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  1. I applied last year and was successful on my first try! Starting orientation tomorrow and am stoked!
  2. Wow, the bare-foot marathon is impessive! I would without a doubt include the fact that you did it without runners...I have recently fallen in love with running and have come across articles boasting the benefits of bare-foot running. Apparently it forces your body into near perfect biomechanics and decreases the amount of injuries to knees due to better form. Your NAQ sounds very interesting, and I wish you the best of luck!! Mine was not that impressive, but I think the hours I had for the activities I did carried alot of weight. For solo activities I would make an honest estimate and it's okay to use family members as verifiers if that's all you have, it's what I did and it worked! In fact, most of my NAQ was solo and verifiers were all family. For example for fatherhood I calculated all the time I have been a father and subtracted out 8 hrs a day for sleeping/school, using my wife as a verifier. Good luck!
  3. That was my thinking too. I am pursuing an LOC with MD Financial as well, and the same question arose. The LOC will remain at prime until a year after residency, but prime itself may fluctuate. Kinda confusing!
  4. Contrary to popular belief, not all Aboriginals receive funding for school from the government or their band. Members of the Metis Nation (myself included) don't get school funding or any extra medical benefits. Also, the history of Aboriginal peoples must be looked at sensitively. Colonial powers put in place many institutions and bills to strip the Native American of his culture and beliefs (i.e. residential schools and the indian act), and this has resulted in many disadvantages and lost opportunities. Most uni's don't use Aboriginal seats as a quota, but an opportunity to help qualified applicants. At UBC, on top of the normal application, Indigenous applicants must write an additional essay, provide two additional letters of reference, and also go through one panel interview. Applicants are only granted a panel interview if they have been offered an MMI as well. While I can see how the Aboriginal seats might not sit so well with some, the benefits the program is bringing to the very deserving Aboriginal community make me proud to see the support Indigenous people are receiving. Vancouver, a city of millions, still lacks even a single Aboriginal physician...
  5. There will be backpacks this year, I just talked to an MD Management rep in Ottawa...He has one! They are a sleek and sexy two-toned grey...Unfortunately we will have to wait until mid September to get them!
  6. I just spoke with an agent with MD Management, and there definitely will be backpacks this year, despite complaints from UofT and UBC...They will be two tones of grey, and I'm stoked to rep it with pride!!
  7. Just listen to for some jewels on eating right. If you are vegan or are a veg who's thinking about it, check out this site. I have personally tasted each of the dishes from here and love them all! P.s. Ignore the embarrassing pics my wife took of me.
  8. Also, the offers are conditional on your GPA not dropping to much. I have heard (word on the street) that it can't drop by more than 5%...Which is a pretty big drop. I was offered a spot and have had straight A's for the last 3 years of my UG, but the last course I took (1/2 Biochem) I bombed, C+ style...My GPA dropped by less than 1%. So I wouldn't worry too much, providing you passed all you prerequisites.
  9. I will be moving to Vancouver for the UBC med program for 5 months (Aug-Dec) and am looking for a place close to campus (Kits or around) for myself, my wife, and 21 month old son. We hope to bring our 9 year old Maltipoo ****zu (quiet and well trained, non shedding). Please help if you know anyone with a nice place!!
  10. I'm not sure what the exact schedule is, and I would like to know as well, as I have a little one and a wife. However, my friend is in his 1st year at the IMP and says that there is plenty of time to spend with family, especially in the 1st semester. 2nd semester gets busier, and don't expect to spend a relaxing afternoon on the beach with the kiddies 'round exam time.
  11. Congrats to all the waitlisters accepted! I know it must be frustrating, but just be glad you didn't apply to the University of Manitoba! They release the 1st 2/3 of the acceptance invitation on the 14th, and the other 1/3 plus all the rejections and waitlists on June 4th!! So on the 14th if you hear nothing, you don't know if you're in, out, or waitlisted, and have to wait to hear...I know there were many people in tears on the 14th and I'm so disappointed in the U of M's system. Very inconsiderate for the applicants. And I fail to see how the system benefits ANYONE, including the U of M...
  12. I couldn't imagine learning all that wonderful information in the med classes and then spend the rest of my life smelling someone else's bad breath!
  13. I was hoping to apply to both UBC and U of M (Winnipeg is my hometown, but I'm living now in Victoria) this year, but was unable to apply to U of M because I couldn't finish my B.Sc this year. The big thing for me was being near family, and as almost all of my huge family is in Manitoba, U of M would've been my first pick. However, the West Coast is absolutely beautiful and there are so many ways to spend your time out here. If family wasn't in the equation, UBC would've been pick #1. I was blessed and accepted this year to the IMP, so I will be staying on the island for the next few years at least. I have a 21 month old son and my wife and I want to have more children in the near future, so having that family support would've a massive help! That being said I am thrilled to be attending the IMP and able to live on this awesome island. I know my situation is different than the op's but my vote would be for UBC, just based on the school itself and the community you will be living in. I know they say we won't have lives as med students, but all the 1st year med's I know still manage to enjoy their time off on the Best Coast! Good wishes for making your decision (make it soon though, the UBC deadline is tomorrow at noon!).
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