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  1. excelspreadsheet

    The CURE to MCAT Pains

    Fantastic, already placed my order. One caveat I would edit in OP, you gotta dilute the bottle before you use it. A few million fold dilution should do the trick. Plus you only have to buy 1 bottle and can share it forever!
  2. I remember seeing your post from a while back, congratulations on the acceptance
  3. I'd be surprised if everyone who as accepted joined the group immediately - so you would have to low ball the number of available seats. Plus "fake" accounts might just be people who don't want to put their info up on facebook? We can hope though Actually, I took a look again. Currently: 139 members - 19 admins = 120 students. Last year's group which should be full: 170 members - 2 admins - 168 students. Assuming an equal proportion will join the FB group, that's 48 more potential seats. BUT, that assumes that since there were only 2 admins listed last year, no other current students/staff had joined the group but were not made admins. Plus, taking into account likely pending requests/people who recently got pulled from the waitlist not yet joining you could probably easily take off at least another 8 people. Maybe 40 seats?
  4. excelspreadsheet

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    Congratulations @Salamander and @orangeisthenewblack! Seems like you're both OOP. I wonder if the IP has started moving yet.
  5. excelspreadsheet

    Rejected at multiple schools post interview...what to do??

    I had a lot of trouble on my interviews this year as well (and am still not accepted anywhere). I haven't been able to get over this roadblock yet either, but I understand how you're feeling - good luck!
  6. Is it for family reasons? I can see why you would to stay especially if you have a SO or spouse in London. Sucks to make that choice, but I'm not sure if I would personally take the risk. At the end of the day, I guess you just have to consider, would you be okay with applying another year to stay? It seems you've done well enough that you would likely be admitted again next year but, there's always some luck in the process. Seems to be agreement that you are likely to get a spot off of the high waitlist though. Good luck with your decision!
  7. excelspreadsheet

    While we wait for May 8th

    Courtesy of reddit.
  8. excelspreadsheet

    Is it okay to be reserved in an interview?

    I agree with the above. I've always wondered if the more enthusiasm would benefit us in the subjective components though. Positivity goes along way, I know a couple of people mentioned telling small "jokes" during their panel that the interviewers laughed at. I'm pretty reserved as well, so I'll see how goes in May. This is going to be a long wait...
  9. excelspreadsheet

    References contacted 2017-18 cycle

    Really? I was under the impression he had said a minimum of 2 references for everyone would be contacted unless we failed the interview. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, really hoping I'm remembering wrong...
  10. excelspreadsheet

    Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist Thread

    Result: Waitlisted cGPA: 3.96 ECs: Cookie-cutter esque Year: Graduated 2016 IP/OOP/International: OOP I think I met you at the interview. Was going to ask if you were someone but don't want to get you doxxed - will PM you!
  11. excelspreadsheet


    Your interview score isn't static. You can and will improve. Maybe not this year, or even the year after, but think big picture - you're going to learn from this experience and come back stronger to make a great physician in the future. It probably wasn't "intended" but resilience and moving on from failure seems built into the process and will probably benefit us all in the future.
  12. excelspreadsheet

    Rejected or Waitlisted : You are not alone.

    Was beautiful, you should take up motivational speaking on the side. Good luck to everyone accepted, still on the waitlist or in the coming cycles!
  13. excelspreadsheet

    What makes a "good" U of T essay?

    So now that it has been submitted to turnitin, can we never use aspects of our essay when applying to other schools? Some of their topics this year were quite broad and would be applicable in our applications to other schools.
  14. excelspreadsheet

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    Just have to wait 4 years for the neuroticism to ferment