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  1. GPA: 4.00 CARS: 125 CASPER: Felt I articulated my answers well and was confident in them (but who knows?)
  2. I took it already since I'm applying to dal this cycle.
  3. 4.00 GPA, 125 CARS. I think CASPER went well... chances?
  4. Mathmaximum

    MCAT Cutoff

    Anyone know what the mcat cutoff was this year?
  5. Does anyone know how the pre-interview score was calculated this year, considering the novel implementation of the ABS as a scorable component of the application? Thanks!
  6. How many decimal places does Ottawa med round to when evaluating OMSAS GPA?
  7. Mathmaximum

    GPA Calculation

    How many decimal places do the various different ontario med schools round the OMSAS GPA to when assessing your application?
  8. Mathmaximum

    Summer Research Programs

    Anyone heard back from any summer research programs i.e. SickKids and IMS?