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  1. WHAT!! I just had my interview. This would be so heartbreaking. Where did you hear this?
  2. pre-MMI score is the score from everything that’s evaluated pre-interview. This includes GPA, CARS, and the 7 groups of attributes including: scholarship, maturity etc. which are derived from the file review of your top 10 + employment + publications. I believe file review is just your file and doesn't include the automatically calculated scores like those for GPA and CARS.
  3. You’d probably be one of the strongest candidates for US DO schools. Your GPA and MCAT are well above their competitive averages and your ECs seem to be good. If it’s something you’d be interested in doing, it may be worthwhile to apply to Canadian MDs (depending on your wGPA and home province status) as well as US MD schools (they don’t have weighted GPAs but they look at upward trends in GPAs).
  4. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: 12:37 Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 514 (127CARS) CGPA: 3.84 (unfortunately the 2yr GPA would’ve made it worse) Current year: 4th year undergrad EC: Pretty good. Got interviews at other EC heavy schools.
  5. I doubt it'll be a problem. Canadian schools are reasonable in this sense. I've never understood American schools being negatively biased against reapplicants or people who had previously declined an interview or acceptance.
  6. Me and two of my friends are interviewing. We're all in downtown Toronto.
  7. I would imagine that anyone who is out of province will try to plan their interviews for the 14th and 15th if they were lucky enough to get both. I technically count as IP but I am flying in from Ontario, so I'm hoping to do this as well if I get UofA too. As someone who's made the drive between Calgary and Edmonton many times, it's actually a very straightforward 3-hour trip, and the road is highly trafficked and therefore, well maintained. To be honest, I would prefer not to do both in one weekend as well, but cost, as well as the extra time necessary to make two trips (I am still in undergrad and taking 6 courses w/ a part-time job) would be too prohibitive.
  8. Invites just got sent out! I'll get it started. TIME STAMP: 2:56pm MSTInterview Date: TBDResult: InvitewGPA: 3.97MCAT: 127 CARSECs: Fairly good I think. 1300+ hours research, 1500+ hours of volunteering w/ non-profits like Canadian Blood Services. Held a part-time job during university. Some international internship experience. No publications but several conference presentations (including one national and one international conference). Some other interesting experiences like working with alzheimers/parkinsons patients at long-term care facilities etc.Year: 4th year UndergradGeography : IP
  9. Timestamp: 10:00am Invite/Regrets: Regrets GPA: 3.84 OMSAS CARS: 127 CASPer: Felt ok Geography: IP Overall, my CARS was way below competitive and my GPA didn't do me any favours. Basically what I expected.
  10. Unfortunately your GPA isn’t even enough to DO, let alone MD. You could give the Caribbean a shot if you’re really deadset on being a doctor. However, you seem to have had a very productive PhD which means you clearly have a strong acumen for research. You would probably do a lot better if you just stuck with that. After all, there are many opportunities for clinical research/work without an MD.
  11. If it was part of course requirements I don’t think you include it for OMSAS.
  12. You're fine. MCAT scores released electronically deliver instantaneously from AAMC to the recipient schools. The "delay" they mention on their website is because schools aren't constantly downloading scores, so it sometimes takes some before the schools actually receive scores. But they will be downloading it regularly coming up to the deadline. I wrote my MCAT in Aug 31st this summer and so they were released on Oct 1st, but I release them at 11am and by 1pm UAlberta and UofC portals said they had gotten them. If you release your scores now, they'll get there well before the deadline.
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