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  1. I got in with a B+ in both my English courses haha
  2. Yeah I mean I guess it’s actually not bad but just because the backpacks are associated with med school and in BC, ubc med, and so you wanna be professional while you’re wearing it. But if a random person is using it you can’t control their behaviour, which could elicit negative perception. But honestly who cares you’re right. I don’t feel comfortable using my backpack for many reasons which is why I use other more discrete bags, but I think I’ll keep mine for sentimental reasons or for travel (can stuff a lot in there!)
  3. Yeah a few people in my class have donated them to thrift stores lol... probably not the best idea but they’re nice quality backpacks and if you’re not gonna use it it’s sad for it to go to waste. Mine is sitting with the tags still on in my closet because I don’t use it but I don’t know what to do with it
  4. The student loan grant The ubc bursary is separate
  5. Yes, they do take this into account. In first year you get ~15K for the year from BC student loans including grants. More in third year since it’s all year.
  6. Timing is a crapshoot. I’m in second year so the year I was accepted (2017) rejections came out around 1:30pm, waitlist 2pm and we didn’t get acceptances until like 3:40pm ... (PST). It was rough lol.
  7. Agreed. Uni of washingtons bioethics site is very similar. I did read most of it though just because I found the book interesting but I don’t think it was helpful, especially for UBCs MMI which is more out of the box. Wouldn’t buy it for $90. See if you can get it secondhand or borrow from a friend
  8. I’m in second year Med. The year I got accepted, we didn’t receive the interview update email until Nov 28th, and then I received the interview invite on Dec 15th which was the Thursday, and mid December haha. The week of Dec 10th is likely when they’ll come out, which actually isn’t late. Last year was just pretty early.
  9. In first year, CBL and Lectures are all at LSC. Only clinical skills is at DHCC. In second year, CBL And most lectures are at DHCC, with the odd lecture at LSC when you have labs there.
  10. Hey I've never posted on here, just been creeping for years, so I thought I would post my stats in case it helps! Accepted: VFMP Time stamp: May 12th, 3:39PM PST IP - 4th Year Undergrad GPA - 87.4% MCAT: 514 Interview: It was my first time applying and interviewing, and my only interview. I felt really good immediately after, and I honestly had a lot of fun during it. I was very relaxed, felt like I was being myself and just having a very casual conversation at most of the stations. I only finished early in one station (about 30 seconds) and didn't feel awful about any of them. Over the weeks that followed I obviously picked apart every single answer and thought it was awful, but my original feelings were probably more accurate since I got accepted. ECs: long term dancer up till high school (5000+ hours), research (2 years), volunteering (all over since grade 10), school clubs (jumped around a bit), a few awards, and long term commitments with a couple of non-profits over the past 4 years. Also wrote about my personal struggles with a serious injury and an eating disorder/mental illness. SO EXCITED!
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