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  1. Should be about 20-25 last year and went to 13-15 before all OOP spots were filled. Good luck.
  2. Class of 2021 stats. 716 Non-Maritime applicants , 7 from Ontario and 1 from Newfoundland got accepted. https://medicine.dal.ca/news/2017/09/08/medicine_s_o_week.html
  3. Don't think Western send out class full email in the past. Anyway, if you have not receive an offer from any med school yet (like me), you should prepare yourself for the next cycle instead.
  4. Reapplying for next cycle. Once again congrats to all who got accepted this year and best of luck.
  5. Do they send out "class is full" email? Expecting that instead.
  6. Looks like "class is full" email any day now.
  7. A bridge too far (maybe two or three) for me this year. I'll be back though. Congrats again to you and your friend.
  8. Marrying to your love one and your dream came true at the same time. This must be your lucky year. Congrats.
  9. Since I don't have an offer and next cycle application is not online yet, I'll just leave it for now. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Congrats. So your friend with low 75 got accepted too? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am on OOP waitlist this year and knows I have very little chance getting in and preparing for next cycle. My GPA are 1st year 3.85, 2nd year 3.86 3rd year 3.88 and final year (this year) 3.67. My question is, just in case I got an offer, does my final year meet the 3.7 minimum required since according to their faq "If successful in gaining admission, applicants must demonstrate that the course load and minimum GPA requirement has been maintained in the final year. " Also if I am ok to reapply for next cycle? Thanks in advance.
  12. Use that positive force on improving yourself is what I meant. I know they don't meant that.
  13. Smash cars, are you guys serious? Personally not on Queen's waitlist. You guys should spend time improving yourself for the next cycle instead. You are all good since you are on the waitlist, improve yourself to make sure you are not next year. At least that is what I am going to do. I am on Ottawa and an oop waitlist but I know for sure if I improve myself next year, I will be there for sure. Don't give up, you are almost there this year, just work harder to make sure yourself to be there next year.
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