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  1. Anyone has their interview in the afternoon? O: this is very weird for me Also please PM is anyone wants to practice together
  2. Hi, I'm an UBC microbiology student who's going into 3rd year and planning to take the DAT this upcoming February...I made a list of the prep materials that I'm planning to go over (hopefully) based off some research on forums -Biology: Cliff’s AP biology 3rd edition --> Ferralis notes --> Practice on Bootcamp -Chemistry: Chad’s videos --> DAT destroyer -PAT: DAT boot camp --> IQ publication -RC: DAT boot camp + IQ publication (Probably the hardest section for me cuz I'm a slow reader) Not planning to take the soap carving section For Chad's video are the ones on coursesaver's general chemistry portion sufficient? Any thoughts/advise on this would be great
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Those r some really really good suggestions. The very basics of interviews are something I definitely need to look into as well. Thank you so much!
  5. So they dont look at summer course gpas?
  6. Thank u! So I guess I must really work on my interview skills ): Does any one have any good book recommendations to prep for MMI?
  7. I didn't receive the email.. does anyone know if they even consider your grades anymore after the interview? :/
  8. I actually experienced the MMI at UBC already and there isn't much room in it where you get to talk about your extracurriculars D: its mostly answering questions Thank you :3 So the UBC dent interview would consist of the PBL + CASper + MMI? oh man...
  9. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but what form is UBC's interview in? I read on the website that students are required to take the CASPer exam, is this the actual interview or do we have another MMI after it? Also, is extracurricular activities not weighted at all for ubc dentistry? D: thank you in advance
  10. PororoY

    Best 2 Years Mark For Western

    I see no accepted applicants from BC D: Do you know how many spots they provide for OPP applicants?
  11. Does anyone know any Canadian friendly us dental schools that do not require the completion of a bachelor's degree? For someone who's doing a pharmacy degree that won't complete until 6th year, is he eligible for applying to any of these schools?
  12. Nope. I don't think they'll send out anything anymore until August
  13. So many ppl getting accepted today, perhaps b/c the deadline to accept the pharmacy offer was approaching and ppl needed to make a final decision?