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  1. You're fine. MCAT scores released electronically deliver instantaneously from AAMC to the recipient schools. The "delay" they mention on their website is because schools aren't constantly downloading scores, so it sometimes takes some before the schools actually receive scores. But they will be downloading it regularly coming up to the deadline. I wrote my MCAT in Aug 31st this summer and so they were released on Oct 1st, but I release them at 11am and by 1pm UAlberta and UofC portals said they had gotten them. If you release your scores now, they'll get there well before the deadline.
  2. All this is going to do is make physicians want to work anywhere but Alberta and make it even more difficult to serve the underserved areas they claim to be helping through this bill.
  3. I think it’s ultimately a quality vs. quantity consideration. OMSAS gives you barely any space even to describe your activity, let alone discuss it. Many schools (i.e., Mac) couldn’t care less what your extracurriculars are like and focus on GPA/MCAT/CASPer. Realistically, unless you’re a mature applicant with a PhD, no one has 32 meaningful experiences to include, and so people fill out those spaces with clubs they attended a single meeting for, a $500 scholarship that means nothing because everyone with a 3.5GPA got it, or intramural sports which half the students in university participate in. If you notice, UofC and UofA have a fairly low matriculant GPA compared to Ontario schools, but looking at the histograms from UofC, it’s clear how many people with 4.0 GPAs and 130+ CARS scores are getting rejected every year in favour of students with 3.7 and 127s. For UofC specifically, there’s so much weight on the subjective extracurricular/character assessment portion (70% of the app) that it really comes down to the diversity and quality of your Top 10 experiences and how well you can reflect upon them in the ~200 words provided.
  4. Everything you said makes sense. One thing to note is that a 3.76 GPA after adjustment wouldn’t be remotely competitive at UofT (not sure if u meant 3.86 or 3.96) unless you’re applying to an aboriginal or black entry stream or have extraordinary life circumstances that may grant you an exception or second look. No one really knows the competitive range for queens as far as GPA and MCAT goes but a 3.93 is great even if 511 is on the lower end.
  5. Yeah mine just showed up as well. I got my worst year dropped despite still being in my 4th year of study, so it looks like they are still using the same wGPA system as last year and all of the speculations about changes and needing 4 full-years to get the wGPA were unfounded after all.
  6. One of my verifiers notified me today that they had been contacted. Edit: another just notified me that they'd been contacted as well.
  7. I literally emailed them twice with something similar (unintended mistake in the publications section) and both times they replied “we allow no revisions after the application deadline, even for mistakes”. At this point, the way I see it is, I’ve made their admissions office aware of the mistake so there’s no way in good conscience that they could allow file reviewers to assess the file without at least making a note about it. You may have a better chance if you try calling them directly. Best of luck.
  8. What’s the Ronald chow fiasco?
  9. I think you kind of answered your own question there. You go to UofW, not UofM.
  10. I believe that any research that is part of the course cannot be used as research since it counts as degree requirements and not an EC.
  11. Yeah you'll get the wGPA which will drop your worst year.
  12. How do you guys have 30+ items to put on there? I only have like 12 to be honest, because I went for quality over quantity (each one like 100hours+, with the longest one being 1100 hours. are people including hobbies, gym, sports, personal interests and other things like that to make up the count?
  13. The description on the website has changed. It now says: ”For applicants presenting 4 or more full-time academic years (September through April) of transferable post-secondary coursework, we may exclude the lowest academic year from calculation, provided that it is not the most recent full-time academic year, nor the only year in which the student earned 30 ucw.” I think the new definition implies that fourth years won’t get the wGPA since it says that APPLICANTS must present 4 full-time years, and not that you must have 4 full-time years by the time of matriculation.
  14. They said this section won't be scored (https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md/applying/non-academic-requirements) so I think it won't be factored into your pre-interview score? I think it's just there to give the file reviewer a better idea of you as a person, and maybe as a "Top 5" list that draws from your ECs similar to UofC's "Top 10"? I'm having trouble filling it out too, but I'll try to put at least something down. I don't think it looks good to leave it blank.
  15. Yup those are on there on Page 42 and 43 of the manual.
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