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  1. Lol what? The way you started your original post did come across pretty snobby dude. Just saying.
  2. Agree. Also depends where you live - will probably vary in big cities vs smaller towns. It will also depend on environment - private practice vs hospital for example. There’s a lot of conflicting info online. Some physios I’ve spoken to in Toronto private practices (msk) have said they started at $70k+ working full-time hours, and mentioned it should be at least $60k.
  3. ORPAS didn’t do any recalculations; they told me to contact the schools. So I contacted Queen’s and they seemed to be very familiar with certain courses not being included in ORPAS. They did the recalculation. I remember seeing a list of courses somewhere, so I knew that the placement course I took was included. My placement course was an academic course so I knew schools would include it anyway. So I’m not sure if the schools recalculate every applicant’s GPA (that would take forever), or if certain applications get screened and flagged in the system. If your ORPAS GPA is off from your calculation, I would recommend calling the schools you applied to around mid-Feb to clear that up and make sure they know. When I called to say my ORPAS grade was off, they told me my recalculated GPA.
  4. Lower than what I (and the schools) calculated. ORPAS didn’t include things like my placement course when I applied. Even though the schools included it, ORPAS said they didn’t include any placement courses when I asked.
  5. Hey. Like I mentioned in the other thread, if both attempts fall in the last 10 full courses/credits, most schools will just use both grades. Some of the schools state it on their PT web pages. If you want only the repeated course (higher grade) to count, I would highly suggest calling the schools. If they make the exception they will tell you and mark it on your application once submitted. Graduating does not change this, as an undergraduate course is an undergraduate course regardless of registration status.
  6. I would bet that there are A LOT of PT applicants who have graduated and have taken extra courses to boost GPA as part-time students. Personally, I did the same thing as you - volunteered, worked and took a couple of courses (to boost GPA) after I completed my degree. 3) I believe this varies between schools as well. But for Queen's specifically, I believe it does not matter. I took courses in all levels - I basically chose based off interest and knowing I could do well.
  7. 1) They've accommodated students in the past with re-taking a bad course. Every school seems to have their own rules. I believe most schools will include both grades if they both fall within the last 10 full credits, but Queen's has accommodated people in previous years. I don't think anyone on this forum would know for sure though (unless they have spoken to someone recently), so I'd recommend speaking to Angela, Emily or Kathy so that you can hear it directly from them and 100% know for sure. 2) If I understand correctly, you're saying that you have a part-time status b/c you're not taking a full course load. If so, it does not matter; an undergraduate level course is not influenced by status. Hope this helps!
  8. Rehab4Life

    Importance of GPA

    sGPA cut-off is typically the first step / barrier to getting your application reviewed. If an application does not meet the school's specific cut-off, it usually does not go into the review process. What schools are you planning to apply to? Off the top of my head I believe you can apply to McMaster and Queen's with your sGPA.
  9. Rehab4Life

    Should I even apply?

    It's best to go off the cut-off of past years for each school you want to apply to rather than compare to others. If McMaster's cut-off last year was 3.77, you should be fine with a 3.82. It went up by 0.05 from 2017-18, which is a huge jump; I doubt that would happen again this year. I also heard what MWUQ said - that the cut-offs for both PT and OT were lowered to allow more individuals to interview. I also think you have a great chance at meeting the cut-off at McMaster. There's other schools that you can apply to with those grades too. Hope this helps boost your morale
  10. ORPAS still accepts them. I believe they are date stamped and up to each individual school to decide whether or not they consider it as "late".
  11. If the courses you took are regular undergraduate courses, you shouldn’t have a problem!
  12. It’s ok to use abbreviations. It doesn’t have to be in the same sentence(s). There’s no specific way or rules when it comes to talking about that stuff. How you want to organize the question and talk about certain things is up to you!
  13. What do you mean by input it separately? When applying to PT schools I believe the extra courses I took went towards my subGPA but not cumGPA (since they were taken post-graduating aka non-degree), as they get added to the top of the 20 half courses. I don’t remember having to distinguish degree and non-degree though since they were all on the same transcript and it distingushed on it.
  14. This thread turned out great! @8yearsofundergrad @PTHopeful2019 I agree with @Conham. You want to personalize your personal statement since it's personal to you, but making sure not to fill it with "fluff" and stories. Like Conham mentioned, you want to think about what qualities are important in becoming a physiotherapist. You can choose how you want to write it to convey your answer. You want to demonstrate your knowledge of the profession and scope of practice, but also go beyond those specifics, and talk about qualities / personal characteristics that you think are essential to becoming a good PT. For the 2nd and 3rd questions regarding experiences, you want to just break each question and experience down in a logical way that flows. Think about relating your experiences to essential physiotherapy competencies and how each experience aided towards your personal growth. Make sure to include all parts of the question for each experience as well: position, hours, facility, location, role, patient population. My sub-GPA was 3.76. @PTHopeful2019 Did you already graduate and those are supplemental courses? I'd say contact ORPAS or the schools to ask how the summer course fits in. A 2nd year PT student at Queen's just released a great personal statement tips video. It's really helpful and basically answers your questions!
  15. Rehab4Life

    PT Private Practice

    It's hard to make a generalization off a few cases. Personally, I've entertained the thought of entrepreneurship at some point, as that's what I primarily did pre-PT school and loved it. I don't think you necessarily need to be an experienced PT to start your own place, but it's always good to have experience to know how the industry/business works. I think it's generally more about having the interest in business and developing business skills. Starting a business takes learning/education, time, money, stress, challenges and uncertainty/risk (usually financially - don't have a salary anymore). Perhaps those are some reasons that might deter people from doing it. But I guess sometimes higher risk can lead to higher reward? Also, it takes money to buy out a successful practice. Maybe several younger PTs are more focused on progressing as a clinician, paying off student loans, saving up for a place, starting a family, etc etc. I also know a couple PTs running private practices. One doesn't seem too stressed (quite the opposite actually haha), and the other doesn't take on much of a case load anymore and focuses more on the business. Although there are several factors to consider.. like a busier clinic with more staff will = more responsibilities. But I think you could also hire people to offload some business-related responsibilities as the business grows. All speculation of course