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    PororoY reacted to TheDiabeticDentist in Nov 2 DAT thoughts   
    I thought it was easy. For context, I just graduated so it was a little easier since I took many biology courses and already had a strong foundation. To review though, I made my own notes using Campbell's powerpoint slides, DAT Princeton review, and Kaplan. I also would watch YouTube videos and added to my notes. After this (which took about a month), I only did practice tests off of crusher, bootcamp, DATReady, IQ publications. I would record my scores and usually got between 36-37/40 in 12-15 minutes. On the actual DAT, I finished biology in 12 minutes and then did chemistry..then I had about 20 minutes left over to go back to biology to double check every answer. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it comes down to luck in the biology section. This November, we got about 10 developmental biology questions, which I got 100% in at my university and tutored it in following terms so those were piece of cake for me. I am not so good at plants and actually was worried about it but we just had the definition of xylem function.
    EDIT: Now that I think of it, at least TWO out of the developmental biology questions were questions that I have never seen on any prep book or website before. Someone above mentioned a mutation of the acrosomal vesicle, this is a fair question. But fast block to polyspermy in SEA URCHINS? I've only ever seen that in the course I took so I had to use knowledge from that course NOT the prep books/other resources. 
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    PororoY reacted to Bard1998 in UBC Early Admission Interview   
    Sorry unrelated but were you not caught off guard by their new application process? I've applied last year and was not expecting to need shadowing hours as a requirement for this year's application -- quite upset by this :(. Totally fair thing to ask for I just wish they had given me a warning that it'll abruptly be a requirement on this year's application.
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    PororoY reacted to Maggie19 in resources to use for Canadian DAT? (going from MCAT to DAT)   
    I'm in the exact same situation! Took the MCAT on August 17th and transitioning to DAT but I don't really know where to start
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    PororoY got a reaction from mcz in Changes to UBC DMD Application for 2019 (references)   
    Sorry, I think what UBC means is that 1 should be from a 300+ level course prof and the other should be from a dental health professional...it's not one or the other, it's both
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    PororoY reacted to predentstu in February 2019 DAT Thoughts   
    What did you use to study for Feb 2019?? How did you improve your score so much
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    PororoY reacted to aukgnu12 in Ubc Dmd Interveiw Invite/ Rejection 2016   
    Invite... Third time applying!
    GPA: 83.5%
    AA: 23
    PAT: 24
    BSc. & Masters
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    PororoY reacted to ydogyy1 in Ubc Dmd Interveiw Invite/ Rejection 2016   
    Invite (IP)
    Date: Feb 12
    GPA: 83
    DAT: 22AA, 23PAT
    This was my 2nd attempt in applying!
    Congrats to everyone, best of luck to all!
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    PororoY reacted to aaaa322 in Ubc Dmd Interveiw Invite/ Rejection 2016   
    Invite (IP)
    Date: Jan 30th
    DAT: 23AA, 20PAT
    I think I borderline made it. 
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    PororoY reacted to dmd1994 in Ubc Dmd Interveiw Invite/ Rejection 2016   
    Rejected (IP)
    GPA: 83.5%
    DAT: 22 AA, 21 PAT
    Thanks for sharing your stats & good luck to everyone who got invited this year!
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    PororoY reacted to Bambi in Confusing about UBC interview   
    It seems CASPer & MMI are the new normal as adcoms try to zoom in on ethical, quick, critical thinking, analysis & problem solving with excellent communication skills. Intelligence and academic achievement is taken as a given. This is not harder, just different than in the past.
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    PororoY reacted to Coronaxtra in Confusing about UBC interview   
    CASPer has also been added to the McGill dentistry admissions process for the upcoming cycle
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    PororoY reacted to Sdent in Pros Cons UBC Dental School   
    if u get into another canadian school then go... but for some of us as BC residents UBC might be our only choice..
    it is expensive... i am sure WE ALL KNOW THAT.. but again it is what it is.. am I scared of paying back all the money... YES!!! but I am very thankful for where I am and how I got here...
    So again.. if u get into multiple dental schools then I guess UBC might not be the best option financial wise.. if you dont then just absorb the amount you have to pay and move on
    PS: 10K is taken away from ur tution in year 1.. so dont give invalid info
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    PororoY reacted to sbesbesbe in Pros Cons UBC Dental School   
    Thanks for your response. This is very much what I think.
    But as a Canadian resident and a BC resident, I don't really have a lot of options in terms of Canadian dental schools...
    UBC's tuition is ridiculous...
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    PororoY reacted to MCATwannabe in Pros Cons UBC Dental School   
    I just glanced at the UBC costs pdf.
    Holy moly. What are the random costs like Patient Innovation fee and Clinic Fee?
    I think UWO is 43.5K, 42.5K, 33.5K, 33.4K for years 1-4 respectively.
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    PororoY reacted to Jason50 in Average salary for fresh grad out of school?   
    I agree with the above who said it depends. Depends on where you want to work (rural vs urban).   I'm about 1 year out in BC in my 2nd associateship, and I'm grossing on average about 15-16K per month working 5 days 45 hours a week. But I know people who make significantly more than that and work less hours and people who make significantly less than that  throughout the province. Generally, the Vancouver mainland, you don't make as much because of market saturation of dentists but go to a small, rural place like Fort St John or Fort Nelson, you can easily rake in +200K.
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    PororoY reacted to hopefuldentist22 in Advise on prepping material for DAT   
    I have heard DAT Destroyer for Bio is really good for the DAT. It is a lot of questions but i heard a lot of the harder ones are similar to some of the DAT bio questions. 
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    PororoY reacted to Askmeanything in Chads videos question   
    I used the DAT ones! Just subscribe for a month, watch the vids and make notes on it. Its worth it!
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    PororoY reacted to rocmarc in Chads videos question   
    I haven't taken the DAT yet but I was wondering the same thing. According to posts on studentdoctor, the free videos can be used but the topics covered are more broad and you'll have to filter through to find what's relevant for the DAT while the coursesaver ones are 100% focused towards the DAT, making them more convenient and easier to go through. I'll personally be spending the $50 and am planning to use the free videos after the 30 days are up if I still need a review.
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    PororoY reacted to BROSCIENTIST in Advise on prepping material for DAT   
    IQ pubs RC has many typos/mistakes and doesn't mimic the new RC very well. If you can do well on Bootcamp RC that is probably more than enough.
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    PororoY got a reaction from TARS in Ubc Pharmacy Applications 2016/2017- Class Of 2021   
    Those r some really really good suggestions. The very basics of interviews are something I definitely need to look into as well. Thank you so much!
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    PororoY reacted to kl88 in Confusing about UBC interview   
    From what I read, it seems the application process is this:

