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  1. Hey Guys, I am a bit nervous about the study resources that I would need as a first year this September. Tbh I have a very small (pretty much non-existent) background in Biology, Anatomy, etc. I did Physics in Undergrad and then worked as a software developer for a year. Are there any books that you would recommend that would explain all concepts that I would need to know? Ideally it would have any thing that I would potentially be quizzed on during rounds (or close to it). Thanks!!
  2. Hello, I am an incoming class of 2021 student - and I am stoked to be in Hamilton! I wanted to learn a bit more about the enrichment year, and what that could possibly entail. I understand that many choose to do more electives and research. However, could you do a Masters degree in your enrichment year? (As well, can you do a masters with your MD?) Also, how does an enrichment year look on your CaRMS application? Suppose, you don't apply after 3 years, and do an enrichment year instead? Would this look "poorly"? Ideally, I really want to do a masters with my MD, and I'm trying to find a way to do so without negatively affecting my CaRMS app!
  3. Accepted to Hamilton Campus!!!! CARS 128 GPA 3.85 CASPER: Went well, finished all questions. Read Doing Right, and went through MMI scenarios to prepare for this (like typing out answers in small time frames). Also a software developer, so typing speed isnt a problem. Interview: Felt like shit. Tbh, I thought I was just done with this. Literally laughed at how bad my answer was in the break station, and the student helper just looked at me funny. I guess interview feeling isn't correlated to anything.... HOOOLLYYYY FUCKING SHIT GUYS! I CANT BELIEVE IT. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NEUROTICISM, PM101, IT WAS GOOD TO KNOW I WASN'T THE ONLY CRAZY ONE!!!!!
  4. Hello, Would anyone know if we are allowed to do a masters along with out MD at Western? Like take summer courses and do research during the summers?
  5. Hi rmorelan,

    I saw your post on the Alberta invite thread where you mentioned that you used to be a programmer and moved into medicine. I'm on a similar path, I graduated this past April in biophysics and went onto become a software Dev in Toronto working for a biotech company and I'm applying for med right now. I would love some advice on making this transition! I can't PM you for some reason, but I'd love to chat if you got time!



  6. Hi, I currently live in downtown Toronto and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing some interview practice (MMI and Panel) on the evenings or the weekend. Message me if you're interested and we can set something up. Sam
  7. I had 3 verifiers so far that told me they have been contacted. Just of out curiosity, has anyone had more than 3 contacted?
  8. Hey @AVM, No worries - glad the spreadsheet could help. Also just a disclaimer to take it with a grain of salt. I think that you should have a decent chance, depending on how CASPer went.
  9. @naama Thanks for catching that typo!! Also ya i think 3.89 is pretty competitive but I'm not too sure about Queens in general (no one is...) :/
  10. Hey! So you have to take a look at all 6 schools: NOSM: unless youre a rural or Northern Ontario applicant - you are unlikely to interview there to begin with regardless of GPA/MCAT scores. Western: Uses a 3.7 GPA cutoff and had a 128/129/128 (Chem/Cars/Bio) cutoff last year. There are rumours they'll add psych, but you did well there so you're basically guaranteed an interview. UofT: Uses MCAT cutoff but GPA is ranked competitively. So you're not looking great since the average was 3.95 ish. I mean your ECs are good, but your essays and LORs would have to be stellar to make up the GPA difference. MAC: Average entrance GPA is like 3.85 ish and average CARS is like 129. As long as your CASPer was decent, you have a shot here too. Queens: Blackbox. But since they use GPA and MCAT cutoffs I think your case is a little worrisome since their GPA cutoff is likely to be 3.8+. Ottawa: Looks only at GPA and CASPer. So you'd have to be top 1% in CASPer to help the GPA difference. So all in all, you have a guaranteed interview at Western (I'm 99% sure). Mac is a toss-up depending on CASPer. The rest, I'm sorry to say, are unfortunately looking poor in terms of stats.
  11. Literally self promoting at this point but check out the math that I did 8D
  12. @calcanI think you make a fair point. However, I always believed that course marks are inherently normally distributed - the mean and standard deviation may vary but the overall pattern shouldn't as long as the class is big enough (which most are). The problem that I can see is that only people with higher marks actually apply to medical school whereas the ones with lower marks don't even try. I think this is the root cause of the exponential pattern that we see - more people with 3.9+ apply than people with 3.7+. I don't know what sort of policies you can have to solve this problem :/
  13. Hey Guys, So I was bored a couple days ago and I made this Excel file that calculates your chances to get interviewed and accepted. This was just for fun so take it with a grain of salt. I provided an explanation below on how I did it. I know that somebody posted something similar earlier. But as a math nerd, I realized that there was a mistake - GPA isn't normally distributed (i.e. no zscores, and other stuff). So I used an exponential regression. TL;DR - Fill in the yellow boxes, and the green gives you the chances GPA Calculation - take the amount of students who got in with that GPA (take mid-point so 56 students for 3.85, 93 students for 3.95, etc.). Then find the probability - P = Amount in that section and lower/Total #of students. Then plot these (it's exponential!!!) and use a exponential regression to find the value for the input GPA. MCAT Calculation - find zscore (Z = (Score - Mean)/SD) then corresponding probability (this is normally distributed so we cool) CASPer - Assumed 5 was mean and 2 was the SD and found the zscore, and probability like MCAT. It's a "how you feel" kinda thing so don't sweat it too much. MMI - Same as CASPer Degree - They give you a boost if you have masters/phd so I considered that Interview Chance = (0.32*GPA + 0.32*CASPer + 0.32*CARS + DegreeBoost)*ScaleFactor ScaleFactor was chosen to be 1.5. The stats were for people who were ACCEPTED. Since they interview more than they accept, your chances should be a little more for the interview. Also, 1.5 is arbitrary, and a conservative estimate - feel free to change it to whatever lets you sleep at night. Accepted Chance = 0.15*CARS + 0.15*GPA + 0.7*MMI Also, these are truncated at 20% and 95% respectively. So below 20% becomes a 0, and above 95% stays at 95. I'm sure this could be better, so let me know what y'all think! McMaster Chances.xlsx
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