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  1. Does anyone know how important the written section is? I messed up and it timed out while I was still typing mid-sentence. I didn't hit all the points I wanted to hit. Really freaking out.
  2. Has anyone still not heard back from Ottawa about whether or not they were offered an interview? I haven't heard anything yet and am wondering if I should just call
  3. I found that they were really good for making sure I had a solid understanding of the content (especially for physics, my weakest section), but not very representative of the real exam. I wrote 2 years ago, though, so the resources might have changed! Compare it to the AAMC questions - those are the most representative
  4. ^ I second this. The books are good for making sure you have a solid understanding of the concepts, but I found that TPR's practice was not representative of the real exam. I wrote in 2016 so the materials might have changed since then, but I doubt there's a huge difference. The best and most representative resources are from AAMC. I would recommend spending more time on those (do the practice questions, then spend time reviewing them to understand trends in your right and wrong answers so you know what to focus on) and then review content based on what you struggle with in the practice. I spent more time on practice than content and for me, it made a huge difference. Exam Krackers was also a great resource - less detailed content review (great if you have a science background already) and more representative practice than TPR. Good luck!
  5. I know at least one of my verifiers was contacted today. I'm OOP, not sure if that affects the timing?
  6. I believe they go with your school's classification. So if psych is part of social sciences/humanities at your school, it can be used to fill the humanities requirement. If your undergrad is at U of T, psych is a life science there.
  7. @robclem21 Thank you again! Actually I ended up changing one of my essays yet again and now there are no repeats LOL. I really appreciate your input, thank you!
  8. @robclem21 Thank you! That makes a lot of sense. I changed up my essays so that I talk about different experiences in all of them. The only overlap I have is one experience (different from the one I originally asked about) that I discussed in two essays - do you think 2 times is still too much? It's different aspects so I hope it's fine. Both mentions are only about 1-2 sentences.
  9. @barc16 Thank you for your response! Basically I worked in the same environment for 3 years. I was promoted each year and had different responsibilities. I am talking about different aspects of working in this same environment (kind of like 1 example from each year) in each of the essays. The examples I'm using for each essay are all very different, it's just that they all occurred in the similar context. I'm also talking about other examples from different experiences and settings. Just worried about having this common thread in 3 essays.
  10. For my brief personal essays, there is one experience (similar environment and job, but over 3 years) that I have used to illustrate examples in 3 of my essays. I have other examples from other experiences as well that do show diversity, but this type of role shows up in 3 essays. Is that ok? I just feel that this experience is so applicable to a lot of the points I want to address in my answers to these questions. Edit: I am talking about very different aspects of the experience (different situations and roles) for each essay, but it is all related to the same situation
  11. It's fine as long as it's still easy for the person reading it to understand
  12. How would OMSAS verify poster presentations? I had one of these for an international conference last year but the problem is, on the conference's website where the posters are listed, my PI is listed as presenting author. I think this is because he initially thought I couldn't come to the conference so put himself as presenting author but then I ended up being able to go and I presented... is there a way for me to clarify that even though I'm not listed as presenting author, I did present the poster? Can I somehow put my PI as a verifier for this? EDIT: never mind! For some reason I thought the "research" part of the application was missing verifiers (even though the "verifier" button is in the same place as it is for all the other sections of the sketch lol). I will ask my PI to verify!
  13. One of the people I know who got in this past year did have a letter from a high school teacher, so I don't think it will make or break you. The quality and content of the letter definitely matter much more than who wrote it (if that even matters at all), as long as the source is credible.
  14. You just have to send the reference request through OMSAS. They will automatically send the form to your referees And I'm not too sure about this but I think the Queen's form is the one OMSAS sends to your referees.
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