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    For mine, we started late cause an interviewer was a few minutes late, and at 10:40 they tell me we have 3 questions left and only 5minutes left so we're gonna have to speed things up, which threw me off big time for the end
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    My friends and I all feel like we absolutely blew Western, and have been getting flashbacks the past 3 days. Hope it stops soon
  3. I just remembered something about my written component that's been stressing me out. I believe I may have been short by one sentence, from the range that was given in the instructions. I'm really worried this is going to be deemed a fail, the reason it was one short is because I felt like my paragraph was already fairly lengthy. I've heard conflicting answers on this which is why I'm growing more concerned, wanted to get other people's opinion.
  4. Agreed this is my worry as well. But if the mistake is on their end sure offering 1 or 2 more interviews can't be that out of the question right? Idk what to think
  5. I did, only in year 1 I did not, but it is not one of my 2 best years. MCAT cutoffs were far exceeded. I don't want to get my hopes up tho. I've contacted them.
  6. I've just received a rejection that said my GPA was below the threshold, which I know is not the case. Did anyone else have something like this happen to them?
  7. Swomen here, haven't gotten and email and I feel like trash. Is it pretty much guaranteed that no email means rejection at this point? I met the gpa and mcat cutoffs so my abs must have been flaming trash
  8. I want to get a certificate in Spanish from western, requiring 3.0 courses, but it requires me having to shift my timetable around quite a bit and may be more disruptive than not. My question is, how favourably do med schools look at things like second language certificates, and the fact that I would be certified bilingual? Would it give me a marginal advantage, make my application more appealing? Or will it be more work than it is worth? I would appreciate any insight, cause I haven't heard much on the matter.
  9. Where did you hear they were merging the path courses? And I heard Path 3245 is pretty bad, would you recommend taking the full year course if they merge it?