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  1. OldManLogan

    Waterloo Co-op?

    I think co-op is great. I went to another school and did not do co-op but felt that through co-op, I would have had the opportunity to gain valuable research experience which would help my application, and would also give me strong reference letters and the opportunity to network.
  2. OldManLogan

    Including One-Day Activities on ABS?

    I would include it. I had a similar activity on my ABS.
  3. Hi everybody, The school that I am attending does not have a dermatology department. I was just wondering if this would negatively affect my chances of matching to dermatology (ie. lack of research opportunities, shadowing opportunities, etc...). Also, what can I do to strengthen my application?
  4. Hi everybody, I was wondering, when working on a research project to strengthen your residency application, does the research have to be in the field that you want to specialize in? For example, if you want to apply to radiology, or dermatology, do you have to do research in those fields to make the research relevant to your application? Also, if your school doesn't have a department for what you want to specialize in, what can you do to get experience in that field?
  5. I heard that Schulich has integration weekends for the London and Windsor classes to get to know each other. How frequent are these integration weekends and generally what do they consist of?
  6. Physiatry definitely seems appealing.
  7. What are some examples of these specialties (aside from dermatology)?
  8. OldManLogan

    2017 Backpack?

    I would have preferred red.
  9. Hey guys, I'm going to be attending Schulich Medicine at the Windsor Campus and was wondering if anyone had an suggestions on where to live. Ideally, I would like to live as close as possible to the school but still live in a decent place (a lot of the houses I saw online near the school looked quite dirty). Also, are there any apartments/condos that anyone could recommend that medical students have lived in or currently live in? Thanks!!
  10. From what I remember, it's closer to the beginning.
  11. OldManLogan

    low psych/soc score

    I don't know about this year, but I know last year most schools didn't look at psyc/soc. based on your current MCAT and GPA, I think you have a pretty good chance at interviewing.
  12. OldManLogan

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    Your GPA can definitely recover. I know people who had first year GPAs in the 3.4 and 3.5 range but had second, third and fourth year GPAs that were 3.9+ that got accepted. The fact that your 2nd year GPA is 4.0 shows that you identified how to study and score well. keep up the good work and your cGPA and weighted GPAs will be great. ECs look good to me as well. I wold suggest diversifying your ECs (ie. playing intramural sports, arts, etc...) Overall though, your stats look good to me.
  13. OldManLogan


    From my experience, the TPR tests are harder than the real MCAT. What I recommend is that rather than focusing on your score, you look at why you got questions wrong and work on that. So for science, if you blanked on periodic trends or a physics formula, go back and study those. Same goes for CARS. I think by doing this, you will definitely see big jumps in your scores that will hopefully translate to the real MCAT.
  14. During my gap year, I worked on strengthening my extra curriculars because I was happy with my GPA and MCAT. So I worked in research, teaching and other fields to diversify my application.
  15. I agree with @Chels1267 . If you do decide to do a masters, make sure that it will be completed before the deadline. I decided to take a gap year rather than do a masters because of this reason.