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  1. Hi guys, this might have been discussed already. But I will you like to know if my references are good enough for the OMSAS application. 1. Md/ head of anesthesiology (from back him) 2. Nursing director (back home) 3. Clinical educator/patient care manager ( Toronto) OMSAS mentions that at least one of the references must be non-academic/ character reference. But the above mention people know me extensively. Should that be ok? Or should I try to find someone else (non-academic?) thanks
  2. Hi there, I just started filling in my application with OMSAS. I have a few questions to be clarified. I might be repeating it from what previous applicants might have asked. 1. I have a few ECs for which I may have to provide the same verifier. Is that ok? 2. What if my verifier don’t speak English? Yeah, I’m in a situation where one of my verifier for the long term volunteering I did, doesn’t speak English. 3. And about formal education,should I include my high school education? Just because it is bilingual? 4. Two of my references works in the same hospital. One is a doctor and the other is a patient care manager. Is that ok? 5. Also I helped with a double blind study. Like administering the specific drug as per the randomized schedule and keeping record of it. This was for almost a year. Can I include that in my ABS? 6. Can I include a course based project I did? Thank you
  3. Hi there, it might sound dumb if I’m asking help with application process. New to the country and don’t have many friends who can review my application. So I thought of going to medapplications: they are charging 450$ for CV and 1450$ for helping with two medschool OMSAS application. And I’m not even sure how far they’d halo me with. BeMo is ridiculous: asking 3000$. And I’m not even sure if it’s that worth. So I thought if seeking help here. If anyone is interested in helping me, please let me know (inbox me). I will be really grateful. Thanks.
  4. Oh wow. That’s awesome. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. So the topic is “Provide example of a time when undertaking critical analysis changed the way you considered an issue” . 250 words.
  6. Hey guys, so I just started to brain storm for this years personal essay questions for UofT. I’m a nurse, and I’m applying for medschool this year. Said that, one topic for this years essay involves on critical analysis. Thinking about critical analysis my mind revolves around the my career related critical analysis that I do at work. Do you think that if I could use that or an issue that I came at my work place for this essay?
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone of you came across applicants who got accepted into the med school, especially UofT with international undergrad course? Thanks.
  8. I believe that my topic might suggest what my question would be, but before that let me talk about me. I am a nurse from India-RN in Toronto. I couldn't get into medicine when I was in India because of the different education system, which didn't consider my marks. But, I always had that nagging pain of not achieving the dream. And here in Canada, I found that there are opportunities to pursue your dreams. So I want to give it a try. About my Education: BSc in Nursing (4 Years Program including Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, sociology, psychology, social medicine) I got my grades in percentage converted to GPA by WES, which is 4.0. I am not sure if I can add these in my EC's: I have volunteered at a spiritual and cultural center since my high school in India, participated in regional language literature program and got certified, been student council member representative for my class to the university during my undergrad, presented a thesis on ischemic heart disease, worked for 5 years as RN in ICU, worked as team leader, presented two papers at two state level conferences, precepted Wisconsin Nursing students thrice, assisted with two double-blind studies, volunteered here at a cultural centre for a year, worked as staffing assistant while awaiting licensure and about to volunteer at CNIB and/or a community center.(Other than these have tutored students for free) It sounds like a lot, but I am not sure if they are all valid ECs. And I have no idea if I have to provide supporting documents for each one of these. About to prepare for MCAT and appear for the exam next year. (Thanks for reading through this) It will be great if I could get some answers for few of my questions. 1. DO you think if I can apply for med school? Cuz, came across the 'BIAS' topic during interviews. 2. And the second reason for my first question is because I am an internationally educated applicant, and OSMAS says that we need our grades to be converted by WES. Nut still I am paranoid. Did you ever came across someone who had international credentials. 3.Do I need to provide evidence for any of my EC. 4. My EC-are they are legit? 5.any other suggestions to support my dream. Thanks!
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