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  1. My advice for new comers is to have some sort of background in anatomy for first semester. APPP was overwhelming if you have no anatomy experience. I never had pharmacy experience. I didn’t even prepare for the MMI’s. Just know current issues in healthcare and you can pretty much wing it. Be natural and adapative. Also, my best form of advice is STUDY EVERYDAY. I’ve never studied this hard in my life.
  2. Hey, not sure about summer classes, but just that one class I know of. Just give them a call tomorrow and see what they say.
  3. There was an email saying we don't have to worry about that class this semester. Check your inbox maybe if you received it.
  4. Thanks for the information, guess it's just pick whatever and hope it works out haha.
  5. Is it just me or is there no difference between any of them? I loaded all of the STT's up and they don't vary at all?
  6. As in the registration period for pharmacy students is between the 22nd and 23rd? Or as in, you somehow have two?
  7. I heard people still got accepted days coming up to the first class last year. It might still happen for you guys.
  8. I agree to use the info provided, but I would emphasize not sounding like a robot. If you can think on your feet and just talk naturally, I'm sure that leaves a much better impact. Work on fundamentals maybe like reducing stutter and pacing your words. Don't overload yourself by potentially doing as many MMI practice problems as you can. I was lucky to have some nice volunteers who also emphasized being relaxed. Your biggest downfall can only be yourself.
  9. Lol I didn't even prepare for the MMI. Just winged it. Seriously, just be natural and talk with confidence. Got my acceptance first day they went out.
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