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  1. Hi everyone, Hope I'm not posting in the wrong subforum... I heard Brandl's section and questions on the Biochem 2280A final are very difficult. I was wondering if someone could give tips on how to approach the questions. Are they similar to Haffie's in that they test critical thinking? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I have just finished my 1st year in undergrad. I have a bit of a dilemma with my GPA, because although most of my courses were finished with 4.0s, and a few 3.9s, one of my courses I have finished with a 3.3. I just fucked it up really badly, and couldn't see myself doing well in the course. My GPA without weighting drops to just under a 3.9, whereas with weighting, at U of T I'll have a 3.95 I believe. Some med schools, such as McMaster for example, look at all 4 years of your GPA and don't apply any weighting formulas. I'm curious as to how badly this disadvantages me, and if there's any particular med schools that I should apply to (and any particular med schools that I shouldn't apply to.) I ask because if I have around a 3.86 as my un-weighted GPA, it's quite difficult to bring it back into the 3.95+ range which would make me really competitive for Ontario med schools. Thank you for reading! -musicboy