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  1. Result: Accepted Stream: French Time-stamp: 6:57 wGPA: 3.96 CASPer: Overall went well, definitely did not manage to fully answer every question. ECs: Not to many, some traditional ones (Hospitals, homeless shelters, research) and some non-traditional activities more related to my program of study. Interview: The interviewers were nice, but I had no idea how it went once I was done. Year: 5th year undergrad Geography: IP
  2. What exactly does the medical faculty count as a full year. Would they count the following scenario as a full year? one semester full time (fall), co-op placement during the winter as well as an extra class. Four courses during the summer co-op academic semester. (The medical faculty does count summer course when its for the co-op program). What I am more specifically asking is if they would transfer the credit from the winter to the summer to make it full time or if they would not count it, therefore the year would be inadmissible. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! As an extra question, can pre requisites course be taken during the summer? I know the grades will not be counted but would the credit count?
  4. Does the medical faculty only count the courses which are apart of your program towards your average? Lets say you take a class which is a medical pre-req during a full semester but that class is nowhere in your program even as an elective, will it still be counted towards your average by the faculty of medicine? Thanks!
  5. Is organic chemistry 1 an absolute required course. The admissions website is unclear as it says 2 full time years of chemistry in general, organic or biochemistry. Could 1 full year of general and full year of biochemistry be sufficient?
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