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  1. I was on the waitlist last year until late August before being rejected. Ended up doing a different program/degree. They were accepting people one by one as people dropped out or declined their offer. They use some statistics to estimate how many people to keep on the waitlist at any given time. Anyways, good luck to everyone on the waitlist, there's still a couple months left just hang in there and be optimistic! I've heard of people getting accepted from the waitlist even up to the first week of September!
  2. That means you are still on the waitlist and still have a good chance of being admitted . I think they shortened the waitlist so some people are still left. They might continually shorten the waitlist as time goes on, as the likelihood of people dropping out decreases as time goes on. They don't consider your grades after the interview.
  3. Just received my rejection letter thanking me for my patience and that all spaces in the PharmD program are now accounted for (I guess I'm at the bottom of the waiting list). Good luck to those who were admitted, and good luck to those still on the waitlist, hopefully you'll be admitted by September! This was my second time applying to the PharmD program, and I've been studying at UBC for 5 years already. My road has come to an end. I can't do much with my current degree so I'm going to be doing an MBA come September. Wish me luck, and I wish you all a long fulfilling career ahead!
  4. My main worry was that they sent out waitlists a lot earlier last year, so I'm not sure if our chances are the same or not.
  5. 9:35 AM PST- Friday, June 9 - Received waitlist email. I guess there's always next year lol . Congrats to all those who get in this year and good luck to everyone else for next year's application cycle!
  6. Last year I was supposed to attend a mock MMI hosted by pharmacy students but it was cancelled abruptly and they said the faculty has prohibited them from conducting it. On the bright side, there are plenty of student organized mock MMIs on Facebook that are pretty realistic and are very good practice. I'd strongly recommend to future applicants that they should try doing one of those mock sessions at least once or twice.
  7. From my understanding, UBC's pharmacy program has unfortunately prohibited its students from being involved in or conducting mock MMIs for future pharmacy students (this rule was put into place last year I believe). I would double check with the administration before going ahead next year.
  8. Probably mid-June when the last acceptance offers are given out.
  9. I think things are looking bleak for the rest of us . They are slowly going down the list as spaces become available (that's why everyone is getting acceptances on different days). Once all the spaces are accounted for (there probably isn't much left right now) the rejection notices will probably be sent out mid-June as stated.
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