition with the alliance if you plan on working in Canada). Cost and location were also factors I considered, and basically just made a list of several UK universities with cost, location and program quality. I also applied to University of Brighton (Brighton) and Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh). There are so many to choose from in the UK haha.
  3. Applied: Queen’s and UK schools (PT) Accepted: Queens PT & UK schools Waitlisted: Queens PT (#20) Rejected: cGPA: 3.10, sGPA: 3.76 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: -Feel that my references were strong; 1 from prof, 1 from a PT I worked with for a year. -Waitlisted last year so I worked on improving specific areas. Felt that my application was stronger this year, but answers themselves could have been better looking back. -Volunteer/work: Cardiac & stroke track support in an outpatient program, orthopaedic clinic assistant in a hospital, private PT clinic, sports med clinic, worked as a kin, research project in undergrad, personal training since 2014, inclusive exercise assistant for special populations.
  4. Most banks will give up to $80,000 ($40k/year) for OT/PT. CIBC and Scotia are good options if I recall correctly.
  5. Like Pt247 mentioned, a student line of credit might be a good option so that you don't have to stress about a job during school. Many banks (ie CIBC, RBC, Scotia) give up to $80,000 for a physiotherapist student, at low interest rates (around 3-4% if I recall correctly), and don't have to start paying back until 6-12 months after graduation. A part-time job is possible and people have done it; you will just have a busier schedule on top of an already very busy schedule haha.
  6. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    Last year they told waitlist position in the initial email, gave an update after first week of offers, and sent out one final email once the class was full.
  7. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    She's not gone, she's just not really supposed to be involved with admissions this year.
  8. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    What’s going on with Queens this year? I just got through this morning and they said that they can’t release any information and that there will be no official email sent to waitlisted people once the class is full. So we’re just left in the dark?
  9. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    People have called and they won’t say anything
  10. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    Ya, just trying to get a better idea of what number they’re at since they won’t release that info. Last year they went like 20 spots in one day, but this year haven’t heard too much around here.
  11. Rehab4Life

    Queens PT waitlist

    Any others here on the waitlist, who are still waiting to hear?
  12. Wow, the waitlist has moved quite a bit! Congrats!