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  1. Mind me asking those of you who thought the bio section was easy, what did u use to study?
  2. Thought Bio was hard for me :/ other than that it went ok
  3. Hello all For those who applied to UBC this year with the earlier deadline in August and got an interview invite, do you mind sharing your stats? (GPA and DAT)
  4. Sorry, I think what UBC means is that 1 should be from a 300+ level course prof and the other should be from a dental health professional...it's not one or the other, it's both
  5. I scored a 28 for chem with DAT destroyer's general chem videos. However, I think this was achieved because of my strong background in general chemistry (never got below an A for any of my chem classes), and not because of the videos. If you'd pick a source for chem, I would suggest DAT crusher.
  6. Hello, I also have a question regarding this. Is there any perks to early submission other than early admission?
  7. UBC drops your worst year if you've done = or > 4 years
  8. Anyone has their interview in the afternoon? O: this is very weird for me Also please PM is anyone wants to practice together
  9. Hi, I'm an UBC microbiology student who's going into 3rd year and planning to take the DAT this upcoming February...I made a list of the prep materials that I'm planning to go over (hopefully) based off some research on forums -Biology: Cliff’s AP biology 3rd edition --> Ferralis notes --> Practice on Bootcamp -Chemistry: Chad’s videos --> DAT destroyer -PAT: DAT boot camp --> IQ publication -RC: DAT boot camp + IQ publication (Probably the hardest section for me cuz I'm a slow reader) Not planning to take the soap carving section For Chad's video are the ones on coursesaver's general chemistry portion sufficient? Any thoughts/advise on this would be great
  10. Those r some really really good suggestions. The very basics of interviews are something I definitely need to look into as well. Thank you so much!
  11. So they dont look at summer course gpas?
  12. Thank u! So I guess I must really work on my interview skills ): Does any one have any good book recommendations to prep for MMI?
  13. I didn't receive the email.. does anyone know if they even consider your grades anymore after the interview? :/
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