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  1. I took the MCAT in summer 2015, scored in the 70th overall (124 CARS). Retook it summer of 2016 and scored in the 68th (124 in CARS again). <-- That's a road block if I've ever seen one. I studied full summers, given I was doing other things in as well, and somehow managed to go from bad to worse. I took the MCAT for my 3rd time in January of 2017, and scored in the 98th, with a 129 in CARS. I won't give you any tips, because they won't hold much weight given that I'm 1 for 3, but I can tell you that if you want something bad enough you'll keep at it until you succeed - I buckled down the day after my last final exam and worked at it until mid January, and somehow managed to remain focused throughout every question in the exam (in my opinion being focused the whole time is the most important aspect on test day). Best of luck on your 3rd try!!!
  2. I'd say give it a shot - GPA is only 20% after all - above average EC's could more than make up for that. I'm giving it a shot with a 3.82/129 but idk where my EC's would stack up
  3. The answer for Queen's appears to be "you never know" so I'd say give it a shot!
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