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  1. on the 29th but i was only able to call in yesterday! its up for me now, ty!!
  2. for those who got off the waitlist, are you able to accept the offer on omsas? mine hasnt been updated :/
  3. Thank you!! I received my email at 1:10! My initial email was received at 7:18:35 and I have a wGPA of 3.96
  4. Got an email to call back!!! Going to be a tough decision as I recently got off the waitlist at UBC as well!!!!
  5. Got into VFMP off the waitlist! OOP, will be accepting!
  6. What time did you receive your waitlist email?
  7. anyone feel like time has been flying by but its also been extremely slow at the same time :O
  8. ...hm...i really hope this delay doesn't mean we get our results a little later too...
  9. Had my interview today! The experience was great and interviewers were very friendly. I was able to get along really well with two of my interviewers, sort of with one, and meh with the last one. Overall, very conversational and different from the other interviews I've done. I guess the countdown to May 14 begins now....
  10. How has everyone felt so far about their interview?
  11. OOP - waitlisted. PM me for details or go through my previous posts! Good luck to everyone on the waitlist. Here's to a long wait. Cheers!
  12. Invite @ 12pm (April 7 Interview date) MCAT: met cut offs wGPA: 3.98 ECs: the usual premed activities but long term Essays: was confident about them but the confidence went down the longer I had to wait Very grateful for the opportunity. Best of luck to everyone waiting.
  13. congrats! were you e-mailed or did you get a phone call?
  14. Average GPA = 3.9 Average MCAT = 510 They didn't give us the scores for these either but historically a 3.9gpa has been 14/15 and 510mcat is a 8/10 so that gives us an academic score of 22/25 Average Supplemental/Essay = 22/35 Average MMI = 28/40 Total is most likely ~72.
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