    Phase 1 --> GPA, DAT, CASPer (if your composite scores are past a threshold, you are invited to Phase 2. Don't listen to people who say DAT/GPA are equal weight, UBC adcoms keep the ratios strictly confidential)
    Phase 2 --> PBL, MMI (again, we don't know how they weigh each, and they don't publish the scores)
    Phase 3 --> dental school!

    Extracurriculars are not required at all, although I hear rumours that they may require dental shadowing in the future (Western Ontario already has an optional section on their application for dental shadowing). Best of luck, and feel free to PM me

    UBC DMD 2021
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    PororoY reacted to TARS in Ubc Pharmacy Applications 2016/2017- Class Of 2021   
    IMHO, MMIs aren't something you can study from a book - the whole point of an MMI is to see how you perform in aspects other than studying.  Practicing diverse questions with a fellow skilled MMI interviewee who is willing to give honest but constructive feedback is much more useful than a book.  With that being said, if you find that you are struggling with the very basics of interviewing (content formation and structure), Medical School Interviews 2nd edition by George Lee and Olivier Picard is a good place to start. 
    You should also ask yourself what your areas of weakness are in terms of the type of MMI questions you encounter.  Is it ethical questions? Doing Right provides good real life examples of ethical scenarios, but try not to read the "answer" and ask yourself what you would do instead to build critical thinking. Is it social issues? Start reading the news (from multiple sources) - I'd recommend a Twitter list from multiple different news agencies and types of news that you read for 5-10 minutes maybe 3 times a day.  Is it the acting station? This one's harder, it might sound silly, but I'd suggest getting a retail job or volunteer position whose main responsibility is engaging with other people, so you're comfortable in handling uncomfortable interpersonal situations. These are just examples and are obviously not exhaustive.
    Also, go volunteer or work at a pharmacy. You don't get any extra points, but knowing the profession at a deeper level will show you what attributes constitute a good pharmacist, and you can try to exemplify those traits during your interview.
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    PororoY reacted to Araiguma in UofA Dental Admission GPA   
    They will look at your summer course GPA if you've taken 4 courses or more in one spring/summer period. If you take any less than that, I don't think it'll be considered.
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    PororoY reacted to ylisztruusi in Ubc Dmd 2019 Stats   
    GPA: ~91.5%
    AA: 20
    PAT: 20
    IP, 3rd time applying to UBC Dentistry, non-traditional applicant
    Felt the interview could have went better, regarding PBL- really I had no idea how I did - I felt okay about it though.
    Very happy to be accepted,
    Best of luck to any remaining waitlisted applicants!
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    PororoY got a reaction from MD-DMD-PharmD in Ubc Pharmacy Applications 2016/2017- Class Of 2021   
    I didn't receive the email..
    does anyone know if they even consider your grades anymore after the interview? :/
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