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  1. What's the tourist vibe? Too standoffish? Shadowing instead of hands on?
  2. I know it sucks to be on that side of things and I was in the same boat as you years ago. I was rejected 5 times. But doing well on the MMI is a skill that you can learn - even now, the fact that you're waitlisted shows that you're improving. I'll agree what others have said about practicing in person with other people and reaching out to others for advice. One caveat to that is looking for very candid/blunt feedback. Often during MMI prep, I found people try to be super nice about the feedback they give and will dance around the negatives. Maybe consider recording yourself during a station and see if you can isolate what you would change if you were to do it again. Happy to chat as well if you have more questions. Know that your persistence will pay off, and one day you can look back on this and see how far you've come.
  3. Everyone's experience will be different. I know quite a few people in my class were crammers in undergrad (and still are). But it really will help you in med school where you can't cram as effectively anymore. There's way too much info and it's actually needed in the future so it's just easier on your future self to learn it once well. Honestly, I'd be surprised if you didn't do exceedingly well with just 1 hour of studying per 1 hour of lecture (+ the overall review closer to the exam of course). Maybe you could start with that for a week and reassess from there? (think, how well do I know this material? am I feeling burned out? am I using my study time effectively?) Good luck!
  4. Do you mind linking / PM'ing any info you have? I found this: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/health-care-system/health-human-resources/statements-need-postgraduate-medical-training-united-states.html but it doesn't seem to state whether or not there are unlimited number of statements issued or not. They do say "NOTICE: Update for 2019: Administrative program changes to the Statement of Need Program" though...
  5. Do you mean any specialty? Isn't it extremely difficult to get a statement of need for most residencies other than FM/Internal/Peds?
  6. Would you mind elaborating? Couldn't we apply to Canadian match first and then if we don't match have the US as a back up as it runs after? Could we choose say internal med first round and not back up with anything. Then apply internal for NRMP and if we still don't match, and then have our back ups in the CARMS round 2? Or does CARMS round 2 occur in before NRMP as well? Feb 26th, 2019 is apparently CARMS round 1 match day. (Couldn't find a date for 2nd round) March 15th, 2019 is NRMP match.
  7. Definitely check out the schools mentioned above, and I'd also add Toronto to your list of schools to apply to. I know most Ontario schools are seen as GPA centric but they specifically have a graduate stream where they assess research productivity (you! ). Ottawa is another good school for this since they'll look at your last 3 years but weighting favors your last year. (1x score for 2nd year, 2x score for 3rd year, 3x score to 3rd year)! What is your home province? For some schools eg. Calgary, you can go to their website and see how they grade and see where you might need to focus your application. Your app pretty well rounded, good luck!
  8. I think I understand the sentiment behind your post... but really, that's not realistic. Do we have a personality test that selects for the "correct" personality in medicine? All schools have specific traits/competencies they select for through the interview and application process. How can we assume that a new test wouldn't be passable by the people you are trying to screen for/against? First, no school *only* lets in their class size. Most have quite a bit of wait-list movement and it's closer to 50% of interviewees are admitted. Second that analogy doesn't work. To qualify for the Olympics, you're tested directly on the skill that you would need to perform. Med school admissions are indirect measures through GPA, interviews and references - schools can only predict who would make good physicians based on these. Should we turn away someone who had a rough start to their undergrad but excels in other areas like research? or someone who had to work through school and "lacks" extra-curricular activities? Those life experiences and the learning that comes with it or skills like research seem pretty significant to me...
  9. Their online site says fees are only waived for the Passport Visa - is their site out of date? or do we have to ask individual advisors to swap to the passport infinite? https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/small-business/industries/professionals/student-professionals.html
  10. When do you think is a good time to get involved in research? Are there certain basics you should cover in classes first or is it best to just jump right in and learn as you go?
  11. That's true. But, if only 10% of interview slots are saved for OOP people, then those 10% are likely relatively competitive and will receive interviews from their IP schools. There used to be stats on their website (might still be there) of their class composition and its >90% of their class are from Ontario. Given the choice, I think quite a few people will stay closer to family and friends rather than choosing a school further away.
  12. Fantastic, already placed my order. One caveat I would edit in OP, you gotta dilute the bottle before you use it. A few million fold dilution should do the trick. Plus you only have to buy 1 bottle and can share it forever!
  13. I remember seeing your post from a while back, congratulations on the acceptance
  14. I'd be surprised if everyone who as accepted joined the group immediately - so you would have to low ball the number of available seats. Plus "fake" accounts might just be people who don't want to put their info up on facebook? We can hope though Actually, I took a look again. Currently: 139 members - 19 admins = 120 students. Last year's group which should be full: 170 members - 2 admins - 168 students. Assuming an equal proportion will join the FB group, that's 48 more potential seats. BUT, that assumes that since there were only 2 admins listed last year, no other current students/staff had joined the group but were not made admins. Plus, taking into account likely pending requests/people who recently got pulled from the waitlist not yet joining you could probably easily take off at least another 8 people. Maybe 40 seats?
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