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  1. I’m not denying that but there are lots of people from both categories accepted. If you read the sentence I quoted, it was the extreme hyperbole that I was contesting which some applicants may take too literally.
  2. It means exactly what it says...as evident if you look at the Accepted/Interview thread Potential applicants who read this thread should not get discouraged and think they have no chance or even worse not apply just because other people are telling them they need X, Y, Z to have a realistic chance of getting in
  3. All I'm disagreeing with is this statement: almost no one gets into U of C unless you are a mature applicant who have years of experience and multiple different extracurriculars It's very doable to get into U of C directly from undergrad, even from 3rd year undergrad. I don't deny that it's easier with a master's or PhD or 'years of experience'
  4. Would you be happy to practice in Europe permanently at the end of your training?
  5. lol what most people at U of C are from undergrad directly
  6. Congrats!! Max out your TFSA with a balanced portfolio (you can probably safely go 80-90% equities since you're young) and rest into paying down your LOC is my suggestion.
  7. There’s also places, even within 1 hour drive of Toronto, where you can practice EM fresh out of FM residency with no +1.
  8. Wait so we don't get 15% back on any tuition paid starting in 2017?!
  9. You should go. Have as much fun as you can in the first two years of med school, you will never get this time back. Don't worry about the $235.
  10. How doable is it to just open up a clinic in a small/medium sized city as a urologist and just do clinic work until you can get OR time locally?
  11. ID is a great field to answer your original question, job availability is very good right now and there is lots of flexibility in what you can do you can do clinics (even specializing in something you’re particularly interested in like HIV), hospital ID consult service, general medicine ward coverage via IM, or any mix of the 3 All the ID fellows I’ve worked with are happy with their careers and are not concerned with job prospects. It also isn’t very difficult to match at the moment. +1 to keeping options before entering med. Rule out all super competitive specs first. Once you’ve decided on IM, go for that for now, you don’t need ID specific research until residency or need to worry about that too much, but if you’re really keen look into ranking IM programs that have an ID fellowship (not all schools have one). You might also have change of mind so don’t close any doors (know someone who was gunning for ID since before med school and switched interest to GI completely halfway into R1).
  12. My parents were very supportive but didn't have the means to provide me any financial help. I was personally fortunate to be able to get a couple of grants/scholarships so that I didn't have to work during school (but I did either work full time or do paid research every summer). If I didn't seek out and eventually win those scholarships, I would have needed a part time job while studying and avoiding this situation at all costs was my main driving factor. It was discouraging to see peers that didn't have to plan out these things at all and could solely focus on GPA, volunteering, etc. while still getting to go on nice vacations during their breaks to "de-stress" while I had to go back to work, but ultimately you just need to focus on yourself (I know, easier said than done). Put your head down and work smart for a few years, and once you get in you are set for life. Plan out some days every week or two to spend on yourself to maintain your own mental health so you don't get burnt out. Unfortunately I think that's the needed mindset for us minority of people that get in from disadvantaged backgrounds. It's challenging, and unfair, but it is doable. Happy to chat further if you have any questions or need to get anything off your chest.
  13. I would pick U of A in your situation, also another factor is that you will save a ton of money on tuition.
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