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  1. They said this section won't be scored (https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md/applying/non-academic-requirements) so I think it won't be factored into your pre-interview score? I think it's just there to give the file reviewer a better idea of you as a person, and maybe as a "Top 5" list that draws from your ECs similar to UofC's "Top 10"? I'm having trouble filling it out too, but I'll try to put at least something down. I don't think it looks good to leave it blank.
  2. Yup those are on there on Page 42 and 43 of the manual.
  3. My two cents are, it doesn't seem that weird. If it is a reputable medical school (you should check their certification status/history), and your friend would be happy going there, there doesn't seem to be a problem. If he decided to decline the offer and reapply, he would go into the class of 2024 anyway, so unless he's gunning for a different school, there'd really be no point. P.S. You should post this on SDN. Might find someone who's been in this situation before.
  4. First time applicant here. I've got my verifiers, hours, and top 10 experiences so now I'm set with the daunting task of writing the "description" and "impact" sections. Can anyone suggest a good format for these section, how to best portray the CanMEDS competencies etc? I apologize if there have been previous posts on this topic, I did a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for.
  5. I seriously doubt have a few similar titles would’ve negatively impacted your application. For research I just used “Undergraduate Researcher” vs. “Research Assistant” vs. “Honours thesis project student” for example.
  6. Hey, I understand I would make the cutoff for a file review, but what's the chance I get an interview? I know overall my chances aren't great regardless even with an interview, but if my application won't move forward due to my GPA, is there any point in applying?
  7. My OMSAS cGPA is 3.85 (due to one horrible semester, all other semesters are 3.9+). Both Ottawa (3.84) and Western (3.80) wGPA actually reduce my GPA. Am I right to think that applying to Western/Ottawa would just be a waste of the application fee due to my low GPA? I have good leadership ECs but only below average volunteering experience. I got 130 CARS (517 total) and have yet to take CASPer.
  8. I have a similar issue. I volunteered at a long-term care facility and my supervisor at the time was a colleague of my dad in a different company a few years prior to that (which I how I heard of the volunteering opportunity in the first place). He's not family or a friend of mine, but I suppose he counts as a friend of my dad even though they're not very close. Would this be an issue or is the connection too loose?
  9. Hey, so I will be a first time applicant this year. Based on both UofA and UofC saying that August 31st was the last eligible sitting date for the MCAT this year, I switched my booking to then from my initial booking of the 9th, thinking I could use the extra 3 weeks to prep. However, I just realized that the MCAT scores will become available on the 1st of October which is also the deadline for them to receive your scores. I'm worried because I read that it can take 1-3days for them to actually receive the scores from AAMC after you release them. If there was such a delay, would that disqualify my application from consideration? I know UofC especially has a very hard no-exceptions deadline when compared to some of the Ontario Schools. Appreciate the help.
  10. I'm a UofT student which means my transcripts will show both the letter grade and the percentage grade. UofC lists two GPA calculation schemes, one of which uses the percentage and one which uses letter grades. The letter grade system would give me a higher cGPA since both A and A+ count as a 4.0, while per the percentage system, I would have all of my A's counted as 3.9's and only A+'s counted as 4.0's. Any idea which system UofC would use to calculate my GPA per their standards?
  11. And to add onto that, from an ADCOM perspective, despite your overall competitive GPA, the consistent downward trend will be very worrying. I think taking an extra year of undergrad and showing a strong improvement will help your application a lot more than a masters. Also yeah, re-write the MCAT, there isn't a single med school in Canada that would give you an interview with that low of a CARS score.
  12. So I completed 4.5 credits (4 courses first semester and 5 courses second semester) in my first year of university. I will be graduating with a full course load in every other semester of every year however. Does my having dropped one course in the first semester of first year disqualify me from the wGPA formula for all years or just in my first year (i.e., do I get my lowest 3.0 FCE's dropped from years 2,3,4 or do I get nothing?). I will be taking 6 FCE's in first semester next year to make up for the one course I dropped during first year, so I will still graduate with the full 20 credits in 4 years. I had a 4.0 GPA first year, so I don't need any FCE's dropped from it, but it would really suck if I'm disqualified from getting FCE's dropped in other years :/
  13. So I'm going into my second year at UofT this fall, and I'm trying to plan out my course load for this year and next year so I meet the pre-reqs to apply to as many med schools as possible, including all of the Top Ivy Schools (Harvard, Yale etc.) I should be able to or already have satisfied the math, chem, bio and physics requirements. However, some of the schools have requirements like One Year of English. The University of Toronto only allows you to take 6 FCE's at the 100-level (first year level courses), and between my two majors and all of the math/chem/bio/physics/psychology requirements, I will be using up all of my 100-level course spots, so I physically can't fit in a full year of english (the course is ENG100). So my question is, how strict are med schools on the pre-reqs? And if they're not completely strict, how much of a disadvantage would I be at if I didn't meet one of their requirements? Thanks in advance.
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